Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting – Recommendations For 2021

You may be well equipped and confident enough for your next hunting. But what about the broadhead? Are they good enough to cut precisely? Well! Most of the hunting success depends on the quality broadheads.

Unlike other prey, Elk’s hide, bone, and flashes are pretty tough to cut with ordinary broadheads. So, if you want your every shooting a successful landing, then there is no alternative to choose the best broadheads for elk hunting.

Sometimes it is a bit confusing to find the quality broadheads due to the abundance of broadheads out there. However, No worries! We have spent hundreds of hours narrowing down our list with the top 10 broadheads for elk hunting.

So, keep reading to find your desired hunting broadhead for bear and dear beside elk.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

RAGE 100gr Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 2-Blade | Hybrid Tip | 2
RAGE 100gr Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 2-Blade | Hybrid Tip | 2"Check Price

Ravin Mechanical Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 450 FPS | 100gr | 2
Ravin Mechanical Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 450 FPS | 100gr | 2"Check Price

RAGE 3-Blade Broadheads for Elk Hunting | Chisel Tip | 100gr | 1.6
RAGE 3-Blade Broadheads for Elk Hunting | Chisel Tip | 100gr | 1.6"Check Price

Flying Toxic Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 3-Pack | 100gr | 1
Flying Toxic Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 3-Pack | 100gr | 1"Check Price

Muzzy 3-Blade Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 75-125gr | 6 Pack
Muzzy 3-Blade Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 75-125gr | 6 PackCheck Price

Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting Reviews

In this section, we have discussed the most essential features and specs of these selected broadheads. In fact, it will help you to find your most suitable hunting gears. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. RAGE 100gr Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 2-Blade | Hybrid Tip | 2″

What is the first thing that should be considered while buying broadheads? Cutting precision, isn’t it? If you think so, there is a premium broadhead pack for you, which includes other exciting features.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or amateur hunter. You will get exact cutting precision and pinpointing accuracy by RAGE broadhead. Along with that, it will provide extreme penetration with multiple wound channels.

How does it ensure such cutting precision even through tough hide and bone? Thanks to its hypodermic NC 2 blades, that makes it possible.

Besides, it covers a wide cutting area due to its 2-inches diameter of blades.

Let’s see its construction formula. RAGE has constructed the broadhead out of machined stainless-steel ferrule. As a result, it becomes super aerodynamic, which can fly further than other broadheads.

Another interesting feature of the RAGE broadhead is its no-collar blade retention system. That’s how the broadhead blades never prematurely deploy while quivering. Besides, it comes with a hybrid tip that makes sure 100% penetration even on rough surfaces.

Finally, if you are searching for a 100-grain broadhead for elk hunting, you can consider this one. The overall features and the price of the product are compatible with each other. Along with that, you will have a 3-pack of broadheads. Plus, to improve your shooting experience, you can use hunting archery sight.

Key Features

  • Make sure 2″ cutting diameter
  • 100 grain hunting broadhead
  • .035″ swept-back angled blades
  • Provides 100% cutting precision and penetration

2. Ravin Mechanical Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 450 FPS | 100gr | 2″

For those who are looking for the best mechanical broadheads for elk, there is a surprising broadhead for them. Yes, Ravin brought such a high performing broadhead that offers other fascinating features for hunting.

If you always prefer a 100-grain broadhead, it will be your best companion while elk hunting. Besides, the cutting precision and flight accuracy make you spellbinding once after using these mechanical broadheads.

Though it is a two-sided blade, it can cover large cutting areas. Indeed, this is possible due to its 2 inches cutting diameter.

Besides, the blades are so sharp and thick enough to cut most hardened surfaces.

Some mechanical broadheads fail to perform at the moment of hitting due to their adjustable nuts. However, there are no such issues with these sets. Once after fitting the nut tightly, you will never experience such things even after hitting the bone first.

Furthermore, the single piece ferrule and its internal spring clips make adjustment easy for all users. You can easily adjust the broadhead according to your purpose by its O-rings. As a result, it becomes an ideal mechanical broadhead for amateur hunters as well.

One thing is clear that Ravin broadhead is perfect for high FPS shooting. That means this broadhead set is 450FPS approved.

Therefore, if you compare its price along with the quality and performance, you cannot overlook this 3 packs broadhead set. Besides, to get better accuracy, pick fiber optics while hunting.

Key Features

  • 450fps approved broadhead
  • Ensures 2″ cutting diameter
  • 100 grain hunting broadhead
  • Easily adjustable by O-rings

3. RAGE 3-Blade Broadheads for Elk Hunting | Chisel Tip | 100gr | 1.6″

Are you looking for a quality broadhead at reasonable prices? If yes, then you landed in the right place. This broadhead set is also from well-known manufacturer RAGE that makes sure the 100% cutting precision on their blades.

But how do they ensure such precision? To get a clear view, let’s look at the quality and design of the blades. This is a 3-sided broadhead with razor-sharp .035″ stainless steel blades. Plus, the pinpointing tip makes sure quick penetration. That means it can easily pierce through the hide and bone of the elk.

A mechanical broadhead provides some extra facilities for hunting. It will provide you a wide cutting area by its 1.6″ cutting diameter. So, if you want those advantages while elk hunting, you can stand with these mechanical broadheads.

The most fascinating features of the broadhead is its Slip Cam and Shock Collar Technology. Due to these technologies, the blades stay in places without deflecting until hitting the targets. Besides, the sweptback blades effortlessly cut and pierce through the hide and bone easily.

This is a pack of 3 pieces broadhead. Along with that, it offers both 100 and 125 grain. So, if you are choosing a mechanical broadhead for multipurpose use, you can go with this one. Besides, to get a stable shooting you use the shooting bench.

Key Features

  • Available both 100 and 125 grain
  • 6 inches cutting diameter
  • Shock Collar Technology keeps the blade in place
  • Sweptback blades enhance cutting

4. Flying Toxic Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 3-Pack | 100gr | 1″

Hunter always prefers a sharp tip arrow that is crushing the bone immediately after hitting the target. If you are looking for such high-performing broadheads, you can rely on Flying Arrow Archery. Let’s dig up other features.

The blade design is the main attraction of this broadhead. It has cyclone designed blades that provide you maximum cutting precision. These all blades are made of stainless steel and have a razor sharpness on all sides.

As you know, Elk’s hide and bone are much tougher than other similar prey.

In this regard, you need a pinpointing bone-crushing tip that makes sure quick penetration on hard surfaces. That’s why this broadhead offers a sharp pointing chisel tip.

Whether you are a professional or beginner hunter, you need an exact cutting diameter-based arrow for elk hunting. That’s why Flying arrows offer you maximum cutting diameter from 7/8″-1″.

The main fascinating features of these broadheads are their multiple construction technologies. For instance, these blades included meat worm technology and radical core decompression technology. That’s how you will get the professional hunting experience within this set.

Therefore, Flying arrow never lets you down by its features and even its price as well. At an affordable price, you will get such a wonderful 3 packs of arrows. Besides, check out some hearing protection for hunting.

Key Features

  • Provides cutting precision of 7/8″-1″
  • 100 grain toxic and cyclone blades
  • Included a bone-crushing chisel tip
  • Comes with multiple technologies for better hunting

5. Muzzy 3-Blade Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 75-125gr | 6 Pack

While looking for the best broadheads for elk hunting, you should rely on arrows that provide maximum penetration and exact cutting precision. However, Muzzy brought such a broadhead that includes all premium features.

If you are a professional bowhunter, you certainly heard the Muzzy brands. Due to its broadhead’s quality and performance, it becomes a dominant brand in the bowhunting arena.

Let’s check out its construction. Besides quality arrows, you can pick some premium bowstrings.

Muzzy has manufactured these blades through stainless steel and anodized aluminum ferrule that makes sure for long-lasting use. Besides, the 3-sided blades and hollow ground design provides exceptional penetration.

Muzzy broadhead comes with 0.20-inch blades. Along with that, it will provide maximum cutting areas due to its cutting diameter of 1-3/16″. That means you can use these arrows for other hunting besides elk hunting and have the same cutting performance.

If you are looking for broadheads for various hunting, in this case, it is an ideal broadhead because it comes in multiple sizes from 75 to 125 grain.

Finally, this pack consists of 6 pieces of broadheads. Plus, the price is quite reasonable compared to others. So, if you really look for a high-performing arrow at an affordable price, there is no alternative to it.

Key Features

  • Blade size is .020 inches
  • Comes with hollow-ground design
  • Steel tip pierce through bones
  • Available from 75-125 grain broadheads
  • Provides cutting diameter of 1-3/16″

6. New Archery Mechanical Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 100gr | 1.5″

For those who are looking for a 3-sided crossbow broadhead, there is a good collection of arrows for them. New Archery has brought a mechanical broadhead for elk hunting.

While you are finding a broadhead for hunting or archery practicing, you can rely on them due to their product quality. The blades and body of the arrow are made of stainless steel. Plus, the micro-grooved ferrule made it awesome for hunting.

To make maximum use out of a particular broadhead, you need to check its cutting precision.

However, New Archery has designed these broadheads in such a way that you can use them on hunting deer, bears, bulls, and other animals besides elk.

In fact, it is possible due to its sharp pointing tip, which can easily penetrate through tough surfaces. That’s why most of the hunters called it a bone crusher. Besides, its 3-sided razor-sharp blades can easily cut the hide, bone, and other internal organs.

A medium cutting diameter-based arrow is preferred for versatile hunting. As it is a versatile crossbow broadhead, you will get a 1.5-inches cutting diameter at all. In fact, it is quite standard for most of the hunting.

Finally, this crossbow arrow set included 3 packs. Besides, it has available grain from 100 to 125. So, you can choose a suitable size at an affordable rate.

Key Features

  • Both 100 and 125 grain are available
  • Offers an affordable price
  • 3-sided crossbow broadheads
  • Provides cutting diameter of 1.5-inches

7. OTW Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 3 Fixed Blades | 100gr | 6-Pack

Some hunters prefer fixed blades broadheads for elk hunting. If you are one of them and looking for the quality hunting broadhead, then you can undoubtedly rely on this pack.

These fixed blades hunting arrows got popular due to their outstanding design. The blades got 3-sided blades, including a sharp tip. Due to this hardened steel tip, the arrow is able to provide the highest penetration.

Some of the hunting arrows failed to reach their target due to a lack of flight stability and air resistance.

However, there are no such issues you won’t find in these arrows because the overall design of the arrow makes sure flight stability.

Within these broadheads, you can use them for a long time because all these blades are made of stainless steel. Besides, these blades will make sure maximum cutting through bone, flesh, and internal organs due to their sharper .02-inches thick blades.

The cutting diameter of the broadheads is quite standard. It will provide a maximum cutting diameter of 1-1/4″. Besides, this is a 100-grain hunting arrow that delivers the actual flying.

Most interesting thing about these arrows is their portable pack, which can save the blades from accidental cutting or blunting the blades.

Finally, the manufacturer of the blade makes sure the quality products within a low price. Interestingly, you will get 6 months of warranty for this pack. So, don’t hesitate to contact them if you unfortunately get an inferior broadhead.

Key Features

  • 100 grain and fixed blade arrow
  • Cutting diameter of the arrow is 1-1/4″
  • Comes with 3-sided blades with .02″ thick
  • Hardened steel tip for quick penetrating

8. Ramcat Pivoting Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 3 Pack | 100gr

If you are looking for a budget-friendly broadhead for elk hunting, there is good news for you. Ramcat brought such fantastic hunting arrows, which is considered as the best broadhead for hunting.

Most professional hunters prefer fixed blades arrows for elk hunting. That’s why Ramcat manufactured such an arrow, which included other premium broadhead features.

First, see the construction and design of these hunting arrows. The arrows come with a pivoting head that drives on impact even after contacting the bone. Moreover, the sharp pinpointing tip also helps to penetrate the maximum.

Airfoil aerodynamic technology made the arrow more reliable to the hunter. This will help to get field point accuracy by eliminating wind planning. Besides, the arrow provides the best performance in compound bows due to its concave scoop technology, which resists wind and makes sure a silent flight.

A fascinating feature of the arrow is its blade design. It comes with 3-sided blades, and each of them comes with double blades. In fact, this is called back cut technology that you will find in this broadhead set.

Moreover, all blades are .032-inches thick and made of stainless steel. As a result, you can use the blade for a long time. Along with that, the broadhead allows you to hunt turkey, deer, and bear beside elk.

Therefore, if you consider the Ramcat broadhead in terms of its blade’s quality, design, tip, performance, and price, it would be difficult for you to overlook such hunting arrows.

Key Features

  • 100 grain fixed blade arrows
  • Perfect for multiple hunting
  • Blades thickness is .032 inches
  • Included other technology for better cutting
  • 3-sided blades with back cut technology

9. Innerloc Carnage Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 3 Pack | 100gr | 1.5″

For those who are looking for a fixed blade arrow for elk hunting, there is a suitable broadhead collection for them. Innerloc has come with such a fantastic arrow that provides everything you need in a hunting broadhead.

If you see its durability, you can’t overlook the broadhead. Innerloc has manufactured the arrow through hardened metal and stainless steel. As a result, it got maximum resistance and lasted for a long time.

As it is a fixed blade bow arrow, it has 3-sided blades. Each side got .040 inches thick, razor-sharp blade.

That’s how these broadheads ensure maximum cutting performance even on hard surfaces.

The main advantages of the arrow are its long-pointing tip. Due to this sharp tip, it can penetrate most of the hardened surfaces. That means it will pierce through the bone, hide, and skull of the animals easily.

Cutting the diameter of the arrow is essential for elk hunting. A standard diameter arrow makes sure a successful prey-landing. In this instance, you can rely on this broadhead, which offers a maximum cutting diameter of 1.5-inches.

While you are looking for a 100-grain fixed arrow for hunting, you can consider this one. The overall features and performance of the broadhead never let you down. Plus, the price of the product for 3 broadheads is at the buying range.

Key Features

  • Fixed blades hunting arrows
  • Each blade got .040″ thickness
  • Comes with a long sharp pointing tip
  • 100 grain arrow offers 1.5″ cutting diameter

10. Muzzy Hybrid Broadheads for Elk Hunting | 4-Blade | 2.5″

Last but not least, broadhead is also from popular arrow manufacturer Muzzy. This is one of the best mechanical broadheads for elk, which provides the ultimate performance in every hunting. Let’s unlock its other exciting features.

The main attraction of this redhead is its 4-sided blades. Those who have already used the arrow know very well how it’s cutting precision. These 4-sided shape blades ensure maximum cutting precision for hunting.

If you are a Muzzy arrow user, you will notice they always come with a hardened tip. In fact, this type of broadhead tip is known as a bone crusher.

That means you will get the maximum penetration immediately after hitting the objects. It will never deflect the arrows.

While looking for large cutting surface blades, you can consider this one as well. One of the 4 blades is fixed, and the expandable blades offer a cutting diameter of 1-5/8 inches. That means you will get an overall cutting diameter of 2-5/8″.

The aerodynamic design of the arrow ensures a stable flight for field pointing accuracy. Besides, the .035″ shaped blades provide accurate cutting even in the bone.

By considering the overall features and cutting performance of the broadhead, we can say that it would be the most suitable arrow for elk hunting. Plus, the reasonable price of the broadhead made it more appealing to the hunters.

Key Features

  • 4-sided blades and one is fixed
  • Comes with a bone-shattering tip
  • The thickness of the sharper blades is .035″
  • Provides maximum cutting diameter of 2-5/8″

Things to Consider Before Buying Broadheads for Elk Hunting

Best Broadheads for Elk Hunting

While buying some hunting gear, you must consider some crucial factors beforehand. Otherwise, you might miss a sure hunt. Don’t be fret! To take you out of such a situation, we have put together some significant factors of hunting broadhead. In fact, these will help you to pick the best broadheads for elk hunting.

Types of the Broadhead

While choosing the hunting arrow, it is wise to consider which types of broadhead is most suitable for your shooting. Particular hunting demands a particular broadhead. You cannot go with any of them; otherwise, you are heading a disaster hunting.

In general, there are three types of hunting broadhead such as fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid. Though there are a few differences among them, you should specify your suitable arrow beforehand.

Cutting Precision

It doesn’t matter what the brand of the broadhead is. If it doesn’t provide maximum cutting, that means your investment will go in vain. In fact, cutting precision is the most important factor for hunting bow arrows.

Though most of the manufacturers committed to giving you maximum cutting precision, you should check this beforehand.

Body Design

Some hunting broadheads come with two-sided blades. Some others have three or four-sided blades. That’s why you must consciously see this option.

According to your hunting purpose, you have to consider how much sided blades would be perfect for you. Some broadheads got other designs like cyclone blades.

Blades Thickness and Sharpness

Though these features are so silly to check for hunting arrows since all of the blades have maintained a standard thickness and sharpness, however, as you are picking a broadhead for elk hunting, you must check where the thickness and sharpness are perfect because the elk hide and bone is much stronger than the deer.

Cutting Diameter

The cutting diameter of a broadhead determines its maximum performance. Plus, some percent of hunting success depends on this feature. The cutting diameter should be different according to your prey.

However, if you are using the broadhead for multiple preys, then you choose a standard size arrow, which should be between 1-1.5 inches.


A budget-friendly product is always preferable for all hunters. That does not mean you are picking an inferior one. There are a lot of quality hunting broadheads at a reasonable price.

Basically, the price of the broadhead depends on its types and blade design. For instance, the fixed blade arrow price is lower than the mechanical or hybrid arrows. Sometimes, a two-sided blade arrow comes at a lesser price than others.

Benefits of Using Broadheads for Elk Hunting

Unlike other hunting gear, broadheads provide many advantages while elk hunting. That’s why most professional hunters always prefer broadhead for elk hunting. Let’s find out why it’s more beneficial than others.

Success Rate

Most of the time, it is seen that the success rate of using broadheads in hunting is higher than the gun shooting or snaring. Besides, it is safer and cost-effective than other methods.

Quiet Shooting

One of the most benefits of using bow arrows is its quiet shooting. The broadheads never make a louder sound while shooting. If you choose some premium arrows, you will experience a silent flight as well.

Precise Cutting

Immediately after hitting the target points, the broadhead penetrates through the hide and bones of the prey. The sharp blades make sure the cutting precision is 100%. That means there are no chances to miss the prey if you accurately hit the target point.


If you use a gun for hunting, you may need other protection for shooting such as hearing protection and so on. In this instance, you have to count extra pennies. However, there are no such issuers for the broadhead. In fact, most bow arrows are a lesser price than gun shooting equipment.

Multipurpose Use

The broadhead becomes a popular form of hunting due to its wide use. Besides hunting, you can use them for bow shoot practice.

On the other hand, some broadheads allow you to use on both crossbow and compound bow. As a result, you can make good use out of a set of broadheads.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Gun or bow arrows, which are the best gears for elk hunting?

As I mentioned in the benefits section, broadheads are better than guns for elk hunting. Because there are many disadvantages and costs associated with gun shooting, you can undoubtedly choose the bow arrows for elk hunting.

However, if you like gun hunting, don’t forget to pick hearing protection while shooting.

2. Can I use these bow arrows for bear hunting?


This selection is for elk hunting. And you know elk hide and bone is much stronger than other similar prey. So, you can pick these broadheads for bear hunting as well.

3. Should I choose the 2-sided blades for elk hunting?

Yes, you should.

Two-sided blades are just a kind of blade for hunting. These types are also specially designed for hunting. The cutting precision, tip, and design are quite perfect for elk hunting. That’s why we have also reviewed such arrows.

4. What is the maximum cutting diameter of these broadheads?

These bow arrows provide a maximum cutting diameter of 2-inches. However, if you need less than that, you will also find it here. Don’t forget to select the blade’s diameter according to your hunting.

5. Are they able to pierce through the bones?

Yes, of course.

In fact, they crush the bone of the prey after hitting it. So, the chances are lower to fail the hunting if you use broadheads.

6. How can I find the best mechanical broadheads for elk?

It is an easy process.

Initially, you must consider some factors. First, see its cutting precision, tip, types, blade quality, and design. Afterward, consider its price and check whether it is compatible with the features of the arrows. If these things are okay, it indicates you are about to have a quality broadhead.

7. Which types of broadheads are recommended for hunting?

It depends on your targeted prey.

For elk hunting, the most rated broadhead is mechanical blades. However, some hybrid and fixed blade broadheads also work great for elk hunting.

Final Words

You may notice, most of the hunters are using the broadhead instead of a gun due to its multiple benefits. Yes, this is right. So, if you prefer the broadheads for elk hunting, you should not compromise the quality of the bow arrows.

That’s why choosing the best broadheads for elk hunting is mandatory if you want successful hunting. Hope that you have found your most suitable hunting arrows as you have considered the reviews and subsequent section of the article.

Happy Hunting!