Best Ear Muffs for Shooting – Top 10 Models Reviewed by an Expert

by Mike Constanza

Hearing damage is inevitable for those who are constantly shooting without wearing protection. US study shows, 38% of shooters and 95% of hunters didn't use hearing protection last year. If you are one of them, you are about to damage your hearing.

Don't be fret! Here is a better solution.

In this case, a simple but a profound gear, ear muffs, can save you from hearing loss. Along with protection, ear muffs can enhance your hearing experience and help you to get better accuracy. That's why you should always choose the best ear muffs for shooting.

Finding the quality ear muffs is a bit tricky, but our expert team spent hundreds of hours to discover some top-notch hearing protection for you. Let's get them.

Top Ear Muffs for Shooting 

Summary Table for Best Ear Muffs for Shooting

Image Product Name Price

Peltor Sport Ear Muffs For Shooting | NRR 26 DB | Bluetooth
Peltor Sport Ear Muffs for Shooting | NRR 26 dB | Bluetooth Price Check

Howard Leight Impact Ear Muffs For Shooting | Electronic | NRR 22dB
Howard Leight Impact Ear Muffs for Shooting | Electronic | NRR 22dB Price Check

Mpow Ear Muffs For Shooting | Adjustable | NRR 28dB
Mpow Ear Muffs for Shooting | Adjustable | NRR 28dB Price Check

Walker's Game Ear Muffs For Shooting | Razor Slim | Electronic
Walker's Game Ear Muffs for Shooting | Razor Slim | Electronic Price Check

ACT FIRE Electronic Ear Muffs For Shooting | Resist UV | NRR 23dB
ACT FIRE Electronic Ear Muffs for Shooting | Resist UV | NRR 23dB Price Check

Best Ear Muffs for Shooting Reviews

Choosing the suitable ear muffs would be easy if you go through the detailed specs of these collections. That's why we have designed the reviews section to give you a complete specs of these selected ear muffs. In fact, it will help you to lock your desired muffs. Let's dive into the reviews.

1. Peltor Sport Ear Muffs for Shooting | NRR 26 dB | Bluetooth

Peltor Sport Ear Muffs For Shooting | NRR 26 DB | Bluetooth
Peltor Sport Ear Muffs For Shooting | NRR 26 DB | Bluetooth

Choosing an electronic hearing protector is the best way to kick off the list, isn't it? Yes, Peltor made sure upgraded hearing protection which comes with all latest features. Let's unlock its exciting features.

How can you understand whether the ear muffs are good enough for you? Checking the noise reduction rating (NRR), isn't it?

Yes, you will find the maximum NRR in this ear muff. So, you can rely on this protector from your next shooting.

An electronic ear muffs provides many more options than a basic muff. Besides protecting your hearing, it is able to make you soothe, that means you can use it as a headphone for music. The Bluetooth connection also enables you to make phone calls.

If you are confronting a huge shooting sound, there is no bothering while using this muff. The muffs can automatically programme the suppression time to reduce noise. After reducing the echoes, it can ensure the hearing comfort.

Furthermore, the voices tracking features will give you exact voice recognition even in the extreme shooting. While calling, first, it filters the noise, and then its speech recognition skims out the exact voice.

As It is an electronic ear muff, you need the battery power to operate the devices. This muff needs two AA batteries to function. Batteries do not come with the pack.

Key Features

  • Noise reduction rating is 26dB
  • Suppression time reduces extra noise
  • Able to track voice in extreme noise
  • Allows music and voice call through Bluetooth

2. Howard Leight Impact Ear Muffs for Shooting | Electronic | NRR 22dB

Howard Leight Impact Ear Muffs For Shooting | Electronic | NRR 22dB
Howard Leight Impact Ear Muffs For Shooting | Electronic | NRR 22dB

For those who are looking for the best hearing protection for shooting, there is good news for them. Howard Leight brought an exquisite sport earmuff within an affordable price. So, if you have budget issues but still prefer the best one, this is a suitable muff for you.

If you are choosing the earmuff for professional purposes, you can have the best performance from this collection. The muffs have an in-build directional microphone which allows you to render range command and make a smooth calling.

However, that doesn't mean that it can allow every sound to reach you.

Actually, this is another interesting feature of this muff. If the sound reaches at 82dB, then it automatically shuts off and reduces noise.

Besides professional shooting, you can choose it for your hunting or other industrial works. The noise reduction rating of the ear muff is 22dB. Thus, it will provide maximum performance for light to medium shooting purposes.

The compatibility range of the muff is amazing. Youth to an adult shooter can easily accommodate the muff. That's why it is considered as the most fitted muffs.

As an electric muff, supporting mp3 is an ordinary matter. Along with that, it includes an AUX input and connection cord for music and scanners.

The muff needs 2 AAA batteries to function. Its automatic shut-off system enhances the battery life up to 4 hours. However, the battery provides 350 hours of constant performance.

Key Features

  • Perfect muffs for pro-shooters
  • Noise reduction rate is 22dB
  • Supports mp3 and scanners
  • Needs 2 AAA batteries to function

3. Mpow Ear Muffs for Shooting | Adjustable | NRR 28dB

Mpow Ear Muffs For Shooting | Adjustable | NRR 28dB
Mpow Ear Muffs For Shooting | Adjustable | NRR 28dB

Some shooters prefer non-electronic ear muffs for shooting. If you are one of them, you will be intrigued after seeing its functions and features. Let's unlock them.

Mpow manufactured this fantastic ear muff for all professional shooters and hunters. They always provide the best materials to produce muffs. The muffs have 2 layers of noise reduction foam.

Furthermore, they have used high sealing solid cups to give you more comfort at soothing. Along with that, the hearing protector comes with a high rate of SNR of 34dB that is working for noise cancellation.

While buying the ear muffs, if you only consider the noise reduction rating, it will be your top listed muff. This is because the muffs offer a maximum NRR of 28dB out of 30dB. So, if you bother with your existing muff which provides a low NRR then replace it with the Mpow.

It becomes a popular collection to all types of shooters. That means, young to adult shooters or hunters prefer this protector due to its adjustable headband design. You can get your perfect fitting by simply tuning the adjustment.

You will get a travel drawstring bag to easily carry the ear muffs. Along with that, the light-weight and compact design make it more convenient for carrying.

Therefore, if you are a budget-conscious shooter and looking for premium earmuff, there is no alternative to it.

Key Features

  • Comes with 34dB SNR
  • 2 layers protective shields
  • Noise reduction ration is 28dB
  • Easy to carry with drawstring bag

4. Walker's Game Ear Muffs for Shooting | Razor Slim | Electronic

Walker's Game Ear Muffs For Shooting | Razor Slim | Electronic
Walker's Game Ear Muffs For Shooting | Razor Slim | Electronic

If you are quite fashionable even at choosing the ear muff, there is a fancy earmuff collection. Along with its attractive design and fancy color, it comes with other premium features.

Walker's is dominating in the shooting industries due to its product quality. To reduce maximum noise, they manufactured the muff through a double layer protective shield. That mean you are safe from any harsh sound.

The most fascinating feature of the muff is its Full HD speakers. Walker's provides two HQ speakers to hear the tolerable sound clearly.

Plus, it will help you to respond quickly by hearing the voice command clarity. The speaker makes the coming sound more soothing to the listener.

Furthermore, you will get a low noise feature. Basically, the feature has been used to reduce the noise level so that the shooter can hear the natural sound clearly.

Whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur hunter, in both cases, you can rely on this electronic muff. The sound dampening composite housing of the muffs prevents the high decibel sound from the listener.

Therefore, if you think in terms of its features and function, you cannot overlook the muff. Besides, the reasonable price of the muff makes it more compelling to grab it immediately.

Key Features

  • A slim electronic ear muff
  • Comes with a variety of colors
  • Two full HD speakers for clear sound
  • Reduces unwanted sound by its sound dampening housing

5. ACT FIRE Electronic Ear Muffs for Shooting | Resist UV | NRR 23dB

ACT FIRE Electronic Ear Muffs For Shooting | Resist UV | NRR 23dB
ACT FIRE Electronic Ear Muffs For Shooting | Resist UV | NRR 23dB

Are you looking for the best ear muffs for shooting? Then you are landed at the right place. To provide you a better shooting experience, ACT FIRE brought an upgraded shooting ear muff.

The earmuff has huge popularity in professional shooters and hunters. This is possible due to its muff's quality and design. After ensuring the better quality, they mainly focused on its design and comfortability than other muffs.

The earmuff can recognize the exact sound and its location too. Besides, it provides a clear stereo and realistic sound at all. Thanks to its high-quality speeches that made it possible.

Most ear muffs fade away after a while of using at outdoor. It happens due to lack of UV resistance and the low-quality materials or color that has used. However, there are no such issues.

The earmuff got imported paint from japan. Besides, it has considerable UV resistance. So, you can randomly use the ear muff for outside shooting.

The earmuff uses electric compression to reduce maximum noise. As a result, it got noise reduction rates of 23dB. Besides, it can easily amplify the natural sound and ensure the noise cancellation function simultaneously.

Besides using as a shooting gear, you can use it for better music experience. The mp3 cable provides good quality music which is identical to most premium headphones.

Key Features

  • Ensure quality beside fancy design
  • Noise reduction rate is 23dB
  • Works great as a headphone
  • Electric compression ensures better sound

6. Pro For Sho Ear Muffs for Shooting | Lightweight | SNR 34dB

Pro For Sho Ear Muffs For Shooting | Lightweight | SNR 34dB
Pro For Sho Ear Muffs For Shooting | Lightweight | SNR 34dB

Whether you are a professional shooter, hunter, worker or student, you need a better hearing protection to avoid intruding sounds. In this instance, Pro For Sho ear muff would be your best companion.

Though Pro For Sho is a non-electronic ear muff, you will get the same protection level as electronic muffs provide. How they guarantee such hearing protection? In fact, the manufacturer has ensured the double protective layer on it. Plus, the durable body material made the muff eligible for long-lasting use.

Constant expose to sound above 85dB can cause your hearing loss. However, this ear muffs cannot give the sound level to reach that level. More precisely, it has a high SNR of 34dB that helps to automatically silent your world.

The main benefit of using the Pro For Sho is its variety of size. You can choose the most suitable size in terms of your head size. That means this is perfect ear muffs for all sorts of users such as young, adult, and women.

If you are more conscious about the design and color of the muff, Pro For Sho offers an abundance of color options. It comes with ten distinct fancy colors. Along with protecting your hearing, you have an option to showcase your personality.

Besides shooting or hunting, you can use it in your workplace. Moreover, for those students who cannot focus on their study due to unwanted noise, this will help you to reach the ultimate focus level.

The good news is that you will have 90 days of money-back warranty if you face some quality issues. Besides, they also offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Key features

  • SNR of 34dB makes sure better silence
  • A light-weight and compact muff
  • Comes in a variety of size and color
  • Includes 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Perfect choice for shooter, hunter and workers

7. Walker's Ear Muffs for Shooting | Slim | Electronic | NRR 23dB

Walker's Ear Muffs For Shooting | Slim | Electronic | NRR 23dB
Walker's Ear Muffs For Shooting | Slim | Electronic | NRR 23dB

For those who are looking for fancy earmuffs with better hearing protection, there is a fancy collection for them. Walker's brought such an electronic ear protector that a pro-shooter is looking for.

Walker's has a good reputation in the hearing industry due to its product quality and attractive design. To make the maximum sound protection, they used razor ultra-thin rubberized cups in their ear muffs. As a result, you will have constant hearing protection for a long time.

The attractive feature of this muff is its slim outlook. Along with that, you will have a lot of options to choose your favourite color.

Each muff comes with its unique design-pattern beside fancy color.

Let's talk about the comfortability of the device. Those who are shooting or hunting for a long time they must need a comfortable muff. This feature is included in this muff. Its foam cup and the overhead soft cover make sure a better shooting experience.

If you are constantly exposed to the sound 89dB, you will lose your hearing soon. In this instance, you can use the muff, which will protect you from such danger level within.02 reaction time. Besides, the muff got a 23dB noise reduction rating.

This electric earmuff runs by 2 AAA batteries. It will provide you a good power consumption rate as well. The good news is that you will get one battery set within this pack.

Key Features

  • Noise reduction rating is 23dB
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries- included
  • Provides protection from 89dB within.02sec
  • Ensure ultra-thin rubber cups for better silence

8. ProCase Ear Muffs for Shooting | Multipurpose | NRR 28dB

ProCase Ear Muffs For Shooting | Multipurpose | NRR 28dB
ProCase Ear Muffs For Shooting | Multipurpose | NRR 28dB

Choosing a multipurpose ear muff is the best way to utilize a hearing protector, isn't it? If you are looking for such versatile muff that considers as the best hearing protection for shooting, hunting, sports and other purposes, then you can undoubtedly go with this one.

First, take a look at the quality of the muff. ProCase has constructed the ear muff through ABS-shell. Besides, they used high-quality thick-foam layers for better sound protection. To get more clarity about the quality, you can see its ANSI S3.19 (US) certification.

Most of the shooter complaints heard and discomforts due to long use of an ear muff. It happens due to headband design or lack of soft materials. However, ProCase takes you out of such experience. Because they make sure of the ergonomic design of the headband with soft padding.

Let's look at the ear cups design and performance. To provide better noise protection, they used soft leather as a sound sealer. Besides, each cup got a comfortable foamy cover. As a result, it can provide a maximum noise reduction rate of 28dB.

While choosing an ear muff for various purposes, you must check whether it has adjustable headband or not. However, this feature is inherent to this brand. So, you can use the same muff from young to adult by simply tuning the headband.

As I mentioned, it is a versatile hearing protection, so it is reliable to use in your workplace, sports event or study purpose besides shooting and hunting. After all, the earmuff offers a reasonable price along with its exciting features.

Key Features

  • 360˚ adjustable headband
  • Noise reduction rate is 28dB
  • Perfect for multipurpose uses
  • Makes sure an ergonomic headband
  • Most comfortable and durable cup

9. Howard Leight Pro Ear Muffs for Shooting | Electronic | NRR 30dB

Howard Leight Pro Ear Muffs For Shooting | Electronic | NRR 30dB
Howard Leight Pro Ear Muffs For Shooting | Electronic | NRR 30dB

If you are searching professional-grade ear muffs for handgun or pistol shooting, here is a search ending collection by Howard Leight. It is an electronic ear muff which includes all upgraded features.

Most of the official personnel prefer Howard Leight ear muff due to its noise reduction rating which is 30dB out of 30dB. So, you can undoubtedly stand with this for indoor or outdoor shooting.

Another reason why it becomes a professional-grade ear muff is its voice recognition ability.

Immediate after wearing the muff, you can easily trace out the exact source and direction of the sound.

Constant exposure to 85dB sound can cause hearing problems. That's why the muff ensures the sound protection level of 82db. That means, if the sound level reaches above that level, it will block that. Besides, you will get noise protection level at 30dB.

It is a step ahead headset in terms of its comfortability and adjustment. The two cups and the headband come in rubberized and foamy materials. As a result, it can ensure maximum comfort to shooters.

Besides, it will allow you to get your convenient height by its adjustable headband. So, if you wish, you can use them for youth while hunting or studying.

As it's an electric ear muff, it will provide more fascinating features. It comes with a 3.5mm cable for audio and scanners. Apart from that, the muff is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The auto shut off feature allows to save power consumption.

Key Features

  • High NRR of 30dB
  • A professional-grade ear muff
  • Provides protection above 82dB
  • Maximum battery life up to 350hours

10. ProCase Ear Muffs for Shooting | NRR 28dB | 2 Pack

ProCase Ear Muffs For Shooting | NRR 28dB | 2 Pack
ProCase Ear Muffs For Shooting | NRR 28dB | 2 Pack

Picking the best hearing protector is expected for all shooters. But if you get more features in a muff, you may always go for it, isn't it? Yes, you are about to have such a combo earmuff within an affordable price.

Whatever the prices range of the muffs, the first consideration should be the quality and performance of the muff. However, to provide a durable ear muff, ProCase has used ABS-shell. As a result, you are safe for long-time use.

Let's see its noise protection ability. As a US certified product, it will offer higher noise reduction rates of 28dB.

Due to its thickened foam cup, that makes sure the maximum noise protecting level.

Whether you are a shooter or hunter, most of you need to carry the ear muffs. Sometimes it breaks down due to less travel-friendly features. However, ProCase has ensured the compact folding design for portability. So, you can store or carry the muff in your backpack.

Another interesting feature of the muff is its 360-degree rotating cups. This is a rare feature for ear muff. Along with that feature, it offers an adjustable headband. As a result, you can easily set the muff in most of the heads.

Though it has specially dedicated for shooting or prevents high noise, it is an ideal ear muff for industry workers. Most of the manufacturing factories produce a sound which is above the danger level. In this instance, you can rely on this muff.

Key Features

  • A multi-useable ear muff
  • Noise reduction rating is 28dB
  • Comfortable and 360˚ rotatable cups
  • The adjustable headband ensures better fitting

Things to Consider Before Buying Ear Muffs for Shooting

Best Ear Muffs For Shooting
Best Ear Muffs For Shooting

While buying some protective equipment, you must consider some significant points which are directly related to them. If you miss the things, chances are higher to end up with a bad hearing protector. That's why never avoid such factors before buying.

However, we have done this for you. To ease your buying decision, we have put together some crucial factors of hearing protectors. In fact, these will prevent you from after buying harassment and eventually help you to choose the best ear muffs for shooting. Besides, you can choose some ar mag pouch for belt.

Noise Reduction Rating

This is the first and most significant feature for an ear muff. If the muff has a low noise reduction rating, then what is the point to pick this one?

The maximum noise reduction rating for ear muffs is 30dB. So, try to choose the muff which NRR is near 30dB. Make sure you also check our guide for hearing protection for hunting.

Types of the Muffs

There are two basic types of muff available in the market, which are electronic and basic. To have the better noise reduction and hearing comfortability, electronic muffs work best. Besides, most of the electronic muffs have music facility, that means you can use it for headphones as well. Moreover, most electronic muffs have a built-in microphone and voice recognition ability.

On the other hand, if you want a more convenient and powerless muff, you can pick the non-electronic one. Though it will not provide some exciting features, it will satisfy you by its noise reduction rating and comfortability.

So, you should consciously choose the type of muff according to your purpose. Check out the most essential Review for ballistic helmet.


Different hearing protectors have different purposes. Most of the comfort and convenience of the ear muff depends on its design.

If you are choosing the ear muffs only for shooting or hunting purposes, then you must consider the most sound protective features first. Otherwise, it might not meet your purpose.

However, if you choose the muff for other purposes such as industry, sports even and study purpose, then you can go with any of the models.


Professional shooters have to wear hearing protection for a long time. If the muff is not comforted enough, it may lead to headache or discomforts.

Most of the children refuse to wear ear muffs due to the hard and rigidness of the cups. In this instance, you must consider the comfort level of the muffs.

Not only for children but also for the adult user, comfortability is a must-check feature while buying hearing protection.


While choosing an ear muff to meet multipurpose use, don't forget to check its adjustment. In fact, most usability of the muffs depends on its adjustment. That means you can make maximum use of the muff if it has an adjustment option.

However, in professional-grade muffs, you will have the adjustment features. So, you can use the same muff for young to adult users.

Body Materials

If you are looking for a durable muff, of course, you have to see its body parts and materials. Cup's design and headband pattern are equally important while considering this thing.

Most of the premium quality muffs have constructed through ABS-shell. As a result, there is no question about durability if you get such muffs.

Power Consumption

While picking an electric muff, don't forget to consider the battery consumption options. Unfortunately, If the muff consumes much power than usual, then it is not a worthwhile device.

However, the manufacturer mentions the battery-related information such as battery type, consumption and maximum battery life. So, take a look at it before buying.


Why do you spend extra money on the inferior ear muffs? Higher price always doesn't denote the quality product.

Cost consideration would be a bit tricky while buying an earmuff. That is because there are two types of muff. Electronic is higher in price than the basic ear muffs. So, you can easily make the right decision, if you think in terms of your purpose.

Benefits of Using Ear Muffs for Shooting

Due to the high pitch sounds, shooting and hunting would be the most vulnerable jobs without using hearing protection. Study shows that, on average, 11.5million people in the US are involved in firearm shooting, and only a few of them are using hearing protectors. As a result, they are always prone to hearing loss.

If you simply use an ear muff for shooting. It will not only protect you from high-frequency sound but also it will improve your hearing experience. So, let's take a look at the benefits of using the best hearing protection for shooting.

Save Hearing

Hearing is a valuable asset for human, and they understand it after losing. However, a hearing protector can easily save your hearing and give you a better hearing experience.

A high pitch sound not only leads to hearing loss but also causes other health issues. A sudden sound above 115db can permanently damage your hearing. Besides, if someone experiences such a high pitch sound suddenly, they can get an immediate brain stroke, severe cardiac arrest, cognitive errors and so forth.

Those who are always in sound above 85dB, then gradually feel some dizzy sound around their ears. And finally, it leads to permanent hearing damage.

Improve Hearing

It is substantially proved that those who are regularly using hearing protection at shooting, hunting or another related high-sounding job, they can hear better than usual.

Enhance Concentration

Whether you are using the hearing protector for shooting, hunting or studying, one thing is clear that it can enhance your concentration ability. Most of the shooters use this advantage to get better accuracy.

Voice Recognition

If you are at shooting training, then an ear muff provides you extra benefits. If you use an electronic ear muff, it has voice recognition that will help you to sort out the direction and location of the sound.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the maximum noise reduction rating?

The maximum noise reduction rating is 30dB. This rating indicates how a hearing protecting equipment performs well while reducing noise. All noise reduction devices have maintained the rating.

2. Which NRR is best for shooting?

The more noise reduction rating has an ear muff that is considered the best quality muffs. For professional shooting, you could choose a muff which provides rating near 30dB. Moreover, the rating more than 22dB is considered as a good rating.

3. Which one is the best, electronic or basic earmuff?

It depends upon your using motive.

Though both electronic and basic ear muffs are the same in terms of noise reduction rating, both are pretty good for shooting, hunting and others.

However, if you look at multiple facilities in an ear muff then electronic muffs will provide more facilities. It has voices recognition, built-in microphone, music system and so on.

So, if you consider in terms of features and function, then electronic is the best. Otherwise, both are same.

4. Can I use these hearing protectors for children?

Yes, you can.

Most of the premium quality muffs have various level of adjustment options. As a result, it can suit most of the users. Even children can use such muffs.

However, if you especially choose the protector for children, you can choose the children size either. There are all sizes available.

5. Are they eligible for using headphones?

Yes, of course.

Almost all electronic hearing protectors offer music options. Earmuffs come with a 3.5mm cord to connect your mp3. Some of the muffs provide a better sound quality than normal headphones.

6. What about the basic muffs? Are they enough for shooting?

There is no doubt about it.

The basic ear muffs are specially formulated for shooting purposes. I mean, they just only work for preventing noise. Their noise reduction rating is pretty good.

7. How can I find the best hearing protection for shooting?

That's an easy process.

You need to consider some factors. First, select the type of ear muff then see its basic features such as noise reduction rating, comfortability, adjustability, design and color. Afterwards, consider its price, whether it is compatible with the muff's features or not.

However, if these things are okay, that means you are going to have a better ear muff.

Final Words

Since ear muffs is directly related to your health issues, you should consider the better-quality product. If you randomly select a muff, there is less possibility to get the most suitable protector for you.

Now you know more about the use and benefits of using ear muffs. Afterwards, you cannot overlook such brilliant gear for shooting. So, when you pick a hearing protector, you should choose the best ear muffs for shooting.

Hope that you have found your most suitable shooting gear as you have gone through the article.

Protect Hearing!

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