Top 5 Best Floor Scraper – Most Popular Collections In 2021

Floor scraping is a tough job, but it becomes much more manageable if you use the right tool. You can change your room’s entire look by removing the old and dull tiles, wood, or concrete with the best floor scraper.

But, removing the old floor is incredibly hard, that you might need to spend hours to remove it. In that case, you can reduce your labour by choosing the right product. Have you gone hopeless or crazy after not finding suitable scraping blades for you?

To save your time, money, and unnecessary labor, we are here for you. We have made a list with floor scrapers so you can easily remove the old flooring that looks gloomy in your interior.

Now you do not need to spend a couple of hours to find the right scraper to remove old floor tiles.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

SDS-Max Floor Scraper | Plastic Knob | Heavy-Duty | 6 Inches.
SDS-Max Floor Scraper | Plastic Knob | Heavy-Duty | 6 Inches."Check Price

Bahco Premium Floor Scraper | Ergonomic Carbide | 2.5 Inches.
Bahco Premium Floor Scraper | Ergonomic Carbide | 2.5 Inches.Check Price

SDS-Max Floor Scraper | Thinset And Tiles Removal | 6 Inches.
SDS-Max Floor Scraper | Thinset And Tiles Removal | 6 Inches.Check Price

Warner Floor Scraper | Steel Handle | Heavy-Duty | 5 Inches
Warner Floor Scraper | Steel Handle | Heavy-Duty | 5 InchesCheck Price

Orientools Floor Scraper | Razor Blade | Heavy-Duty | 4 Inches.
Orientools Floor Scraper | Razor Blade | Heavy-Duty | 4 Inches.Check Price

Best Floor Scraper Reviews

In this segment, you will get to know about the high-quality floor scrapers. We have picked the five most premium quality floor scrapper out of other alternatives. You can choose the one that meets your requirements and shows excellent performance for a period.

1. SDS-Max Floor Scraper | Plastic Knob | Heavy-Duty | 6 Inches.

Do you want to change the whole look of your interior floor? Well, in that case, removing the previous flooring is mandatory. Our list’s first product is such a product that has taken the floor scraping to another level! Let’s see what SDS max offers you.

The manufacturer made it with top-grade raw materials by avoiding harmful chemical properties. While working with this tile scraper, you will be impressed by its flawless performance aside from having to tighten every time! All you need is to follow the using procedure correctly.

You may not believe it, but it is true that besides the wooden floor, you can use this floor scraper for breaking the tiles! It can remove over 1600 square feet of tile without showing any wear off. Moreover, you will not face any hassle to do the corners because its size is small enough to reach tight corners.

If you learn to aim it correctly, this product will exactly perform what it is intended to do. It will help if you stay extra careful because this blade’s steel is tough and sharp and remains the same after several usages.

You can save a ton of cash as this scraping tool does not need any constant maintenance.

Key Features 

  • Sharpest blade
  • Doesn’t break the floor
  • 30 days guarantee
  • Removes thin-set and tile

2. Bahco Premium Floor Scraper | Ergonomic Carbide | 2.5 Inches.

The second product on our list is from the Bahco, which will definitely surprise you with its efficiency. If you try different brands at once, this one will win your heart by showing the expected result. Undoubtedly this is one of the best floor scraper blades out of other conventional steel blades.

The first thing that you will like about this floor scraper is its design. The company has made this tool with a simple calculation to face no complications while using it. This heavy-duty scraper comes with a different model with different sizes. So you can choose any according to your need.

Another feature we must mention about this tool is its plastic-made handle. As it comes with a large plastic knob, your hand will not ache even after using it at a stretch. If you are physically a mature person, you can also use this tool as it does not require much energy to run.

The most important part of a floor scraper is its blade. That’s why the manufacturer has made its blade with a carbide that allows you to scrape wood, metal, and even concrete. You can quickly remove old paint, glue, rust, tiles, or varnish more efficiently from the surface.

Key Features

  • Blade stays sharp.
  • Large plastic knob
  • Carbide blade
  • For all kind of surface

3. SDS-Max Floor Scraper | Thinset And Tiles Removal | 6 Inches.

Are you tired of not getting the anticipated performance using different brands? The fault must be in the tool you are using currently. The floor scraper we are now showing you is  the perfect choice for  clearing thin-set, tile, or any other stubborn adhesives,

If you are looking for an extra-wide blade, you can get this one. Along with six inches width, this blade is designed with hardened steel alloy for impact stresses. Therefore, it will work better for you without putting a lot of pressure.

Furthermore, this tile removing machine does an excellent job of eliminating thin-set or tiles quickly. But, you need to tighten its bolts carefully because if you over-tighten them, they tend to break much faster. If something like that happens, it is entirely the user’s fault, not the machine’s.

Most of the users find this scraping tool helpful because of its long time durability and solid build. You might use it for years, and it will still hold up. Apart from its durability, this floor scraper is too easy to skim off the top layer. Who doesn’t like to get so much from one tool?

Other removing tools, such as paint scraper or hammers, take forever to remove, but the SDS floor scraper speeds up the process. It will efficiently remove all the mastic, thin-set from the surface in one shot.

Key Features

  • Runs fast
  • Six inches wide blade
  • No need to check the bolt’s tightness constantly
  • Hardened steel alloy blade

4. Warner Floor Scraper | Steel Handle | Heavy-Duty | 5 Inches

While choosing the best floor scraper for tile or wood place, you must go for such blades sharp enough to lift paint or tar but not too sharp that slice the surface. That’s why we recommend you this concrete hand scraper from Warner.

First of all, let’s deliver you some information about the company to assure you of its authenticity. This company is ruling the industry for almost a century! You may realize that this company has been leading the market for many years only because of its quality.

You will feel so comfortable while working with it because the hammerhead is very lightweight. Although it is light, it easily removes adhesives or debris from all metal, wood, concrete, unpainted surfaces. You cannot even think of any negative after using this scarping tool.

The most impressive part of this floor scraper is its wide blade. The blade is five inches in width that stays on one plank at a time. No worries, you will not face any accident or damage the plank because wider blades are perfect for floor scraping purposes.

Warner concrete scrapers are advanced in both quality and value. It is the only reason this brand is envious of the market until now, in its 90’s.

Key Features

  • Delivers maximum leverage
  • Five inches blade
  • Carbide made
  • Tackles any tough material

5. Orientools Floor Scraper | Razor Blade | Heavy-Duty | 4 Inches.

A professional always prefers the scraper tool that has a comfortable and non-slip handle. If you are looking for this type of floor scraper, you can rely upon Orientools without any hesitation. Its ergonomic handle is more helpful to clean old sealant easily.

People tend to use products that are easy to use. Keeping this concern in mind, the manufacturer designed this scraper with all user-friendly features. The blade has a thin and high-quality razor edge along with a PVC handle. That’s how it provides you with a secure hold.

If you want to a remover for multipurpose, you must try this one. This scraper is an ideal option for cleaning stubborn adhesives, stripping wallpapers, loose paint, etc., from floor or glass surfaces.  The four inches blade is super sharp that easily removes residues.

You do not need to take any extra hassle if you are a non-professional or doing scraping for the first time with Orientools. This floor razor scraper’s tilted and large blade allows you a precise performance, which is more effective.

You will also have full control over the tool while working in larger areas. Thus, this razor-sharp blade is the most durable scraping blade out of other alternatives. With the help of this floor scraper, you can feel more time and labour-saving while doing the scraping job.

Key Features

  • Four inches wide blade
  • Most durable material
  • Ensures safety
  • Multipurpose

Things To Consider Before Buying Floor Scraper

Best Floor Scraper

It will help if you consider a few things to grab the suitable and premium floor scraper because there are many varieties around the market. Hopefully, we will be able to instruct you to pick the best floor scraper blades.

You can save your money from wasting and invest it in a fruitful product. Try our floor stain after scraping correctly to get a whole new look for your floor.


Scrape job is perilous work. You must maintain safety measures while doing it. But no matter how careful you are, accidents might occur if the product is not right. That’s why we have combined all the floor scraper that will show top-notch performance and ensure your safety with comfort. You may also like some of the Edge Banding Trimmer from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Handle And Grip Comfort

A medium to longer handle always provides a better grip because you can get more leverage and control with it. Moreover, you can get access to the tight corners with such a kind of handle.  In this way, you can make your works much easier to do. Make sure you also check our guide for Stain for Red Oak Floors.

Blade Size And Quality

The performance of a floor scraper depends on the quality and size of the blade. Wide blades are comparatively better than the narrow ones. It would help if you tried to buy blades with four to six inches of width to work in any place, be it larger areas or tight corners.

User Friendly

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time doing floor scraping, right? You better choose the one that removes the residues from the surface with a swipe. The five brands we have mentioned above does not need much time or effort to operate.


People have a misconception that premium quality products tend to come at the highest price. It would be best if you changed your though in this case. Top tools are not always the expensive ones. If you analyze our products, you will see all the scrapers with reasonable prices come in an inexpensive range.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How to use the best floor scraper blades?

First of all, scrape the floor in line with the tools but carefully avoid rubbing across the grain. Then, continue the work by moving from wall to wall in a swath. In this way, keep going on by overlapping slightly on your previous work.

2. Why is the floor scraper necessary?

A floor scraper is essential before doing new flooring. This scraper will make it easier to remove the old flooring quickly and cause less damage to sub-flooring.

3. Can I use it to remove plaster from the pool?

Floor scrapers are designed for thin and concrete surfaces. It may probably go hard if you use it for pool plaster.

4. Is there any risk of breaking my tiles while scraping?

Not at all.

If you understand the using procedure and follow it as shown, there will be the least chance of damaging or breaking your floor.

5. Is there any way to remove old flooring? I want to renovate my house.

Of course! There is no problem without solutions, you know.

You can entirely remove the old tiles, concrete, wooden surfaces, or adhesives with a floor scraper.

Final Words

Floor scrapper is an excellent product to renovate the house or prepare the floor before laying a carpet. We have tried to provide some valuable information to help you choose the best floor scrapper according to your necessity.

There are over hundreds of varieties and alternatives for floor scrapers around the world. But we have chosen the finest five brands out of them. Hopefully, this article will help you with all your confusion.

Have A Nice Scraping!