Stain for Red Oak Floors

Best Stain for Red Oak Floors in 2020 – Pick from Top Rated Models

While choosing the wooden floor, you may prefer red oak. In fact, it is a good decision to choose the oak for the floor in terms of durability, availability, and cost. But what about the stain for the red oak wood?

You may notice, the floor gets scratched and cracked over time without proper stain. Sometimes such a scratchy floor causes the sore on your feet and responsible for other discomforts.

So, to get rid of these inconvenient situations, you need to choose the best stain for red oak floors. Besides, a stained floor not only provides you smooth surfaces but also enhance the longevity of the red oak.

So, if you are having difficulties finding the quality stain, don’t worry! We have already discovered a top-notch stain for red oak floors. Let’s get them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Ready Seal Stain for Red Oak Floors | No Primer | No Thinning
Ready Seal Stain for Red Oak Floors | No Primer | No ThinningCheck Price

Varathane Premium Stain for Red Oak Floors- Fast Dry | Dark Walnut
Varathane Premium Stain for Red Oak Floors- Fast Dry | Dark WalnutCheck Price

Rust-Oleum Weathered Stain for Red Oak Floors | 275 Sq. Ft. | Grey
Rust-Oleum Weathered Stain for Red Oak Floors | 275 Sq. Ft. | GreyCheck Price

KILZ Stain for Red Oak Floors- Exterior | Waterproof | 500 Sq. Ft.
KILZ Stain for Red Oak Floors- Exterior | Waterproof | 500 Sq. Ft.Check Price

THOMPSONS Stain for Red Oak Floors- Water Sealer | Sequoia Red
THOMPSONS Stain for Red Oak Floors- Water Sealer | Sequoia RedCheck Price

Best Stain for Red Oak Floors Reviews

This section will demonstrate the in-details features, function, and using the method of these top-rated sealers for red oak floors. So, it will help you to identify your desire for wood sealers. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Ready Seal Stain for Red Oak Floors | No Primer | No Thinning

Perhaps, you are a wood lover; now you need the quality sealer for your wooden floor or exterior deck to have the long-lasting protection. To get such protection, you can rely on the Ready Seal stain to give you more than expected.

While picking the stain for red oak floors, consider choosing the standalone one. If you do so, you will get all the features in a single canister. Ready sealer is such a standalone pack, which will provide you the true color without using it.

Before application, make sure an unsealed or unpainted surface. Otherwise, you will not get accurate color and finish.

After the application, it will take 14 days to reach its original color.

For your DIY project, the Ready sealer would be a perfect choice. You can easily use the stain through spraying, rolling, or brushing.

Interestingly, there is no need to back brush while you are using this stain. Besides, the stain is so generous that it will never leave any residue, streaks, run, and laps. So, with a single application, you are about to get the ultimate finishing.

Finally, if you want a hassle-free stain for red oak floors, you can stand with the Ready Seal. Check out for Oil-based paints.

Key Features

  • No primer requires prior application
  • Ready Seal blends the stain by itself
  • No need sanding or stripping at re-application
  • Easily apply through spraying, rolling, and brushing
  • No diluting, No thinning before application

2. Varathane Premium Stain for Red Oak Floors | Fast Dry | Dark Walnut

For the sealing wood surface, you can choose the versatile stain to ensure the maximum use on various wooden materials such as furniture, cabinet, door, and trim. In this instance, Varathane will provide 100% protection on various wooden surfaces.

You may choose the stain for not only getting a smooth surface but also for preventing the wood from cracking, Right? Varathane is perfect in this regard. After complete drying, the stain will give you a beautiful walnut color. Plus, it prevents the floor from fading, cracking, and aging.


With a single coat, you will get the best finishing if you maintain the proper application. No need to wait too much as it dries quickly. So, within an hour of application, you are about to get the original color.

For a DIY project, you can apply the sealer yourself, since the application process is quite simple. First off, make sure the clean surfaces with a brush or cloth. Then shake or stir up the canister to blend the paints. Now you are ready to go!

To get accurate color and performance, you need to leave the wood for 24hrs. Otherwise, the stain cannot penetrate the wood properly. Besides, the sealer is so flexible in terms of temperature. The stain should be applying in between 60-90°F. Need top-notch ceramic paints?

Key Features

  • Versatile stain for floor, furniture, cabinets
  • The canister can cover up to 70 sq. ft.
  • Dry in 1hr and completely cure in 24hrs
  • Enhance wood beauty and longevity

3. Rust-Oleum Weathered Stain for Red Oak Floors | 275 Sq. Ft. | Grey

Are you looking for the best stain for red oak floors? Or want a sealer for your interior materials? Either way, we have discovered a perfect solution for you. Rust-Oleum is such a stain that will provide a reliable seal in each coating.

To create weather looking on your interior wooden materials, you can use the Rust-Oleum. Remember! It is a sealer. So, use it on the bare or untreated wood.

As we can see, the wooded floor gets scratch over time in spite of stained. Basically, it happens due to the quality of the sealer.

However, Rust-Oleum provides maximum wooded protection along with keeping the original beauty of the surfaces.

Another thing you have to make sure the right application to get the best color and performance. If you maintain both the stain’s quality and the right application, you will never think about the longevity of the wood.

After application, just leave the surfaces for an hour. Though it dries quickly, you have to wait for at least 24hrs to get the final finishing. Besides, the canister covers up to 275sq.ft at a time. But it depends on the porosity and the types of wood.

Don’t use the stain on painted or any protected surfaces. Otherwise, you will not get the intended result. So, use the sealer on the unprotected wood-surfaces. Click for Top-Rated Vinyl Dye.

Key Features

  • Water-based stain for interior wood
  • The maximum coverage of the can is 275 sq. Ft.
  • Can be clean easily by soap and water
  • Brings original weather looking after drying

4. KILZ Stain for Red Oak Floors | Exterior | Waterproof | 500 Sq. Ft.

If you are seeking for the exterior stain solution, then you are about to get the best wood floor sealer. KILZ brought an exterior sealer that provides long-lasting protection for your deck, fence, and barn.

Probably, the acrylic formula is great for protecting outdoor wooden surfaces. That’s why KILZ has designed the stained based on a 100% acrylic formula.

Due to this formula, the stain protects the surfaces from rain, sunlight, and the snow. As a result, you can have the all-weather protection after using the wood sealer.

The stain has formulated for moderate weather or unsealed exterior wood. So, use the stain on the untreated surfaces such as decks, fence, shingles, railings, wood patio furniture, and siding.

While choosing the exterior sealer, check whether it has weather resistance. However, KILZ comes with huge resistance to save the red oak from fading and cracking. Besides, the sealer always discourages mildew from growing.

Besides the protection, it can provide you maximum coverage. For applying the first coat, the red oak floor stain will cover 250sq. Ft. And if you go for the second coating, it will provide you up to 500sq. Ft.

Key Features

  • The perfect solution for exterior wood surfaces
  • Can cover up to 250 for 1st coat and 500 for 2nd coat
  • Provides huge resistance from fading, cracking, and mildew
  • Provides maximum protection from rain, sun, and snow

5. THOMPSONS Stain for Red Oak Floors | Water Sealer | Sequoia Red

Although you have so many options to choose the stain for the red oak floor, however, you have to stand with the stain that will give you multiple resistance. So, to have extreme weather protection for exterior wood, THOMPSONS would be a reliable sealer.

In fact, exterior surfaces always have to endure a lot of environmental pressures. As a result, THOMPSONS brought the water sealer to protect the wood from the adverse weather condition. Now you are 100% protected after using the sealer.

Outdoor wooden materials are prone to damage by UV rays.

However, the sealer will provide your UV protection as well. As a result, you will keep the original look of the materials after applying the stain for red oak floors.

After using some sealer, woods got cracked and peel off over time. It is a true disaster for the wood. However, you can escape the situation by using a waterproof sealer. Besides, the stain will enhance the longevity of the red oak.

The water sealer is famous for its waterproof features. Besides other protection, the sealer is best for sealing porous surfaces and save from any water damage. That’s how it is preferable for the boat’s floor as well. The good news is that it discourages mildew from growing.

Key Features

  • A great solution for water protection
  • Provides resistance from UV, cracking, and fading
  • Can be applied on damp or dry wood
  • Discourages mildew to grow

Things to Consider Before Buying Stain for Red Oak Floors

Best Stain for Red Oak Floors

The stain is the most crucial stuff to protect the wooden materials. So, it would help if you consider some significant factors before buying the best wood floor sealer.

However, to ease your stain selection, we have put together some related factors for your consideration. Let’s get them. You may also like some of the Wood Floor Paint from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


As it is a wood protector, it needs some in-built resistance so that the stain easily save the wood. Usually, a sealer has with various resistance, such as UV or other weather protection. As a result, it can save the wood from cracking, fading, and aging.

However, if you are concern about the resistance of the stain, you can undoubtedly choose these above stains. Because these sealers will not only provide extra protection but also gives a perfect finishing for red oak. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Countertop Paint.

Standalone Stain

A standalone stain is a stain that can blend or mix by itself. The standalone sealer does not require any fluid to mix with itself. As a result,  it works great on the wood and provides long-lasting protection.

So, if it is possible, then grab the standalone sealer for your red oak. Basically, if you want to escape application hassle, this sealer is appropriate for you. Instead, you can go with any other quality stain for red oak floors. Make sure you also check our guide for Metallic Paints.


Although the stain can provide extreme protection for wood, what about the water protection if the wood has to encounter water constantly?

Well! In this instance, you need to choose the stain which has specially designed for water contacted wood.

Besides, some sealer has in-built waterproof features. So, to get the maximum water protection to grab the sealer like this one.

On the other hand, if you choose the sealer for the boat floor, then you must choose the one which has additional water protection along with other weather protection.

Application Process

If you are a DIYer, you must consider the application process of the stain. Some stain can easily paint, and some others have some requirement before painting. However, if you come with some skilled required stain, it would be really difficult to go through.

Here most of the selected red oak floors stain is a standalone pack. That’s why there is no application hassle at all. Besides, the stains come with primer and require a single coating to get the expected result. That’s why these are perfect for a DIY project in terms of application.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I stain the floor without sanding?

Yes! You are good to go without sanding.

The sealer is mainly for untreated wood. So, there is no requirement to sand before painting.

After finished the staining, you are about to get a smooth surface like the sanding surfaces. So, to get the stain to have a sanding free painting on wood.

2. Why is stain important for the red oak floor?

In fact, the sealer is not only important for the red oak floor but also all untreated floors. The basic purpose of the stain is to provide a sealing solution for non-treated wooden surfaces.

While using the sealer on the wood, it soaks all fibers of the wood to provides long-lasting color. At the same time, the stain makes a protective layer on the porous surfaces.

That’s how the stain can save the wood from all weather conditions. Plus, it will enhance the lifespan of the wood.

3. Can I use the roller for applying the sealer?

Yes, you can.

The stains are so compatible while it comes in painting. Not only rolling, but you can also use the sealer by spraying or brushing.

4. Does the stain require any primer while painting?


As it mentions earlier, these stains are the standalone sealing solution. So, there is no need to primer before applying the sealer.

Besides, the stain also doesn’t need thinner or other painting substance while painting.

5. Can I use these sealers on the painted floor?


The sealer is not for the painted floor. The main purpose of the stain is sealing the porous surfaces, especially untreated wood.

If you apply these stain on painted floor or sealing surfaces, then it cannot soak the wood and end up will make a complete mess. So, avoid these sealers for the painted floor.

Final Words

The aesthetics value, comfortableness, and long-lasting durability of the wood is depending on the quality stain. So, you cannot compromise with the quality of the sealer while buying.

So, to ensure these above features on your red oak floor or materials, choose the best stain for red oak floors.

Hope that you will be getting the optimum performance after applying these stains.

Have a Protected Wood!