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Top 5 Best Gas Powered RC Cars – Recommendations For 2021

Remote control gas-powered cars, which is also known as buggies, are different types of vehicles. It is fun to race with an RC buggy with friends and family.  But if you want to buy the best gas powered RC cars for your upcoming events, there is no alternative to focus on model, structure, material, prices, etc.

Generally, people think that only speed is the main factor. It doesn’t seem right. Along with speed, there are many other things you must need to know about the buggy. Basically, the quality of the vehicle matters the most if you want the expected racing performance.

If you are looking to buy an off-road RC buggy for bashing, you are welcome to continue reading the article. For you, we have gathered all the information and consideration to choose the right one.

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Losi Gas Powered RC Cars | Nitro Buggy | Metal Gear
Losi Gas Powered RC Cars | Nitro Buggy | Metal GearCheck Price

HPI Racing Trophy Gas Powered RC Cars | Extra Stiff | Shockproof
HPI Racing Trophy Gas Powered RC Cars | Extra Stiff | ShockproofCheck Price

Haiboxing Gas Powered RC Cars | Back LEDs | Sand Rail
Haiboxing Gas Powered RC Cars | Back LEDs | Sand RailCheck Price

Soyee Gas Powered RC Cars | Dual-Motor | Adjustable Speed
Soyee Gas Powered RC Cars | Dual-Motor | Adjustable SpeedCheck Price

DEERC Gas Powered RC Cars | Shock Absorption | Durable Component
DEERC Gas Powered RC Cars | Shock Absorption | Durable ComponentCheck Price

Best Gas Powered RC Cars Reviews

Needles to say, the market is full of various categories of RC cars. Among all of them, we have picked the top five gas powered RC cars that fit all the general preferences. You can select any of the following, throwing all your worries away. Let’s check!

1. Losi Gas Powered RC Cars | Nitro Buggy | Metal Gear

Are you serious about your upcoming buggy race competition? The first thing you should do is replace your previous RC car with the Losi gas-powered buggy. If you are looking into something with more quality assurance, this one is the right option for you.

Most parents approve of this RC buggy from Losi because it is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic ABS plastic material.

Besides, the company made its design beautiful and colorful as vivid stuff attracts the kids more.

The most excellent part of this remote control buggy is it is more upgraded with top-notch quality body parts. Therefore, if you are already at a beginner or intermediate level, your skill will gradually progress in racing with this vehicle.

If this is your first purchase, do not worry about operating the gas powered RC cars because the instruction is clearly and easily described in the user manual so that anyone can understand. If you learn how to inspect the car and adjust the brake, you will find it easy to handle.

This buggy genuinely runs faster if you pour enough dedication into it. If you know the driving properly, you can control it on uneven surfaces as well. Therefore, no one will be able to knock you off from the buggy race! You can also check our article about RC car for grass.

Key Features 

  • Well balanced to run smoothly
  • Needs external batteries
  • Third gen radio tray ensures longer servo life
  • Suspension geometry setup

2. HPI Racing Trophy Gas Powered RC Cars | Extra Stiff | Shockproof

Do you want to shock everyone with your first entry into buggy racing? You can look over HPI, one of the best nitro gas RC cars brand. If you are interested in buying a 1/8 scale RC buggy, you will not regret having this one in your collection.

The manufacturer has equipped the gas powered RC cars with a powerful Nitro engine. This HPI engine is race-legal and suitable for race-track performance.

Moreover, it has a reliable and durable aluminum chassis that makes the car lightweight and run faster.

The feature that will impress you the most is its HB proto design racing tires, oil-filled shocks, and plenty of tuning adjustment possibilities that help the vehicle have a stiff jump landing. Now, bashing your opponent is more fun with this RC buggy.

However, the sleek aerodynamic body looks wild and fierce, which shows a “ready-to -fight” vibe. The tires will not damage soon after a few rides because they are wrapped with a cool black chrome edge with 7-spoke wheels.

Therefore, if you buy this beast car, adjust and tune it the right way to get professional assurance. Do not forget to clean the car, tires, engine, etc., to prolong its life. Additionally, if you want to secure the tires with the wheel, you can check our car wheel glue. The more you care about your car, the more robust performance it shows.

Key Features

  • Easy adjustment
  • Speed up to 25mph
  • Reliable and robust nitro engine
  • Latest 2.4ghz radio technology

3. Haiboxing Gas Powered RC Cars | Back LEDs | Sand Rail

If you have done a lot of research on buying an ideal remote control buggy, you might have been knocked by Haiboxing several times. Many experts and professionals will suggest this because of awestruck performance.

Two durable motor and powerful batteries accelerate this four-wheeler to reach the highest speed. Though it has the power to run 38+kmh, you can control it easily.

Also, the remote controller has two rechargeable batteries the permit more than thirty minutes of playtime.

It is an ideal and large RC gas-powered car for having off-road racing fun. The manufacturer combined their years of experience and ideas to upgrade its features. That’s why it has a perfect combination of refined materials with exquisite design.

The best thing about this remote control car is You can run the car at night because it has LED lights on the back. It is a perfect gift for your brother, child, or boyfriend who is blindly into gaming. Indeed, it looks like an attractive RC crawler with a full-scale roll cage, metal body, and high-grip tire.

Most gas powered RC cars are not waterproof and get damaged if they accidentally submerge in water. But you will not face such problems with Haiboxing because it is made with water-resistant electronics. Therefore, you won’t find any better buggy to start with than this one.

Key Features

  • Sturdy structure
  • Upgraded features
  • LED lights on the back
  • Runs well on harsh terrain

4. Soyee Gas Powered RC Cars | Dual-Motor | Adjustable Speed

If you face problems with driving or maintaining your current gas powered RC cars,  replace it with the professional one from Soyee. It is so robust and can contribute up to 45km/h speed. Indeed, it will bring you a great racing experience with the power of the dual motor.

This amazing RC car is suitable for elders, youngers, or grown-ups who have experience in driving gas-powered cars. You can drive this off-road monster car at the highest speed on any terrain you want because it has two built-in motors collocated with a high torque servo.

It would be better to focus more on practicing rather than worrying about its durability because the manufacturer researched a lot and made it with reliable materials. It has a sturdy metal chassis that has a flexible and durable suspension system.

We all know that the performance of a car fully depends on the tires. If the tire is top-notch quality and has good traction, nothing will stop the vehicle from moving forward. Keeping this thing in mind, the company added tires with aggressive tread for riding over sandy, uneven or plain terrain.

We can fully ensure its long way performance because it is packed with 1600 mAh dual batteries to provide you with non-stop racing fun. If you charge the batteries fully, it will serve you continuously for about half an hour.

Key Features

  • Lightweight plastic body
  • Safe to operate
  • Smooth running on every surface
  • Heavy-duty wheels

5. DEERC Gas Powered RC Cars | Shock Absorption | Durable Component

The final product in our recommendation list is from the brand DEERC. This boastful beast car comes with loads of power and force. If you are a gas-powered RC car enthusiast, you will love this one because it accelerates so fast that it goes far within an eye blink.

You will surely face a great racing experience because this high-speed car is equipped with high-quality and durable materials. You will not miss the winning chance half-way while driving the car because its 1700mAh dual batteries run nearly an hour at a stretch.

It is a perfect racing toy for both boys, girls, and adults too. The user will not get harmed by this vehicle because the material is environment-friendly PVC material. Undoubtedly, it is suitable for different level players because controlling this beast is super easy.

It will not slow down or shake a bit if you drive this on sand, beach, rock, or grass. If this four-wheel truck jumps from any high place, the components inside will not be harmed because of the metal oil-filled shock absorbers.

However, if you are looking for gas powered RC cars with powerful motors to experience the super-fast speed, choosing DEERC is the wisest decision.

Key Features

  • Sturdy PVC body
  • Powerful motor
  • Professional-grade components
  • Anti-throw ability

Things To Consider Before Buying Gas Powered RC Cars

Best Gas Powered RC Cars

RC gas power cars have their particular factors as same as the real-life vehicles. It is indeed an endurance test for someone to find out the right RC car because there are many competitive brands with lucrative offers. However, if you consider the below facts, you can pick the best nitro gas RC cars.


Size is also known as the scale of a gas powered RC cars that denotes how small or big it is. The ideal size of the ride depends on your purpose. For example, if you want to drive the buggy on a rocky track, bigger ones will be good. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then the smaller ones will be suitable.


If you want to run a buggy race, you need to purchase something which is comparatively lightweight because they go quickly. Though winning a match depends on how you accelerate it and improve your controlling skill, the weight helps develop your performance level. If your vehicle is heavy, it will be challenging for you to control it swiftly. On the other hand, heavy cars can beat the obstacles easier than light ones.


Speed is the main factor of a racing car. Some racers think that if the vehicle has too much speed, the run will be compromised because the drifts will become tougher. Anyway, the majority thinks that increased speed can help to win. It actually depends on the controller’s skill. If you know your skill, you better understand that which speed type will be perfect for you.


As the gas powered RC cars are remote controlled, the radio frequency plays a vital role. The car will respond to the controller according to the frequency power. The vehicle will receive the command from the controller and move upward and backward. That’s why you should choose the one with an ideal frequency level.


It will help if you also consider tire quality and type before purchasing a gas powered RC car. Different vehicles have varieties of tire designs. Some tires have good friction to run faster, while others have a good grip to climb and run on mud or sand.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I drive the car in the rain?

Yes, you can.

The manufacturer has made the components with waterproof parts to not worry about the car getting damaged.

2. How will I know the best nitro gas RC cars to buy?

We have mentioned all the considerations above which will help you to decide the suitable one. Yet, if you are confused about deciding the best one, you can choose any out of the five brands. Hopefully, you will not be busted.

3. Which gas is used to drive buggy RC cars?

The gas powered remote control cars provide you the realistic racing fun. It will need nitro gas to move like real racing vehicles.

4. Do I need to upgrade the vehicle?

No, it is not necessary.

The racing buggy mentioned above is compiled with high-quality components that do not need to be upgraded with additional tools.

5. What is the highest speed of the buggy?

It varies from brand to brand. But the highest speed rate is around 50 to 60km/h

Final Words

In a world full of gaming gadgets, smartphones, tablets, etc., your children might face health issues. If you want their positive mental development, hand him over some outdoor or indoor gaming tools, including the best gas powered RC cars. He will possibly even transform into an excellent petrolhead with a brilliant vocation in motor racing or rough terrain dashing.

Have A Good Beast Racing!