Top 5 Best RC Car For Grass – High Quality Models That Will Save Your Day

by Lindsey Carter

Remote control cars, which are popularly known as RC cars, significantly impact both kids and adults. In the past times, driving the best RC car for grass was an expensive option. But with the improvement of technology, its price has come down a lot.

You will get confused after seeing the market imbued with lots of varieties. Different brands offer various features, offers, qualities, etc. Hence, you need to consider several factors before purchasing a remote control car.

To find a suitable RC monster truck for you, our research team has gathered information and found the top five brands. This buying guide will help you with all the queries and confusion you face before buying this vehicle.

We have enlisted them according to their speed rate, quality, feature durability, etc. Let's get to know about them.

Summary Table for Top 5 Best RC Car For Grass

Image Product Name Price

Soyee Dual Motor RC Car For Grass | Durable | 1600 Mah
Soyee Dual Motor RC Car For Grass | Durable | 1600 Mah Price Check

Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Water-proof | 1000 MAh
Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Water-proof | 1000 mAh Price Check

Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Heavy-Duty Wheel | 2x500 MAh
Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Heavy-Duty Wheel | 2x500 mAh Price Check

Funtech High-Speedy RC Car For Grass | Flexible | 850 MAh
Funtech High-Speedy RC Car For Grass | Flexible | 850 mAh Price Check

Double E Graffiti RC Car For Grass | Dual Motor | 800 MAh
Double E Graffiti RC Car For Grass | Dual Motor | 800 mAh Price Check

Best RC Car For Grass Reviews

Best RC Car For Grass Reviews
Best RC Car For Grass Reviews

Here, we are presenting you our recommendation list of the top five RC monster car brands. The mentioned brands will undoubtedly impress you by providing the highest speed with consuming the least energy. Also, the following information will help you to make the right decision.

1. Soyee Dual Motor RC Car For Grass | Durable | 1600 Mah

Soyee Dual Motor RC Car For Grass | Durable | 1600 Mah
Soyee Dual Motor RC Car For Grass | Durable | 1600 Mah

Are you looking for an RC car for grass at a modest price for your kid? The Soyee high-speed car might be the right fit. You can now experience the joy of driving off-road with this reliable and highly durable motor car.

The manufacturer used a high-level mechanism to ensure its flexible suspension system. This remote-control RC car is super speedy that you cannot even presume where it is going. Therefore, it is suitable for younger, elder kids as well as grown-ups.

Do you want to know the behind story of its super-speedy feature?

It has two durable servo motors that contribute a maximum of 45km/h speed. You can control its speed level because this high torque remote control car has two-speed modes to bring you a great racing experience.

This off-road monster truck has around 3″ heavy-duty wheels, which are geared with bouncing springs. The tires allow the car to run aggressively over sandy, rough or smooth terrain. That's why this monster truck can traverse difficult obstacles, climb mountains, or race on deserts.

The manufacturer used high-quality plastic material attached to the chassis at four points with metal cotter pins to build this monster truck. This structure has made the car lightweight and repairing or cleaning much easier.

Key Features

  • High torque dual servo motors
  • Colorful and lightweight body
  • Reliable and sturdy raw material
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery

2. Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Water-proof | 1000 mAh

Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Water-proof | 1000 MAh
Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Water-proof | 1000 MAh

Another RC car for grass made a place in our recommendation list is from the very famous brand Laegendary. The company has prioritized its safety by including a fireproof battery bag for safe transporting and charging along with quality.

It is a perfect gift for your baby boy, no matter how old he is. A child who understands a remote control car's function can play with this RC car for grass. However, you can also check our baseball bats to gift your kid.

The manufacturer made this suitable for both beginners and youngers by featuring two speed-modes in it.

You cannot go wrong by choosing the Laegendary RC car because of its extreme tire scorching action. If your monster car submerged into water unintentionally, it will work fine as before because it is water-resistant.

The fun part is, you can race two or more RC off-road cars with no interference. Isn't it exciting? If you make sure to have the pin in the axle evenly, it will go in the groove on the rim. Therefore, you can play and win an exciting mini racing match with your family or friends by following easy tricks.

Therefore, if you want the best monster truck with the finest maneuverability, Laegendary will be the right one for you. Though it is not necessary, yet you can modify this car if you want. It is entirely optional because it runs super fast without any additional modification,

Key Features

  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in 1000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • LED indicator while charging
  • Fireproof battery bag for safety

3. Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Heavy-Duty Wheel | 2×500 mAh

Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Heavy-Duty Wheel | 2x500 MAh
Laegendary RC Car For Grass | Heavy-Duty Wheel | 2x500 MAh

If you prefer speed over anything, we have another one from the Lagaendary that can be the right one for you. This RC car for grass is versatile with high-quality metal suspension and a flexible bumper. Its structure is specially made to protect it from crashes that occur due to high-speed.

Are you planning or buying a surprise birthday gift for your boy but cannot figure out what will make him happy? You can simply put your thought into buying this RC car for grass. His happiness will know no bound after getting such a super-speedy remote control racing car.

Does a product with a first impression hold all your attention? If the answer is yes, then this RC car will win your heart with its sturdy structure and colorful body. Not only this, but it also shows excellent performance when you run and control this car with a remote. It takes such sharp turns like the real cars!

Till now, you might have a high expectation from this monster car. The truth is, we can quote it, "better than expected." Apart from the quality, you will be impressed with the experience you get after running this car. Anyway, if you want to fix your RC car's tire, you can check our tire glues.

Additionally, it has two rechargeable batteries with 500 mAh power that runs almost 40 minutes at a stretch. You will only know this one as the right option only if you learn to run this properly. You can check the user manual and follow the instruction to learn the control.

Key Features

  • Water-proof and durable
  • Super drifting ability
  • High-quality, sturdy material
  • Impressive structure

4. Funtech High-Speedy RC Car For Grass | Flexible | 850 mAh

Funtech High-Speedy RC Car For Grass | Flexible | 850 MAh
Funtech High-Speedy RC Car For Grass | Flexible | 850 MAh

Do you want a fun RC car for beginners to play with your friends and family? You can purchase this excellent quality heavy-duty RC car for grass, which is equipped with ten different speed adjustments. If you can adjust the sensitivity of that super cool vehicle, won't that be startling?

As this monster truck for grass is flexible, you can adjust the moves and speed according to your skill level. Suppose you are starting to play with this car as a beginner. You can then consecutively increase the speed level until you become a pro and control the vehicle at the highest speed.

If you once get this super amazing and the best RC car for grass to your kid, he will forget all his other toys and just keep driving it. Though it is a toy, people of any age will enjoy playing with it. To make it suitable for everyone, the manufacturer made its function easy.

You do not need to doubt its speed level because most customers love this RC vehicle for its highest speed reach. It can run more than 35km/h for a long time with powerful batteries. Additionally, it runs smooth and fast, even on rough surfaces, without getting stuck anywhere.

This monster truck is made with such a durable and reliable material that you can control the car both indoor and outdoor. Therefore, you can have lots of fun driving it in the snow or desert and keep the traction super fine.

Key Features

  • Assembled with sturdy material
  • Responsive throttle
  • Climb over obstruction
  • Splash-proof

5. Double E Graffiti RC Car For Grass | Dual Motor | 800 mAh

Double E Graffiti RC Car For Grass | Dual Motor | 800 MAh
Double E Graffiti RC Car For Grass | Dual Motor | 800 MAh

Do you want a fashionable and unique gift for a boy, girl, or adult? In that case, Double E has your answer! The company produced a beautiful RC car for grass that catches everyone's attention within a glance with its colorful graffiti printed body.

You might step behind after hearing about its plastic made body because plastics tend to break easily. You will be happy to know that this remote control car shell is made with ABS plastic, ensuring a strong collision resistance and shockproof body that will not break even if it falls off high altitude.

The manufacturer keeps improving its quality and performance because the market is filled with many varieties. Hence, this car is still in people's top favorite list only because of its high-quality material. You can control the vehicle in both flat or rugged areas.

Now, let's talk about its structure and performance. This RC monster truck with four wheels has a sturdy and crash-proof bumper that protects the car and its electric components from getting damaged by hits.

It genuinely has the features that you expect from an RC car for grass. This vehicle is so responsive and quick that it runs a far way within an eye blink. You can play with this upgraded monster truck at the highest speed for up to an hour!

Key Features

  • Beautiful design
  • Runs for a long time
  • Dual motor provides strong power
  • Better shock absorption ability

Things To Consider Before Buying RC Car For Grass

Best RC Car For Grass
Best RC Car For Grass

You can only purchase the best monster truck if you consider a few factors. To help you with your decision, we have combined some essential points to stop you from wasting your valuable time, money, and overall efforts.


There are two types of RC cars - off the road and on the road. If you want to drive the vehicle on flat and rough surfaces, you should go for the off-road RC car for grass because on-road cars are suitable for smooth surfaces only.

On the other hand, off-road RC cars for grass work better on rough, dirty, concrete, or rocky terrain. They can also climb the mountain if you operate them correctly.


RC cars for grass must be tough and durable because knock offs or drops daily occur while driving them. While buying them, always look for heavy vehicles manufactured from reliable materials because high-quality materials ensure a robust structure that withstands any obstacles.


If you are purchasing an RC car for racing, it requires speed to beat the competitors. Usually, the racers opt for vehicles with a high-speed level. On the other hand, beginners look for cars that have moderate speed levels. That's why it is better to purchase something with a customized option to adjust the speed levels.

Battery life

You must keep an eye on the battery quality when searching for an RC car for grass. The longer the battery life, the more turbulent the performance. Another thing you must consider is the charging time. If you want to race your car for a longer time, you should look at the battery quality that helps the car run faster as long as you want.


You have to spend a fair cost if you want a high-quality RC car because most of them are made with interchangeable parts, long-lasting batteries, robust motor, etc. If you have a check, you will see that the parts individually have an extra cost. You have to pay for the value you get from the combination of high-quality materials.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long the battery of the best monster truck last?

It depends on the brand. The remote control cars mostly run 30-40 minutes at a stretch with a fully charged battery.

2. How fast does an RC car run?

RC cars have different speed levels. Most of them move very fast, and some have adjustable speed levels. The speed level starts from around 5km/h to 60km/h.

3. If the RC car jumps off from a high place, will that stop working?

Absolutely no.

The RC cars are made of high-quality material and specially designed to consume super shocks. That's why if the car falls off a high place, it will not face much damage.

4. Is an RC car safe for everyone?

Yes, it is.

It is made with non-toxic and harmless plastic. From an eight-year-old kid to an adult, anyone can drive a remote control car.

5. Can I run the RC monster truck at the beach?

Ys, you can.

The cars we have mentioned above are water-proof and can run on mud or wet area. These off-road cars can run through sandy beach areas at the same speed as the flat grounds.

Final Words

We all know the craze about RC monster cars. That's why we have figured out the best RC car for grass that will satisfy you even better than most other available brands.

Therefore, you can add either of the mentioned cars to your cart. Hopefully, you can find a suitable RC car from our review.

Have A Great Car Race!

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