Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller – Top 5 Picks in 2021

If you’re trying to gaming on PC and prefer a controller over a mouse and keyboard, you have the option to use an Xbox one controller with the help of a micro USB cable.

Unlike other wired connection, a USB cable is by far the easiest way to set up any type of Xbox one controller with a PC. You will not see any shortage of options for micro USB cables around the market. However, it is very difficult to choose the best micro USB cable for Xbox one controller among them.

So, don’t be fret! Our expert teams spend hundreds of hours for ensuring you the greatest USB port and narrow the list with 5 top-notch micro USB cable for Xbox controller.

Keep reading to find your most suited micro USB cord.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FT
Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FTCheck Price

BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4
BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4Check Price

KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-B
KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-BCheck Price

DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging Cord
DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging CordCheck Price

Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7m
Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7mCheck Price

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller Reviews

If you want your device performing at its best, then definitely keep on reading the following 5 top Xbox one controller USB cable reviews with their detailed and useful features. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

1. Oritikur Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | USB 2.0 | 10FT

The first thing you’ll consider for a micro USB  cable is its charging capability and uninterrupted gaming facilities. In this case, you can surely trust Oritikur’s charger cable.

You will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session by charging your batteries during play or in-between matches with this micro USB charge wire. Plus, you’ll also be free from ‘batteries are low’ messages and trips to the store for more batteries.

This cable gives you superfast charging facilities. It charges 20% faster than regular USB cables.

Moreover, this premium cable has no power loss mode with extra long-length for full speed charge and supports 2.0 Amp current & transfers data easily.

Besides, this cable ensures maximum strength and durability from the common USB ports for its aramid fiber, triple-braided Nylon exterior, and aluminum connectors. In addition, it has passed the 90-degree bending test as well.

If you want to sit back and play at a comfortable distance, then this cable will definitely be a wise choice as it has an extra-long length 10FT/3M cord by which you can easily use Xbox controller, and don’t fear of losing or falling out of your devices.

The attractive feature of this USB cable is its wide compatibility. Besides Xbox controller, it has marked itself fascinating from others as it is compatible with all devices like Android phones, tablets, e-readers, printers, cameras, hard drives, other portable devices with a micro USB interface.

Key Features

  • Superfast charging
  • Uninterrupted gaming session
  • Ensures maximum durability
  • Conveniently useable
  • Wide compatibility

2. BrexLink Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Android | PS 4

This USB 2.0 cable supports both fast-charging and play-data sync. Moreover, it has high-speed charging safer mode and fast data transfer mode as well, which ensures you the best service.

Durability and reliability are some of the main features of a good micro USB cable. This USB port is ultra-durable for its Nylon braided exterior. Plus, you can mold this cable seamlessly, which provides extreme resistance.

If you want to use the device simultaneously from any convenient distance, then definitely you need a long length micro USB cable.

This cable has this incredible feature of 6.6ft long, which even gives you scope to work from your vehicle’s back seat.

Furthermore, it is highly compatible with any other portable devices like Android Smartphones, printers, cameras, GPS devices, Bluetooth speakers, wireless keyboards, etc.

In fact, if you wanna get a premium quality build cable, this can definitely be the best micro USB cable for gaming.

Key Features

  • Premium charging & data sync
  • Ensures ultra durability
  • Provides conveniently long length
  • Highly compatible & reliable

3. KOOWOOD Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | PS 4 | Type-B

If you don’t wanna disruption in your Xbox one gadgets during playing and also charging ability & data syncing, you can undoubtedly pick up this KOOWOD’s USB cable.

It will be very worst if your controller’s battery dies in the middle of hunting or working. Luckily, this cable gives you an incredible opportunity of experiencing gaming sessions seamlessly during charging.

This cable gives you superfast charging facilities. It charges 8% faster than regular USB cables.

Moreover, this premium cable has no power loss mode for full speed charge and supports 2.0 Amp current & transfers data up to 480 Mbps easily.

This cable is one of the first ever-changing cables strengthened with premium connectors that make it incredible & distinguished from other common conventional USB cables. It has super durability and bending capacity, which provides extreme resistance towards breakage.

This micro USB cable gives you an amazing facility of working even while sitting on the couch or lying on the bed. Thanks to its extra long-length 10FT/3M cord that made it possible. Plus, it is way more convenient and has compact connector heads to hold your devices steadily.

Unlike other USB cables, this cable is universally compatible with any kind of portable devices, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers, which power you up to take charge of your game.

Key Features

  • Superfast charging
  • High durability & extra-long bend lifespan
  • Seamless gaming during charging
  • Extended long-length
  • Compatible universally

4. DEEGO Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | Charging Cord

While buying a charging micro USB cable, firstly, you’ll search for its charging capacity, isn’t it?

This DEEGO cable provides you with the fastest charging with solid wide core and lower cable plus data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps simultaneously. Thus, you can enjoy extremely fast charging speed and can confidently use the controller while it charges.

It has a premium aluminum type A connector that fits your PS4 console directly, having no loose wiggling. Moreover, you can use it for connecting and disconnecting over and over again without signal loss as well as any other disruption.

Besides, it gives you a 15FT long durable charging cord that provides extra reach for charging and data syncing. If you wanna replace your original cable and add a more convenient one, then this micro USB cable will be perfect for Xbox one controller.

This cable ensures you extra durability with a tested 10000+ bend lifespan. In addition, it has environment-friendly PVC jackets that add extra durability and flexibility. Its stainless steel heads are so strong that they are not easy to be tangled.

Wide compatibility is one of the main aspects that makes it more incredible. It is highly compatible with all kinds of type-B USB cable supported devices along with PlayStation and Xbox controllers. Thus, it can be the best micro USB cable for Xbox one controller.

Key Features

  • Superfast charging & data syncing
  • Provides best connection facilities
  • Extra long-length
  • Ensures durability & flexibility
  • Universal compatibility

5. Microsoft Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller | 2.7m

The Xbox one controller is instantly familiar to anyone, especially gamers for its exquisite gaming facilities. Microsoft has revealed that Xbox one controller can be plugged in via USB to preserve battery life.

So, recently Microsoft has launched its brand new micro USB charging cable for Xbox one controller. It has an unbeatable fast-charging feature. It allows your devices to sync and charge simultaneously.

Moreover, it has distinguished itself from other conventional Xbox controller USB cables by its amazing feature of charging light for adding extra support.

This cable is widely compatible with all Xbox one controller series like Xbox series  X/S, Xbox 360 controller, Xbox Elite Controller series, etc. Mainly, Microsoft has made this cable compatible with all kinds of Xbox controller devices.

Besides, Microsoft has also put a great impression on us by ensuring a 2.7m long cable. Thus, it provides us with superb durability and high resistance as well as extreme flexibility.

Key Features

  • Unbeatable fast-charging
  • Provides extra support with charging light
  • Compatible with all Xbox controllers
  • Ensures extra long-length cord

Things to Consider Before Buying Micro USB Cable For Xbox One Controller

Best Micro USB Cable for Xbox One Controller

While buying an Xbox one controller USB port, you need to be focused on some important factors that should definitely be considered. Let’s dive into some factors which should be considered before buying the best micro usb cable for gaming.


The first thing you’ll have to consider is the purpose of why you need to use cable. What you intend to use a cable and need to determine what type, size, and length of cable you buy.

If you intend to use the cable only for charging your devices and data transfer, then your first bet is to select a USB data transfer and fast charging cable.

On the contrary, for Xbox one controller gaming device, you will need a highly compatible & engineered USB cable. You may also like some of the mouse for arthritis from our list, so take a moment to check them out.


One of the main reasons of damaging cable is repeatedly folding USB cables while putting it into pockets, bags, purses, etc. To avoid this, look out for the cable that are coated with strong, light, high-resistant fiber or properties, which gives you enough resistance to breakage.

That’s why we always suggest you high-quality build micro USB cable for your Xbox one controllers that serve you the great service. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the M.2 SSD for Gaming.


The length of a USB cable is another property to look at before picking up your next cable. A long cable gives you the luxury of using your device during charging irrespective of the distance of your power outlet.

Instead of charging, if you intend to use the cable for data transfer or other gaming activities, then, of course, you will need a long cable for sure. Otherwise, a moderately sized USB cable is what you should invest your money on. You may also be interested in some of the 120mm AIO cooler from our list.

Durability & Portability

One of the main concerns before buying a USB cable should be whether it is enough durable and portable. It ensures you use your cable and bend it also as per your wish without thinking of any breakage or damage.

So, you should always be careful of USB cable’s durability and flexibility before buying for your devices.


It is not possible to buy cables for every single particular device. So, it is better to buy a perfect cable that is compatible with all kinds of devices and serve you the great service. So, wide compatibility has to be ensured first before buying a USB cord.

That’s why, when you’ll decide to buy a cable, always make sure the best quality Xbox one controller USB port and for all other portable devices.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What does a USB cable do?

The goal of USB is to end the headache of using different connectors for different devices. It aims to give you a single standardized way to connect up to devices to your particular one. By using such a USB cable, you can not only charge your devices but also transfer data & enjoy other facilities.

2. How long of a cable should I use to connect my device?

One of the main strengths of a USB cable is its perfect length. If it becomes too long, it will create many problems due to propagation delays. So, in practice, the USB specification limits the length of a cable between full speed & low-speed devices to 5 meters and 3 meters respectively.

That’s why you should always be careful about the length of the cable before buying the best Xbox one controller USB port.

3. What is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?

USB 3.0 cables facilitate the faster transfer rates of 4.8Gbps as well as the additional power transfer of 900mAh, whereas USB 2.0 cables transfer data 480 Mbps and power up to 500mAh.

So, if you need an extra high-speed data syncing variable, then you can go for USB 3.0. On the other hand, if you need a moderate speed charging and data transferring cable, you can surely go with the USB 2.0.

4. How do I fix the problem of not recognizing the USB cable to my device?

At first, make a physical check and repair the port if necessary. Then, reboot windows, check the device manager. If it still isn’t fine, then uninstall the USB host controller and disable the USB selective suspend power saving option.

If the port remains undetected, then you have a faulty device. If you can’t reformat the USB drive, it’ll need replacing. Even not only by weak USB ports but also weak hardware can create a potential problem. So, make sure you know how to test your PC for failing hardware.

5. How do I choose the best micro usb cable for gaming Xbox one controller micro-USB port?

The USB cable that fits in your device perfectly depends on its charging and data transferring capability, durability, moderate size & length, strong build & grip, compatibility, etc.

So, if these things are compatible, then you’ll be able to have a good product.

Final Words

The quality micro USB cable depends on how properly it can provide superb performance and fit in your devices without creating any issue.

A good USB cable should have superior charging and data transferring facility, connection power, portability, universal compatibility, etc. If you properly check all these things, that means you have the best micro USB cable for Xbox one controller.

Happy Gaming!