Best Pitching Machines for Baseball – Top 10 Picks in 2021

by Mike Constanza

Who doesn't want to improve their skill and score the highest on a baseball match? There are a lot of tricks and tips to be a better player. One of them is to practice with a pitching machine. But how will you know that which are the best pitching machines for baseball?

If you want something to improve your hitting skill, a pitching machine is the best way. The thing that will impress you is, you can adjust the system according to your ability or whatever you like. However, many questions might have arisen on your mind before you choose the suitable one for you!

If you have not decided already, be sure to check this article to find a great deal. You will also better understand while doing product research or the things you should consider before buying a baseball pitching machine.

Therefore, without any further due, let's see our top-rated and high-quality pitching machines for baseball.

Summary Table for Best Pitching Machines

Image Product Name Price

Jugs Pitching Machines For Baseball | Max Speed 70mph | 75lbs
Jugs Pitching Machines for Baseball | Max Speed 70mph | 75lbs Price Check

First Pitch Pitching Machines For Baseball | Swivel Base | 50lbs
First Pitch Pitching Machines for Baseball | Swivel Base | 50lbs Price Check

Louisville Pitching Machines For Baseball | Black | 50 Mph
Louisville Pitching Machines for Baseball | Black | 50 mph Price Check

Louisville Blue Pitching Machines For Baseball | 25lbs | 25mph
Louisville Blue Pitching Machines for Baseball | 25lbs | 25mph Price Check

SKLZ Baseball Pitching Machine | Soft Toss | Adjustable Size
SKLZ Baseball Pitching Machine | Soft Toss | Adjustable Size Price Check

Best Pitching Machines for Baseball Reviews

Best Pitching Machines for Baseball Reviews
Best Pitching Machines for Baseball Reviews

Here is our list of the high-quality baseball pitching machines that you can get. We have picked the ten most premium quality items out of other alternatives. Choose the one that meets your requirements and find out why these are the must-have.

1. Jugs Pitching Machines for Baseball | Max Speed 70mph | 75lbs

Jugs Pitching Machines For Baseball | Max Speed 70mph | 75lbs
Jugs Pitching Machines For Baseball | Max Speed 70mph | 75lbs

The first product on our list is the pitching machine from Jugs, which is popularly known for its ultimate performance. This particular model-M1401 can throw a ball anywhere from up to 70 miles per hour. Let's get to learn more about its benefits.

This pitching machine's first fantastic factor is you can throw any balls with this pitching machine, be it a dimpled and seam, sting-free, light flight-baseball, tennis ball, plastic balls, softballs, and so on! This machine is quite excellent for players of any age and in any case, will impress you in the first place!

If money is not a big issue, this machine for pitching a baseball is a pretty good option. Do you know what the significant factor of this machine is? It has a readout display that allows you to set the speed at the exact MPH as you want.

Moreover, its swivel design allows you a 360-degree movement. That's why apart from just hitting practice, you can use this bowling machine to launch fly balls, ground balls, pop-ups according to a suitable speed.

The manufacturer lets you carry this machine in the trunk of a car by keeping its weight 75 lbs only. You can remove the legs, load it into the vehicle's boot to move it from one place to another.

Key Features

  • Speed reader
  • Swivels up to 360-degrees
  • Runs on battery or electricity
  • Excellent for defensive or offensive drills

2. First Pitch Pitching Machines for Baseball | Swivel Base | 50lbs

First Pitch Pitching Machines For Baseball | Swivel Base | 50lbs
First Pitch Pitching Machines For Baseball | Swivel Base | 50lbs

Are you not ready to spend money extravagantly on a pitching machine? Well, check out the first pitch baseline machine, which can save your wallet and make your pitching drill more enjoyable. If you want to buy a pitching machine for baseball and softball, you should definitely get this one.

If you want to get the best baseball pitching machine in hand to coach your kid or for your backyard batting cage, this would be the best one for you. The major plus of this simple pitching machine is, it is just 50 lbs. That's why it is incredibly easy to move around.

Another standout feature of this machine is its swivel base. It has reversible legs for both baseball and softball, which has 70 mph throwing speed. No matter if the player is shorter or taller, you can adjust the machine's height according to your need.

The manufacturer followed every possible way to keep its high construction quality by adding a minimum price tag as possible. As the price is handy, you can gift this machine to your baseball lover friend.

You will like it the most because you can switch it easily from baseball to softball pitching machine. And who doesn't love a multi-purpose device? Anyway, you will not find its flexibility in others, so it is a pretty sweet deal.

Key Features

  • Shoots straight
  • Adjusts quickly and easily
  • Comes with five years warranty
  • Useful for baseball or softball

3. Louisville Pitching Machines for Baseball | Black | 50 mph

Louisville Pitching Machines For Baseball | Black | 50 Mph
Louisville Pitching Machines For Baseball | Black | 50 Mph

Needless to say, the name of this brand is prevalent in every baseball player. Louisville slugger is likely to be called the king of all the brands. You must be desperate to buy the pitching machine from this brand after hearing about its features from us.

We will tell you the most exciting feature of this machine. But before that, we want to let you know about its essential characteristics. After researching, we found out that there will be some benefits in getting this black flame for the slight increase in speed.

Now let's come to the main point. This pitching machine throws any baseball or softball nice, high, and relatively deep. Probably, this will be the most excellent additional resource for the baseball practicing session.

One thing is to note that, usually, you get 15 to 12 pitches manually at practice. And from this machine, you can get 20 to 25 pitches to practice your swing at a comfortable and relaxed place. By practicing with such a machine, you can improve your hitting skill with accuracy.

It made us call it one of the best pitching machines for baseball because it doesn't require any batteries or electrical cord to run. With interchangeable components, you can quickly build confidence and batting skill by high flying balls to long balls.

Key Features

  • Preferable for youth teams
  • The fastest pitching machine
  • Most reliable and thoughtfully designed
  • Updated technology on the making

4. Louisville Blue Pitching Machines for Baseball | 25lbs | 25mph

Louisville Blue Pitching Machines For Baseball | 25lbs | 25mph
Louisville Blue Pitching Machines For Baseball | 25lbs | 25mph

Do you know what the most popular brand of pitching machine right now is? It is none other than Louisville slugger! If you take a few minutes to use this machine, you will find that it throws fly and ground balls most accurately.

While it is true that we are only focusing on baseball, but the actual thing is this machine can also throw any balls-fastpitch, slow pitch, dimple, plastic, and even soccer or volleyball! Its mechanism is exceptionally accurate for throwing strikes, grounders, or fly balls.

As we already have mentioned, this machine is compatible with all kinds of the ball so that you can work on a variety of skill development. You can hone this to go consistently because the manufacturer has mechanized it for throwing pitches, infield, and outfield drills.

The best part of this machine is saving power supply because it does not need electricity or batteries. The whole system is manual. By the way, the device is too light, 25 lbs only! You can quickly move it from a corner to another or field to field.

Speaking of expense, it will not eat up much from your wallet. You will get this fantastic pitching device at the most reasonable price, less than you imagine. Thus, you will experience an upgrade of your confidence level to play after using this pitching machine.

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to function.
  • Affordable price.
  • No need for an extra power supply.

5. SKLZ Baseball Pitching Machine | Soft Toss | Adjustable Size

SKLZ Baseball Pitching Machine | Soft Toss | Adjustable Size
SKLZ Baseball Pitching Machine | Soft Toss | Adjustable Size

You only get the actual benefit when you utilize a product accurately. We have come up with a pitching machine from SKLZ that will definitely pay off if you use it correctly. It will show you an unbelievable visual acuity and accuracy with every hit, which so far you have only imagined!

If you are searching for something for both offensive and defensive aspects of baseball gaming, SKLZ is pretty much a good option, we must say. Though it is a soft toss machine, you can use it for pitching too.

The most significant benefit you can get from this machine is that you do not need to buy unique baseballs to fit inside the machine. So, it can perform well with any size or type of balls. Besides, it automatically tosses balls every eight seconds, so you do not need any helping hand in this regard.

You must know about this machine because it is widely known for its durable and high performance. Professional or amateurs, both kinds of players and their coaches, find comfortable using this SKLZ pitching machine to improve their speed, agility, and skill.

The manufacturer stated that they are committed to elevating the players by guiding and serving them by providing the highest quality product. After running the machine, you will realize that this word is not false in any way.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height.
  • Great for skill development.
  • Requires a 4D battery or AC adapter.
  • Tosses balls in every eight seconds.

6. SKLZ Lightning Baseball Pitching Machine | Portable | 30mph

SKLZ Lightning Baseball Pitching Machine | Portable | 30mph
SKLZ Lightning Baseball Pitching Machine | Portable | 30mph

Are you into a limited budget right now? If so, then we are going to show you something budget-friendly. SKLZ has brought to you a pitching machine which is incredibly fantastic for what it costs. Keep reading on to know more about it.

According to human psychology, people tend to buy things with fewer complications in the installation procedure. You can set up the SKLZ pitching machine literally in a few minutes and run it with a cord or battery. Simple, no?

The good news is, it is suitable for ages players. Adults or kids both will find this machine favorable for their practice session.

Additionally, it will result in rapid improvement of coordination and hitting on different pitches.

Therefore, you can focus on your progress for making good contact with balls, swing for power, pitch selection, etc. This machine for pitching will allow you to swing all through your strike zone and exercise on a good pitch selection.

Lastly, you will feel the balls coming to you very realistic because this machine tends to move the balls by the impact of wind flow. If you want something to adjust for different pitching locations, this one is definitely for you.

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Builds skills on accuracy
  • Pitches the balls automatically at 30 mph speed
  • 5-seconds delay in each pitch

7. Franklin Sports Baseball Pitching Machine | Electronic | 20mph

Franklin Sports Baseball Pitching Machine | Electronic | 20mph
Franklin Sports Baseball Pitching Machine | Electronic | 20mph

Franklin Sports has launched a pitching machine, which actually made it difficult for us to state its excellence in a few words. Hence, we are here for you to let you know all the offers it will provide. Without any further delay, let's chew a little more.

Money doesn't truly matter if a product provides good service. Hense Franklin sports machine seems like an excellent product for your wallet. Apart from this, its functions are so comfortable that your kids can load it and stand for the pitches.

Every child who uses this machine for practicing will surely be a better all-around player after the first day, including those who have never been on a baseball team. Indeed, we are not exaggerating this. It is a real fact of one of the best pitching machines for baseball.

Speaking of children, this does not mean that it is not for adults. It can be equally valuable for professional players too. The speed you get from this machine will not challenge older players much. You can research several reviews on it, and the result will be the same, you know!

Thus, improve your batting performance with this machine as there is no better option than this one. No worries, you will not get a black eye if hit by it, so it is perfect for amateur practicing for sure!

Key Features

  • Improve your batting skill
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Includes a flashing indicator to show balls pitching

8. Tee Game Best Softball Pitching Machine | Kids Friendly

Tee Game Best Softball Pitching Machine | Kids Friendly
Tee Game Best Softball Pitching Machine | Kids Friendly

We talked a lot about the pitching machines for adults. Now let's enlighten with a suitable one for children. Tee game has launched a device for pitching, which is perfect for children and encourages them to develop early learning.

Basically, children are habitually restless, and it is a bit difficult to hold their focus onto something, right? We will highly recommend this machine because it will help them keep their batting confidence and cognitive process.

The company claims that this machine is made with non-toxic and durable plastic, safe for the children to play in the backyard.

Kids will enjoy the real fun of playing balling games at any time. Here we give a little information-this machine is suitable for both baseball and tennis balls.

As this is a kid-friendly machine, users will not face any complications while using. The machine comes with a paddle on which it throws the ball every 2 seconds if you take a step. That's how the foot paddles of this machine make it easy to use.

Therefore, if your children are fond of playing tennis or baseball, this can be a unique and thoughtful gift. With the help of this pitching machine, you can train your child to be more confident and stronger while strengthening their arm and shoulder muscles.

Key Features

  • Safe and secure
  • Easy installation
  • Non-toxic material
  • Useful outside home

9. Franklin Baseball Pitching Machine | For Kids | Adjustable Speed

Franklin Baseball Pitching Machine | For Kids | Adjustable Speed
Franklin Baseball Pitching Machine | For Kids | Adjustable Speed

Here goes another best baseball pitching machine for kids from Franklin is more than perfect for any young baseball player to work on their skill development while having fun in the process. Let's get introduced to its features.

Now let's come to the main issue. It is basically a set that comes with a pitching machine and four foam made balls. So you don't need to incur any extra cost except for battery or bat. All you have to do is, set the machine on the right angle, adjust the speed, and get ready to hit!

Once you give this machine to your kids, they will need nothing else to play for hours and hours to enjoy the fun! As the balls are foam made and the machine has a moderate speed, your children will not get injured after playing for hours.

We can assure you about one thing that it is a great playing instrument for the backyard. No worries, the balls will not break your glass window. Compared to the other youth pitching machines, its pitch adjustment and speed is quite preferable.

The remarkable feature of this machine is it has a red indicator. This red light shows the pitch releases so that the children get themselves ready for each ball to come. Overall, it is a perfect option if you are on a budget.

Key Features

  • Safe for children.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Ideal for outdoor use.
  • Needs batteries to run.

10. iPlay Youth Baseball Pitching Machine | 2:1 | Remote Control

IPlay Youth Baseball Pitching Machine | 2:1 | Remote Control
IPlay Youth Baseball Pitching Machine | 2:1 | Remote Control

We believe that any outdoor or indoor game has an integral and vital impact on children's skill development and education. That's why we are now presenting you with a pitching machine from a company that is committed to developing innovative and fun gaming products for kids.

Before letting you know about the iPlay iLearn pitching machine, we want to tell you about its background history. A caring mother created the company concerning the children who want to play with fun and, at the same time, safety.

As you are purchasing this baseball tool for kids, consider the safety issue first. We suggest this to you because this machine will gradually help your child make their first bold steps on the way o success.

Now, let's talk about its configuration. What we see in other brands is either manual or automatic. But this one has two pitching modes-remote control and auto. The auto mode throws the ball in every 5-7 seconds. On the other hand, the remote will throw the balls when you press the red button.

We think it's a good deal of getting this pitching machine set as it comes with a tennis racket, baseball bat, and balls. Indeed, your little player can play baseball and tennis with a professional skill day by day.

Key Features

  • Remote and auto control
  • Perfect sports gift
  • Suitable for creative kids
  • User friendly

Things to Consider before buying Pitching Machines for Baseball

Best Pitching Machines For Baseball
Best Pitching Machines For Baseball

As the market is filled with numerous varieties, you must consider a few things to grab the suitable and premium one. Hopefully, we will be able to instruct you to pick the best pitching machines for softball and baseball.

You will be able to save your money from wasting and invest it in a fruitful product. Make sure you also check our guide for Little League Bats.

Type of Balls

Before purchasing any pitching machine, check which ball type it supports because not all the devices are compatible with regulations baseballs or softballs. Every ball type has its own advantages, so weigh up the necessary things when deciding which balls you like to play. Check out the most essential Review for Wooden Bats for Baseball.

Power Supply

Are you sure to have access to the power supply at your practice zone? In some cases, the answer is yes, but the battery system or non-plugin systems has its own advantages. If you are thinking about using a generator for extra power supply to run the pitching machine, the noise will disturb your focus or communication with the teammates. You may also like some of the Fastpitch Softballs from our list.

Quality and Durability

We have gathered the pitching machines that are a combination of high-quality materials and top-notch technology. Although you are hesitant to choose either of them, we can ensure you one thing that you will not fail the purchase.

We provide you the information about the products that will serve you for an extended period regarding durability. Also, they all come with a guarantee or warranty for replacements or repairs.


Being concerned about portability is very important. Most of the pitching machines are lightweight and transportable. Under some circumstances, you need to transfer the pitching machine to different places. Anything heavy is really odd to move to other areas. That's why to select the one which you can lift and shift quickly.


High-speed pitching machines are not suitable for kids or beginners because they can be easily injured. On the other hand, professional or advanced players prefer faster pitches that provide a challenge. Thus, it is wise to choose machines with 40 to 70 mph speed.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the necessity of the best baseball pitching machine?

A baseball player needs to have a right hand on coordinating skills and focus along with time management. A pitching machine helps the players to develop their skills to hit balls more effectively and accurately.

2. Can I use the pitching machine for both softball and baseball?

Maximum times baseball pitching machines can be used for softballs too. The manufacturers make the machines for multi-purpose use. Hence if you are confused if they work right or not, you can choose either one as mentioned above.

3. Will my pitching accuracy increase by practicing with a pitching machine?


You can customize the speed rate or height according to your need to practice with this machine. It will eventually make you a skilled player because you can set this up with your desired outcome. If you're going to take challenges or play as a beginner, pithing machines will help you all the way.

4. Can I use a pitching machine in a match?


If your team is a machine pitch league, you can use the pitching machines mentioned above.

5. Is a pitching machine hard to operate?

Of course not.

If you assume things complicated, even the most effortless thing will seem the hardest to you. The company has made this machine with the least possible calculation not to face any difficulties while setting it up or pitching.

6. What kind of ball can I use in it? Only baseballs?

You can use any balls in the pitching machines. The setup comes up with the multiple adjustments that you might need. Apart from baseball, you can use fastpitch or soft pitch softballs, plastic, volleyball, etc. All you have to do is set the machine's throwing style according to the ball you use.

Final Words

We have tried to provide some valuable information about the best pitching machines for baseball. Now you probably realize how to make a wise decision before buying one according to your necessity.

The enlisted products will encourage you to improve your hitting skill and eye coordination while playing baseball. There are over hundreds of pitching machine brands around the world. But we selected the finest ten brands out of them. Hopefully, this article is going to help you with all your confusion.

Happy Pitching!

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