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Best Nitrate Test Kit – The Must Have Selection for 2021

Who doesn’t want to beautify the home by having an aquarium? But to keep a healthy aquatic environment, you need to maintain the tank stability through regular testing.

If you are wondering how and what to test? Then, this article is for you to maintain the right chemical balance in aquarium water. In this regard, you need the best nitrate test kit to enhance the lifespan of the fish.

If you are still hesitating about the right aquarium testing, don’t be fret! We have come up with some quality nitrate testing kits for aquariums. Let’s get them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

API Nitrate Test Kit | Master Test Kit | 5-in-1
API Nitrate Test Kit | Master Test Kit | 5-in-1Check Price

Tetra Easy Strips Nitrate Test Kit | Fresh/Salt Water | 6-in-1
Tetra Easy Strips Nitrate Test Kit | Fresh/Salt Water | 6-in-1Check Price

API Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit | Fresh/Salt Water | 180-Test
API Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit | Fresh/Salt Water | 180-TestCheck Price

All Seas Marine Salifert Nitrate Test Kit | Fish/Reef Aquariums
All Seas Marine Salifert Nitrate Test Kit | Fish/Reef AquariumsCheck Price

Red Sea Marine Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit | 50/50 Tests
Red Sea Marine Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit | 50/50 TestsCheck Price

Best Nitrate Test Kit Reviews

In this section, we have reviewed the top-rated aquarium test strips with detailed features and specs. In fact, it will help you to find your desired testing kit. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. API Nitrate Test Kit | Master Test Kit | 5-in-1

If you are not oblivious about the aquarium’s health, you need to test the water condition every now and then. In this case, you can rely on the API nitrate testing kit, which will ensure all you need.

If you want everything in a single kit, there is no alternation to this one. Because this is a master aquarium water testing kit. In fact, it would be an easy solution for homemakers to have a quick test and take immediate action.

Let’s see what the testing kit included? API has ensured everything for aquarium testing, such as 7 bottles of solutions, 1 color card, and 4 glass testing tubes with cap.

Within this kit, you can do most of the tests.

The main advantage of using this kit is it will notify you of almost every condition of the aquarium. From visible to invisible water problems, you can detect everything. That’s how the testing kit also prevents premature fish death.

This kit has been designed especially for freshwater aquarium treating. By this, you can check the ammonia, nitrite, pH, nitrate, and high range pH.

One thing is clear; you cannot use the nitrate test kit for saltwater testing. However, if you run the test weekly, it will ensure you a healthy aquatic environment.

Key Features

  • Includes all testing accessories
  • Detect all visible and invisible problems
  • Recommend for weekly testing
  • Designed for testing pH, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite

2. Tetra Easy Strips Nitrate Test Kit | Fresh/Salt Water | 6-in-1

While choosing an aquarium testing kit, we always prefer a versatile test strip. If you think so, then this is for you. Due to its testing accuracy, it is considered the best aquarium test strips.

Let’s talk about the authenticity of the testing kit. Tetra has a good reputation for producing genuine testing stirps. Indeed, the quality of the kits is the same as the scientists are using in the laboratory.

The main advantage of the kits is it never gives you a false report. It means you are safe and have an accurate testing report. So, by using this, aquarium owners take immediate response after getting the reports.

As it is a versatile testing strip, you can do multiple water testing. For instance, the kits allow you to monitor chlorine, alkalinity, pH balance, nitrates, and nitrites testing. So, within a single pack, you will get various testing facilities.

If you are new to using the kit, not to worry. The process is simple for all users. When you notice any changes in water level or fish, you just dip the kit and wait for 60 seconds. Afterward, you will see the actual condition of the aquarium through proper reports.

Key Features

  • Allows six different tests
  • Gives reports within 60 seconds
  • Ensure lab graded testing quality
  • A versatile testing kit for fresh or saltwater

3. API Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit | Fresh/Salt Water | 180-Test

Are you owned by a fresh and saltwater aquarium together and looking for a single solution for testing both aquariums? If yes, then you are in the right place.

API introducing such a versatile nitrate testing kit that you are looking for. For those who have already used the API testing kit, they know very well about the testing accuracy of these kits.

If you are new to aquarium testing, you can easily go with this one. API testing kits never miss lead you since it always comes with genuine reports. Besides monitoring the water condition, it will prevent some invisible water problems as well.

The testing kit included a bottle of testing solution plus a color card and a testing glass tube with a cap. So, you can easily test the nitrates and nitrites within this one.

Besides testing reports, API kits come with other solutions. It can easily remove the high levels of nitrate that can restrain fish’s immune system. Sometimes such nitrites lead to respiratory trouble for all aquarium organisms.

Therefore, API offers an affordable price for this kit. So, if you want a budget testing kit with multiple testing, you can surely go with this one.

Key Features

  • Allow a complete 180 tests
  • Prevents invisible water problems
  • Helps to enhance the fish immune system
  • Able to detect nitrate levels from 0-5ppm

4. All Seas Marine Salifert Nitrate Test Kit | Fish/Reef Aquariums

If you are still searching the aquarium test kit especially testing nitrate level on water, then hold on a sec. Now we are introducing a search ending nitrate testing kit, which is one of the best nitrate test kits for aquariums. Let’s take a look at how it works.

If you specifically want to test the nitrate level in aquarium water, you should go with a specialized nitrate testing kit. In this regard, you can rely on All Seas Marine nitrate testing kits.

But why? Due to its exact precision, it provides accurate reports.

The fascinating feature of the kits is extreme detection. It means how the minimum level of nitrate exists in the aquarium water. It is able to detect it. Within a couple of seconds, the kit can detect the nitrate levels as minimum as 0.2ppm.

Once setting a new aquarium, you must examine the nitrate and ammonium level in the first week. Otherwise, the aquarium may suffer new tank syndrome. However, if you use these kits in the first week, you can avoid such things. Afterward, you just need a monthly check-up.

This testing kit is designed only for fish and reef aquariums only. So, it should not be wise to use it for other testing purposes; otherwise, you won’t get accurate reports.

Key Features

  • A specialized kit for testing nitrates
  • Ensures 100% testing precision
  • Preferable kit for reef and fish aquarium
  • Provides minimum detection level of 0.2ppm

5. Red Sea Marine Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit | 50/50 Tests

A combo testing kit is always suitable for marine aquariums. If you are looking for such a combo pack that allows you to test nitrate and nitrite together, the Red Sea Marine Test Kit surely impresses you.

Let’s know about the testing precision before diving into this kit. Red Sea Marine always makes sure of uncompromising quality for their testing kit. Indeed, this is a laboratory graded aquarium testing kit that is known for better testing accuracy.

The testing kit allows you to a total of 100 tests within this pack. More precisely, you can do 50 nitrate tests, and another 50 tests are for nitrite. The good news is that the kit has been designed through advanced colorimetric testing for aquarium water.

Now come to the kit’s testing accuracy. The kits can detect the most minimum level of nitrate/nitrite that is present in marine aquariums. That’s how you can detect the nitrate level of .05pp or 2ppm. Besides, the range of the kit is 0-1ppm or 0-250ppm.

Therefore, if you want a healthy aquarium environment, you can have the testing kit at an affordable price because the price of the kit is in the buyer’s range.

Key Features

  • A combo testing kit
  • Allows a total of 100 tests
  • Make sure 100% testing precision
  • The minimum detection level is .05ppm

Things to Consider Before Buying Nitrate Test Kit

Best Nitrate Test Kit

While buying the aquarium testing kits, you need to consider some essential factors of these kits beforehand. Otherwise, you may face some after buying frustration. Don’t be tense! We have put together such crucial factors that will help you to choose the best aquarium test strips. Let’s dive into them.

Testing Precision

If the testing kit cannot provide the actual reports, then what is the point of having such a kit? That’s why you need to check the testing precision of the kits. Otherwise, it would be difficult to take the right steps to solve water problems.

Furthermore, the kit can detect the minimum levels of parameters such as nitrate, pH, ammonia, chlorine, etc. That’s why it is considered a good testing kit. So, choose a nitrate test kit that provides a minimum level of testing reports. Check out the most essential Review for punch bait.

Number of Tests

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing a combo or a single pack; you must prefer a kit that offers maximum testing. On average, most of the testing kits offer 100 tests. However, if you need to test more, you will also find them here in the avoid list. Make sure you also check our guide for sabiki rig.

Aquarium Type

The testing kit should be chosen according to your aquarium types. There are two types of testing kits available. One is for freshwater, and another is for a saltwater aquarium.

In this regard, if you own both a fresh and saltwater aquarium, you should choose a kit that is designed for both water testing. Otherwise, you should go with a single test kit for a specific aquarium. Besides, you can choose some spinning combo.

Combo Kit Pack

While choosing the testing kit, it is better to choose a combo pack. If you pick such a pack, you will get everything that is needed for testing your marine aquarium.

There were a lot of advantages to picking a combo pack. Suppose you grab only a nitrate test kit; it means you will only do a nitrate test. However, if you choose a master testing kit, it means you can test nitrites, pH level, ammonia, chlorine, and so forth. In fact, it will save your cost in some ways.

Other Features

Besides providing testing reports, some kits offer additional features. For instance, some kits find out some invisible water problems after testing. Besides, it can help to prevent fish respiratory problems in some cases.

On the other hand, checking the testing time is essential. The kits ensure a minimum testing time; it is wise to go with such kits.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the usual testing time of the kit?

In general, most of the nitrate test kits take a minimum of 60 seconds. In some cases, the testing time can be longer because of the kit’s quality and water complexity.

2. Can it use these nitrate kits for testing chlorine?

It depends.

If you choose a master testing kit, you can do most of the aquarium tests such as nitrites, chlorine, pH, ammonia, and so on. But if you choose a specific one, you can’t.

3. What is the minimum detection level of nitrates?

It depends on the kits.

If I say in general, then the testing kit provides a minimum detection level of 0.2ppm. However, it can be more or less depending on the testing kits.

4. Are these nitrate test kits good for saltwater aquariums?

Yes, they are.

But you must use the saltwater testing kit; otherwise, it won’t work. However, if you choose a combo kit, then you can use both fresh and saltwater.

5. How can I identify the best aquarium test strips?

It’s an easy process.

First, you have to consider some factors. Let’s say check the testing accuracy, time, and versatility. Then see how many numbers of testing it can offer. Finally, look at its price. If all things are fine, you can go for it.

Final Words

If you are really concerned about aquarium health, you must go with the premium testing kit so that you can get accurate reports. That’s why choosing the best nitrate test kit is important.

Finally, a little consideration can reach you up to the quality aquarium testing kit. Hope that you will find the most suitable kit if you consider the reviews and buying guide.

Have a Healthy Aquarium!