Top10 Best Pen for Baseball Autographs – Buying Guide for 2021

by Lindsey Carter

It's not unusual in the world of sports for fans to walk up and ask baseball players for their autographs. And arguably the most common item they sign is, well, a baseball. That's why having a quality pen on them has become mandatory, sometimes even more so than their own catcher's mitt.

In this week's article, we'll be examining some of the best pens for baseball autographs. These instruments are extremely detailed and won't smudge even when the ink gets in contact with fluids. Athletes, semi-celebrities, or anyone who loves affixing their name, will benefit from what we have to share.

Top Pen for Baseball Autographs Buying for 2021 by Editors

Summary Table For Best Pen for Baseball Autographs

Image Product Name Price
Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers (Black)

Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers (Black)

Price Check
Amazon Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent Markers

Amazon Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent Markers

Price Check
Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Markers

Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Markers

Price Check
Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker

Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker

Price Check
Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

Price Check

Our Best Pen for Baseball Autographs Reviews

Our Best Pen for Baseball Autographs Reviews
Our Best Pen for Baseball Autographs Reviews

1. Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers (Black)

Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers (Black)
Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers (Black)

As the old saying goes, the classics are always hard to beat. And in the world of permanent markers, there isn't a brand more well known than Sharpie. Through 56-years of existence, this company has entrenched themselves as the go-to writing instrument for schools, offices, and yes, signing autographs.

One classic example is the Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers, which many consider as an all-time favorite. It uses a unique ink formula that not only lasts longer but is also well-suited for a variety of surfaces. These pens dry quickly, too, reducing the risk of smudging and causing a mess all over the place.

In terms of outcome, very few markers match its details. These fine-point pens from Sharpie provide thin, clean, and extremely accurate lines that convey your message flawlessly. They are the perfect tool for writing on small canvasses or spaces. Even small children can use them without fear since its ink is non-toxic.

Interested customers can purchase this per box of 12, for a price not greater than $7. However, we would recommend buying their limited-time 2-pack, 3-pack, or 4-pack offers for wholesale requirements. You can enjoy grander savings for a marker that must never be left at home.

Key Features

  • Its doesn't smear easily; the ink used is high-quality
  • Non-toxic and safe for children
  • Water-resistant
  • Dries quickly on a wide range of different surfaces
  • The colors are rich and vibrant

2. Amazon Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent Markers

Amazon Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent Markers
Amazon Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent Markers

Though not yet on the same level as global brands, Amazon Basics has slowly built a reputation for providing affordable and world-class writing utensils to consumers. And among its broad list of selections, this marker is perhaps the best.

These Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent pens come in a box of 24 pieces, which is astounding considering the amount you pay for. Each marker is made according to ASTM-D4236 standards and weighs just slightly below 2-ounces. This means it fits snuggly inside most pockets without bulging, while a small clip fastens it into place. Still, you can easily access it at all times without experiencing much resistance.

However, just like its more expensive counterparts, this product likewise utilizes quick-drying ink that isn't dirty, is fade resistant, and waterproof. Thus, the lines it produces are incredibly eye-catching and remain vibrant, even when bright lights shine on them. This is a good sign that these instruments are of excellent quality.

Finally, the Amazon Basics Basics Fine-Point-Tip Permanent Marker can be used on virtually any surface. This includes photo paper, regular paper, wood, metal, and glass. Basically, anything that's not glass. As such, this is the best pen for signing baseballs, particularly on sports equipment like baseball.

Key Features

  • The ink it uses won't easily fade
  • Comes in a set of twenty-four pieces
  • Maintains its vibrance even under bright lights
  • Works on any type of surface
  • Conforms to ASTM-D4236 standards

3. Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Markers

Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Markers
Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Markers

Professional baseball players are like rock stars on the road. Several hundred - or even thousands - of fans want a piece of them. And when signing autographs, they need to be as calm and collected as possible.

In these cases, owning a capped marker presents more of an inconvenience than it is helpful. Thus, a Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Marker could be just what the doctor ordered. Just press the button, and its ultra-fine-point tip appears, ready for writing.

Aside from that convenience, the Sharpie 1735790 uses high-quality ink, which by now is already a trademark of the company. It dries quickly, is resistant to fading, waterproof, and sticks to almost any surface. The colors it produces are vibrant, too, and can reflect even the most intricate details of your signature.

These pens are perfect for home, office, or classroom use since they create extremely eye-catching results. And the fact that the Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Marker may come in 12 distinct shades only heightens its appeal. Of course, we would recommend buying an all-black set first, just because it has more potential applications.

If you were seeking a reliable and easily transportable writing instrument, then this would be a great choice.

Key Features

  • Easily retractable; can be used with either one hand or two
  • A safety seal valve ensures that the tip won't dry up
  • The ink is AP certified
  • Yields wonderful colors that capture every detail
  • Comes in 12 different colors including black

4. Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker

Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker
Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker

Finding a high performing yet affordable marker in today's market is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, products such as the Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker do exist, providing a solid combination of affordability and performance.

When compared with other deals on this list, the Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen might seem a little pricey. After all, $3.50 per piece costs more than what Sharpie or Amazon Basics is selling for. The one difference is that with this marker, you can enjoy virtually two pens - a 1.0-mm fine fiber-point tip and a 0.4-mm extra-fine fiber-point tip - for the price of one.

Regardless of the side, each pen uses non-toxic and low-odor ink that writes on almost any surface. This makes it ideal for children, though you may want to keep an eye out what area your son or daughter is doodling on. Still, at least you can rule out any irritating smells that might cause allergies or infections.

Each stroke produces dynamic results for different real-world uses. However, interested buyers must note that its lines are slightly more narrow than what you are used to. Nevertheless, it is ideal for scribbling on smaller objects.

These seemingly basic characteristics have made the Sakura 44181 Identi-Pen Blister Card Permanent Marker one of the best pens for baseball autographs.

Key Features

  • Writes admirably on leather, metal, glass, and other surfaces
  • Almost no order so it won't irritate you while writing
  • Two tips offer greater flexibility
  • Resistant to water and extreme heat
  • Designed for smaller subjects

5. Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers
Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

Did you know that even when kept indoor, autographed sports memorabilia could still get damaged when exposed to UV rays? These extreme cases happen more often than you think. So rather than leave things to chance, it's better to be extra cautious.

In times like this, having a marker with extreme abilities is more than just luxury; it's a necessity. And perhaps this Extreme Permanent Marker from Sharpie offers the best chance of maintaining quality, amidst these extraordinary situations.

Commonly sold in packs of four, the Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers deliver bold and high-contrasting colors for writing on outdoor equipment. It employs a unique ink that resists fading, even when exposed to harsh conditions like snow, rain, heat, or even mud. The increased adhesion also helps it stick for a longer duration of time.

Compared to other merchandise of Sharpie, these markers are broader and brighter, but cost more, too. We aren't at all surprised considering the added benefits. But consumers may want to treat this as a situational purchase. If you don't typically find yourself in these unenviable circumstances, then buying traditional fine-point pens could be the more practical choice.

Of course, if you're capable of spending a few extra dollars, it goes without saying that the Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers are valuable, especially when the need presents itself.

Key Features

  • The sets come in either blue, red, green, or black
  • Resilient against harsher types of conditions
  • Sticks well to items such as bags, water jugs, and balls
  • Great for personalizing items
  • Delivers bolder and thicker lines

6. Sharpie 32701 Retractable Permanent Markers

Sharpie 32701 Retractable Permanent Markers
Sharpie 32701 Retractable Permanent Markers

How many kinds of retractable markers does Sharpie have? Enough for whatever situation you are in! That's how amazing and committed this brand is to fulfill every single one of your needs. And if you're waiting out for the best possible deal, maybe the Sharpie 32701 Retractable Permanent Markers - 36 Count will appeal to you.

Compared to their other deals, this is probably the most affordable. I mean, thirty-six pens are one thing, but to get quality at that price point is a whole different ball game. These Sharpie markers have several uses, too, which include making presentations at the office, projects for school, labeling your belongings, and a lot more.

We know this is probably getting old, but the reason behind its superior abilities is really the world-class ink. It dries quickly, is waterproof, and adheres strictly to AP standards. Plus, as soon as the tip makes contact with any surface, the markings are really meant to last a long time.

Needless to say, very few of its competitors come close to the value the Sharpie 32701 Retractable Permanent Markers provides. So when you have the chance to buy one of the best pens of baseball autographs, take it and never look back.

Key Features

  • Comes in three packs of twelve-pieces each
  • Perfectly captures the words you are trying to say
  • Waterproof; it won't smudge even when rained on
  • Compatible with almost any surface
  • Dries instantly so it almost never makes a mess

7. Sharpie Retractable Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers - Two Count

Sharpie Retractable Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers - Two Count
Sharpie Retractable Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers - Two Count

Buying two pieces of a particular product is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, not every task requires you to be surrounded by thirty markers, are we right? So for small, simple, and everyday projects, maybe our next product can be of some assistance.

These Retractable Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers aren't much different from the other Sharpies that we covered, except they come in packs of two. This set is ideal for new users or those who merely want to try this brand out. Its price is high enough to not question the quality, but also cheap enough to buy without reservations. However, we wouldn't be surprised if soon after, you end up buying it in larger quantities.

That's because much like its bigger brothers, this permanent marker delivers superior shading ability that neither fades, smears, nor smudges. It dries quickly, even when applied to synthetic materials like plastic, metal, and leather. And yes, this includes sports gear like bats, catcher's mitts, and baseballs.

So for hassle-free writing that won't break the bank - or your bag - try out Sharpie's Retractable Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a safety valve to keep the ink from drying out
  • Can be handled or opened with just one hand
  • Perfect quantity for smaller-scale projects
  • Cheap and easy on the wallet
  • Conveniently fits in your pocket for easy transport

8. Sharpie 30002 Fine-Point Permanent Markers

Sharpie 30002 Fine-Point Permanent Markers
Sharpie 30002 Fine-Point Permanent Markers

Some people may find the color black boring, and that's totally understandable. Even when it's just signing an autograph, they need to add their own spin on things.

Red is arguably the color we associate most with love. It's found everywhere during Valentine's Day, Christmas, and even inside ourselves - literally speaking. So what better way to show your fans you care than with a signature affixed in this shade?

This particular Sharpie 30002 Fine-Point Permanent Markers variation comes in an elegant reddish tone that isn't too dark nor light. This offers just the right amount of vibrance, so it catches your viewer's attention while also expressing any message perfectly. You can thank its seemingly endless ultra-fine point for success, especially since it never gets misshapen.

Besides being utilized for inscribing names, the Sharpie 30002 Fine-Point Permanent Markers are a common sight in classrooms, offices, homes, hospitals, and restaurants all over the world. Thus, buying 6-pieces at a time for $8 should be seen more as investing than an expense. You'll never run out of new ways to use this.

Key Features

  • Red is a nice alternative to the ever-cliché black
  • Is able to catch audience's attention better; highlight key messages
  • The quick-drying ink is even safe for children
  • Versatile fine-point creates just the right amount of depth
  • Good value for money; it won't cost an arm and a leg

9. Shuttle Art Fine-Point Permanent Markers

Shuttle Art Fine-Point Permanent Markers
Shuttle Art Fine-Point Permanent Markers

The Shuttle Art Fine-Point Permanent Markers serves as another cost-effective option for consumers in need of a versatile writing instrument. Each pen uses non-toxic and acid-free ink, so it's safe even for children as young as three years old. Parents need not worry when their son or daughter is drawing with these markers.

What they should keep an eye out for is where their children write on. These markers dry up very quickly and are compatible with almost any surface. Just be sure they stick to paper or sketchpads; otherwise, you may be looking at a big mess.

On the flip side, the lines that a Shuttle Art Fine-Point Permanent Marker produces are highly graphic and extremely eye-catching. This means it is ideal for labeling objects, shading works, creating art, and yes, signing autographs. The ink rarely smudges, catching even the most intricate details almost seamlessly.

We absolutely love everything these Shuttle Art Fine-Point Permanent Markers have to offer. And the fact that this 30-piece set won't cost you more than $12 only adds to its appeal. Those with a tighter-than-usual budget can do far worse than it.

Key Features

  • Safe for small children and toddlers
  • 30 pens at that price is already a solid investment to make
  • There no signs of odor on almost any surface
  • Made according to ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee in case of complaints

10. Sharpie 30162PP Fine-Point Permanent Markers

Sharpie 30162PP Fine-Point Permanent Markers
Sharpie 30162PP Fine-Point Permanent Markers

Coming in three packs of two pens each, the 30162PP Fine-Point Permanent Marker is another one of Sharpie's best sellers. This isn't surprising, though, considering it uses the same kind of ink as other more expensive variants.

Another characteristic we found valuable is the tip. Unlike those ultra-thin or chisel markers, these fine-point pens are a lot thicker and produce fuller lines. This allows you to create dynamic letters, scribbles, and doodles with minimal effort. Plus, it won't smudge, either, so the quality is never put into question.

The Sharpie 30162PP Fine-Point Permanent Markers can be used on almost any surface, too, whether it's paper, plastic, leather, or metal. However, writing on smaller items might be a little challenging, but not so much that the task becomes impossible. This, we believe, is a minor trade-off for an otherwise comprehensive set of advantages.

Moreover, having a total of six pens is the perfect number for small projects and tasks either at home or in your office. You can keep two pieces inside your bag, while the others serve as stock. Just be sure to have at least one on you always, in case of emergency.

Key Features

  • The tip is thicker for bolder illustrations
  • It utilizes the same quality of ink despite its reasonable price
  • Six pens are perfect for small to medium-sized undertakings
  • A clip can be fastened in most bags or pockets
  • Won't easily smear even when exposed to water

Things to Consider Before Buying Pen for Baseball Autographs

With so many options to consider, choosing the right pen for baseball autographs can still be challenging. To help simplify this decision, we have enumerated the top five factors consumers need to be on the lookout for.

Resistant to Water

Can you imagine having a baseball signed by your favorite baseball player, only to have it smudged by sweat, saliva, or any other liquid expelled by the body? I know this sounds gross, but you'd be surprised at how commonly this happens. That's why owning a waterproof pen is so important.

Having a marker like this is also a clear indicator of quality. Only the most reputable brands come equipped with this trait. So avoid the hassle of dealing with mediocre brands; stick only to products that are waterproof and move on if it doesn't.

Price Per Piece

Most markers come in sets of four, six, ten, twelve, or thirty. And to the untrained mind, distinguishing a good deal from a bad one can be confusing. The easiest way to determine this is by dividing the total price by the pieces included. This way, you'll be able to know the exact amount of each item.

Once you have this information, comparing products with different manufacturers or specifications will come much more naturally. You'll be able to hunt for the best deals without every being outsmarted, while also seeing right through the gimmicks of each seller.


As we've mentioned earlier, markers come in packs of different quantities. We guess this is a way for companies to offer better deals to consumers, while also ensuring that merchandise is moving. Still, as a buyer, your interests must be protected, too. You mustn't buy too much or too few.

One simple way of attacking this problem is by considering your task size. Are you buying pens for an entire classroom or office? Will you be starting a big project? Or is this for stocking purposes one? All this can determine the quantity you need to buy, without going overboard. Just be sure you have extra in case the markers you buy are defective.

In the end, it's all about balance. Finding that perfect balance between striking a deal and answering your needs should be what you strive for.

Size of the Tips

When having a baseball signed, for example, do you prefer pens with thin or thick lines? Neither is wrong as it all really boils down to preference. Just done assume that all markers are created equal. Some use an ultra-fine point, a classic fine-tip point, and even a chisel tip.

While deciding which one to buy, consider the canvass or area that you'll be writing on. Will it have limited space? If so, then prioritizing a pen with a narrow tip would be better.

Aside from that, examine also your preference for details. Do you want the lines produces to be bold and eye-catching? Or subtle, but with an attention to intricacies? These characteristics, albeit minute, can affect the quality of your finished product drastically.

Retractable or Capped

Regardless of the other elements, most companies will offer you a choice between retractable markers or pens with a cap. But before answering this question, you'll need to examine your current lifestyle first.

From our experience, a retractable pen is better suited for run-and-gun situations, when all you'll need is one hand. This includes tasks that need to be done quickly by people who are always on the go. The added benefit of not having to worry about the lid is commonly a key factor.

On the other hand, markers with caps tend to have a longer lifespan. They're typically used in more relaxed environments like classrooms, offices, or at home - places where misplacing the covers becomes less of a likelihood.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

To provide an even deeper understanding, here are some of the most frequently asked questions by customers - and our responses.

1. How much does a pen-like this normally cost?

Per piece, it shouldn't be more than $3, that's for sure. But of course, it will depend mostly on the product specifications. Some pens, like the Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers, have specialized features, which makes them a little bit more pricey.

2. What is the average life of each refill?

Assuming you use it daily, three to five months seems like a fair assumption. Just be sure to have extra ink cartridges at home, so when the inevitable end of the road happens, it won't inconvenience you as much.

3. What are reputable brands new consumers should target?

For most people, Sharpie is perhaps the first brand that comes to mind. But Amazon Basics, Artline, Pilot, Shuttle Art, and Avery are other companies with a strong track record of excellence. In particular, these pens are great for when having baseballs autographed.

4. Does waterproof automatically mean it is resistant to fading, too?

No, these are two different properties. It's possible for pens to be waterproof but also fade after a while, and vice versa. So to be safe, stick to markers that possess both those features.

5. Are these writing tools safe for children?

Like we've mentioned earlier, many of the markers available today now use a non-toxic formula. Therefore, even when accidentally ingested by a human, it won't be poisonous or result in anything more serious than a stomachache. Still, we would recommend only children above 3 years old to use them.

6. What is the ink made out of?

According to our research, permanent marker ink is composed of the main solvent mixed with a resin, a glyceride, and a pyrrolidone. There's a special colorant, too, which makes it water-resistant and determines the particular shade. All in all, this solution is what creates the majority of pens we know today.

7. How do I remove permanent marker stains?

Well, the treatment of stains is generally on a case-to-case basis. For example, marks on cloth are more difficult to take out compared with ceramic or leather. The one rule to remember, though, is to act on spatter in a timely manner. Use soap and water to really scrub it off. Check also with the manufacturers to see if they sell any specialized ink removal formula.


After analyzing each of our contenders carefully, our team can confidently conclude that the Sharpie 1735790 Retractable Permanent Markers is the best pen for baseball autographs.

Its practical features, high-quality ink, and affordable offers will benefit consumers greatly. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to take it around literally everywhere.

Therefore, be sure you have one or two pieces on you at all times. You never know when you'll run into your favorite baseball player, and this marker should help turn your dreams into a reality.

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