Best Fastpitch Softballs in 2023 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

by Mike Constanza

Being an average player or a parent of a little leaguer, you might find it challenging to choose a softball that would be appropriate for you. There are hardly any balls that will meet all the tests that a player wants.

Nevertheless, our fastpitch softballs have gone through all the tests and decided to be the best fastpitch softballs for all players. By following all the customers' needs, those are made much more effective and safe for old or young players.

You will find a complete guide on all types of softballs for fastpitch practice sessions or tournaments. The information below will help you to decide where to start and why you need to acknowledge their specification.

Summary Table for Best Fastpitch Softballs in 2023

Image Product Name Price

MacGregor 11″ Fastpitch Softballs | ASA Approved | One Dozen
MacGregor 11″ Fastpitch Softballs | ASA Approved | One Dozen Price Check

Franklin 12″ Fastpitch Softballs | Synthetic Cover | PU Core
Franklin 12″ Fastpitch Softballs | Synthetic cover | PU Core Price Check

Rawling Official Fastpitch Softballs | 12″ | Flat Seams | Synthetic
Rawling Official Fastpitch Softballs | 12″ | Flat Seams | Synthetic Price Check

Sterling Fastpitch Softballs | 12
Sterling Fastpitch Softballs | 12" | PU Poly-Core | One Dozen Price Check

Dudley 12
Dudley 12" Fastpitch Softballs | Poly Core | High Density | 12 Pack Price Check

Best Fastpitch Softballs Reviews

Best Fastpitch Softballs Reviews
Best Fastpitch Softballs Reviews

There are various types and sizes of fastpitch balls. Not all the balls are perfect for you, but you need some basic features about some of them that you consider buying a particular one.

Here we are showing you some exclusive softballs which have made their place in our top-ranked list. Let's get started!

1. MacGregor 11″ Fastpitch Softballs | ASA Approved | One Dozen

MacGregor 11inch Fastpitch Softballs | ASA Approved | One Dozen
MacGregor 11inch Fastpitch Softballs | ASA Approved | One Dozen

Are you searching for a USSSA sanctioned softball that is covered with the finest leather? You will be impressed with the quality of its materials. Whether your teammates are warming up or going to extra innings, this ball will last through every hit!

The batsmen have to focus on the ball; that's why the manufacturer has made this ball with a bright yellow cover. The batsmen will also see the ball going much farther after hitting, and it is such a great feeling!

Its durable raw materials make it legit good quality. This firm build balls won't collapse easily after several hits.

Adapt your budding Major Leaguer to the game by choosing this ASA approved ball.

Additionally, the pitchers can execute windmill pitches confidently with the firm grip that comes through the traditional stitching. Now, no more disappointment of losing; watch your sluggers knock the fastpitch softballs out of the border.

Thus, make your holiday a remarkable one by arranging a softball match with your family or friends. Along with a good set of fastpitch bat, choose a dozen of this softball for fastpitch tournaments and get more chances to win a home run!

Highlighted Features

  • Approved by ASA
  • Poly graphite inside
  • Strong red stitch
  • Bright yellow-colored ball

2. Franklin 12″ Fastpitch Softballs | Synthetic cover | PU Core

Franklin 12inch Fastpitch Softballs | Synthetic Cover | PU Core
Franklin 12inch Fastpitch Softballs | Synthetic Cover | PU Core

When you ask for senior suggestions, they will always advise you to buy such a fastpitch or slowpitch softball that flies farther. Suppose you are playing in a confined space with a USSSA fastpitch softball that flies farther and eventually do some damage by hitting the wall or window. But we have a solution for this!

These fastpitch softballs from Franklin, you are going to love a lot. The ball may look hard, but its cushion formulation will hardly do any damage. Now the younger players can quickly get over the fear of being injured by the ball.

We can barely overlook the features that the ball offers. This one is a perfect example of the fact that inexpensive products are not always lower quality. The ball features flat seams (which you can call dream seams!) that run right to the cover for less air friction.

Youngsters may play in the basement or smooth cement floor; they will get no issues with this ball, and they will love this lot. Additionally, this ball offers low compression for good flexibility in the field. As a result, it gets more incredible speed on impact.

You can consider this fastpitch ball for indoor use as well. As we have mentioned earlier, the ball will not harm your floor or wall. If you are purchasing this ball for the youth, get a pair of first base gloves along with it.

Highlighted Features

  • Twelve inches size with 6.5oz weight
  • Flat seams cause less air friction
  • Perfect for the practice session
  • Syntax synthetic covering

3. Rawling Official Fastpitch Softballs | 12″ | Flat Seams | Synthetic

Rawling Official Fastpitch Softballs | 12inch | Flat Seams | Synthetic
Rawling Official Fastpitch Softballs | 12inch | Flat Seams | Synthetic

Batting experience would be great if you choose the perfect slowpitch ball. On that note, Rawling balls would be one of the best softballs for fastpitch batting and fielding. It is an ideal choice for kids as well.

Fastpitch softballs from Rawling are the most demanding over other brands. The reason behind its popularity is its fantastic quality and the affordable price.

The ball is manufactured with a poly-core center and sturdy synthetic cover that helps it to avoid rupture.

This ball is ideal if you are getting them for practicing your fielding because this 12-inch yellow ball is made with raised seams for reasonable throwing control. That's why we recommend you to have this for practice or train a newbie.

Buying any exciting product is not always a good idea, but Rawling has proven it wrong. This softball worth the popularity. Because of its flat seams, it fights against air friction and goes the farther distance.

Since this ball has an ideal lightweight, it travels through the air more smoothly, and the fielder can throw it more remotely. That's how your teammates will be able to develop their bowling and fielding skills. Thus, the game won't feel unbeatable at all!

Highlighted Features

  • Have a good controlling
  • Ideal size and weight
  • Sturdy synthetic cover
  • Six balls in a package

4. Sterling Fastpitch Softballs | 12″ | PU Poly-Core | One Dozen

Sterling Fastpitch Softballs | 12inch | PU Poly-Core | One Dozen
Sterling Fastpitch Softballs | 12inch | PU Poly-Core | One Dozen

Are you looking for the best fastpitch softballs that perform well and prevents your child from injuries? Sterling softballs have your back! This ball is perfect for teaching your kid the basic tricks of this game because they do not need to be afraid of getting injured.

To start your practice session, you must get fastpitch softballs from Sterling. It is not much expensive that you cannot afford.

It will be your favorite ball for pitching, batting, fielding practice, and especially for your upcoming tournament!

Whether you want to equip your team or buy a practice ball for your amateur kiddo, this one is perfect for all skill levels out there. Moreover, this polypore ball is easy to handle. The newcomers will face no problem while playing with it.

This ball is covered with elite optic bright yellow leather. The players can easily see the ball coming from a distant. Along with it, you can buy a pair of softball bat from our review. Now, no one can beat you to be the winner!

Overall, this one is a great choice compared to other brands. If you are professional, then okay. If not, then you don't need to wait for long to adjust to it. You will have an outstanding experience with it and maximize your skill.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for all levels of players
  • Bright yellow leather cover
  • Good for practicing
  • Flat red seams

5. Dudley 12″ Fastpitch Softballs | Poly Core | High Density | 12 Pack

Dudley 12inch Fastpitch Softballs | Poly Core | High Density | 12 Pack
Dudley 12inch Fastpitch Softballs | Poly Core | High Density | 12 Pack

Are you bored with spending much money after several softballs? Some balls change their shapes soon and become mushy after a few hits. Here comes the Slayer from the USA based world's biggest softball supplier, Dudley thunder heat softballs!

This ball is made with advanced technologically for superior players for fastpitch matches to become the champion.

Moreover, this ball has an impressive compression to make it stay in their shape after many hits.

Unlike other ordinary brands, this one has fantastic raised seams that are more than perfect if you are looking for an excellent pitching ball. You may have tried many brands, but this one will catch all your attraction.

Sometimes many fastpitch softballs bounce less, or if they do, then it would be in the wrong way. That looks unpleasant and heart-breaking for the player. You will not face such kind of issues with this ball. The way it flies high, the same way it bounces.

One good thing about this recreational softball is its legality because it is ASA approved. You can also allow your kiddo to play this indoors as it doesn't create damage to your floor or wall. So, get ready to be a top player by playing with this ball. Moreover, you must know the methods of playing softball.

Highlighted Features

  • 75 pounds and 12-inch size
  • Poly core softball
  • Made with advanced technology
  • Useful for both indoor and outdoor

Things to Consider Before Buying Fastpitch Softballs

Best Fastpitch Softballs
Best Fastpitch Softballs

You should be aware of the crucial features of any softball that you intend to buy. So, pay attention to the following factors that help to choose the best softballs for fastpitch.

Reliable brand

Always prefer branded companies before buying softball. After all, the brands are well known because of their quality maintenance.

You have to understand your product's features and check whether it is qualified enough to provide the thing that you want. On that note, you will always get the right product from a famous brand.


A squashy ball is always unacceptable for any player. Some balls get ruined or become unshaped and pulpy after several hits, which are very troublesome. That's why purchase a ball that is sturdy and nicely seamed from the outside. But look at whether it is too hard or not because those balls will harm your child.


You will call any fastpitch softballs as a standard ball for you when it comes to the sound quality and affordable prices. You have to understand that not every fancy product is right, and not all the inexpensive products are of low quality.

We have mentioned all the affordable and quality brands of all the products from the market.


The perfect balls for sports are those which are legal and certified. That's why always look for the approval stamp on the product. You should check the features if the ball respects all the rules as per your league concerning ball size, weight, compression, etc.


It means the force that impacts on a softball to compress it. The number is count by the pound. The more compression the fastpitch softballs have, the harder the core inside, and the farther it flies. For your information, the ideal compression rate of softball is 375 to 525 pounds.


When the questions come to the softball covering, the material should be either synthetic or natural leather. These two types of leathers come in optic yellow. Generally, the genuine leather made the balls are expensive and last longer on average than the synthetic ones.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the difference between baseball and softball?

If you haven't played baseball or softball yet, it would not be evident for you to understand the difference. These two balls haven't any significant differences, but these two aren't the same.

The bats, balls, pitching styles are different between them. Moreover, fastpitch softballs are a safe and effective way to learn the necessary skills and attributes of baseball. To know more about them click here.

2. Why are the fastpitch softballs yellow in color?


The biggest reason to cover the softballs with yellow is to make them visible to the players.

3. What is the more challenging game, softball or baseball?

Softball is a beginning step before baseball. It is scientifically proven that softball is more challenging than baseball.

The pitching, reaction time of hitting, and the field's distance show that softball is tougher than baseball.

4. Is the quality of this softball reliable?

We have reviewed the high-quality fastpitch softballs of the overall market after proper research. Those are reliable and premium quality.

5. Does the ball come with a box?


Generally, fastpitch softballs come with 6 pieces or 12 pieces in a box. You can use the box to keep them as well.

6. What is the COR of a softball?

COR indicates how bouncy the ball is. The more bouncy the ball is, the more it flies. Whenever you go to purchase softball, check its COR ratings if your league approves it or not.

Final Words

Hopefully, by now, you have made a decision about which one to buy. But still, we will suggest you try out a few, gather an entirely personal experience, and decide which one goes a little more with your specific need.

Indeed, our listed products are the best fastpitch softballs, and you will enjoy playing with them. You will love the fact of how nicely your teammates are developing their skills by practicing with them.

Enjoy the Match!

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