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Top 5 Best Porcelain Paint in 2021 – Most Popular Collections

Porcelain materials always demand a colorful paint than other materials. In fact, painting is native to porcelain materials. Otherwise, how dull they look like without painting, even though the porcelain set is brand new.

While choosing the porcelain paint, you need some particular paints which have durable adhesion to the surfaces. Otherwise, the paint will be cracking and peeling soon as the porcelain surface is quite smooth. That’s why you should use the best porcelain paint for long-lasting coating.

Finding the quality paints for porcelain is somewhat difficult because tons of paints out there. However, to end your searching, we have come up with some top-notch paint through rigorous testing. Keep reading to have your desire porcelain paints.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Rust-Oleum Porcelain Paint | Tub & Tile | 2-Part Kit | White
Rust-Oleum Porcelain Paint | Tub & Tile | 2-Part Kit | WhiteCheck Price

Soto Appliance + Porcelain Paint | Low VOC | High Gloss | White
Soto Appliance + Porcelain Paint | Low VOC | High Gloss | WhiteCheck Price

Sheffield Porcelain Paint | Touch-Up | Resist Heat & Water | White
Sheffield Porcelain Paint | Touch-Up | Resist Heat & Water | WhiteCheck Price

Pebeo 150 Porcelain Paint | Set of 12 | Fast Dry | Multi-resistance
Pebeo 150 Porcelain Paint | Set of 12 | Fast Dry | Multi-resistanceCheck Price

Krylon Porcelain Paint | Ultra-Finish | Aerosol | Bright White
Krylon Porcelain Paint | Ultra-Finish | Aerosol | Bright WhiteCheck Price

Best Porcelain Paint Reviews

In this section, we will present the top-rated porcelain paints with detailed features. It will help to find the right paints for your porcelain or ceramic materials. Let’s get the reviews.

1. Rust-Oleum Porcelain Paint | Tub & Tile | 2-Part Kit | White

Whenever guests enter your room, the first thing they notice is the floor and walls. A shiny and colorful floor add elegance to the interior. So, if you want to update your room, you should get the Rust-Oleum paint.

Tiles become pale and look outdated year after year. It remains the same even if you scrub with alcohol. In this instance, you can buy this porcelain paint to give your room a refreshed look without putting much effort and wasting much time.

Some tile paints get erased after some washes which are a very bad thing.

However, the Rust-Oleum paint is perfect for tiles and ceramics because it has water resistance. It remains the same, even after so many washes. Even if you wash them with hot water, it won’t get off.

As your bathroom floor, basin, and tub always being wet, and get a yellow stain. So, apply a layer of this paint and have a new look on your old washroom.

A common problem that people face is the erosion of the tiles, which leads to tile-cracking. When you cover your tiles with the paint, it will work as the tile-protector.

This paint offers you a very simple using procedure. Brush-roller-sprayer, whichever the applicator is, you can easily paint with any of them.

Key Features

  • Works on the kitchen countertop
  • Dries so fast
  • Doesn’t peel off easily
  • Smooth finishing

2. Soto Appliance + Porcelain Paint | Low VOC | High Gloss | White

If you are new to paint on your tiles, you must give your eyes on something that has an easy applicator yet gives a professional finishing. In that case, you can rely on this paint due to its long-standing bonding on the porcelain, tiles, and ceramics materials.

Yellow stain on your ceramic floor instantly makes your room look like an aged one that creates bad impressions to the visitors.

You need to keep the surface of your interior glossy and marvelous by polishing with this paint.

Before using any paint, you must think of its safety because its chemical odor or toxicity may harm your family. If you want to stay secure, get the painting jar as it contains low VOC, which makes it environment friendly too.

Some paints give a nice finishing but don’t protect your tiles from erosion or maybe after someday, the finishing starts to look like an old grunge surface. However, this paint saves the surface from erosion and gives a silky finishing.

You will be fully satisfied after painting your porcelain with it. From the kitchen to your bathroom sink, your eyes will be pleased after seeing such a beautiful finishing. Therefore, you are going to have the best paint for porcelain to upgrade your house.

Key Features

  • Paint and primer are together
  • Easy to apply the paint
  • Odor-free and non-toxic
  • Comes with a variety of color

3. Sheffield Porcelain Paint | Touch-Up | Resist Heat & Water | White

Are you bogging down your mind to buy a tile-paint that maintains the highest quality and good service? Then stop thinking and stay relaxed, because now we are about to show you an excellent quality porcelain paint. You will be shocked after seeing its metallic outcome.

While you are going to buy paint, you will easily get confused due to a lot of porcelain paints on the market. However, getting the paint can take you out of the situation and bring a whole new look for tiles, ceramics, and porcelain materials.

If you want a color for your tile which is low luster, then you must get this one.

You can cover the hairline-look crack of your tile-wall with this two-part touch-up kit. Additionally, this powerful white paint fills the chip even if it’s of bath-tub or kitchen cabinet.

However, most of the tile paints are not as whiter as your tile is. So, they show a very disappointing result after drying up. But It gives a superb white and suits perfectly with your extreme white tiles!

White paint can be used as the first base of any color. Moreover, if you want to lighten the saturation of shade or color, you can simply add this super-white porcelain paint in that. Thus, this is the paint that you are looking for.

Key Features

  • Water and heat resistance
  • Works excellent as cover-up paint
  • Holds up for long
  • Can be mixed with different hues for an expected match

4. Pebeo 150 Porcelain Paint | Set of 12 | Fast Dry | Multi-resistance

If you are a paint-lover, you must have heard about Pebeo that has been manufacturing colors since 1919. As time being, the colors of this company created a fan-base in the market. Of all their collections, Porcelain 150 is one of them.

Maybe you are looking for a color to paint your floor tile or wall with something astonishing color. If you want to rely on some porcelain paint, purchase this one without any second thought.

This modern set of porcelain paint enables you to be creative and innovative with your every brush-swap.

Thinking of your passion, Pebeo brought this paint that contains different types and textures, altogether. It allows you to mix and match to create hues according to your taste. The packaging ensures a perfectly sealed cap so that color doesn’t leak easily.

Unlike other brands, this top-notch paint lets you paint not only bond to the porcelain surface but also wooden or ceramic materials. Just make sure to dry or bake the color properly and be ready to see the new stand!

So now, as you know, you won’t need to buy any extra instruments to change your interior, not even your floor. Only this ASTM D-4236 certified paint is enough for your house to drape an elegant covering because it considers as the best porcelain paint.

Key Features

  • Color variations
  • Water and heat resistance
  • Super pigmented
  • Dries faster

5. Krylon Porcelain Paint | Ultra-Finish | Aerosol | Bright White

How long have you been using your tub? Surely, not recent, and now your white tub is a bit reddish or yellowish which is bad to look at. You don’t even want to bath in it. So, here goes an ultimate solution to your problem.

If you are biting your nails thinking that how you can re-decorate your interior, let’s break the bubbles! So, the porcelain paint that we are now talking about is Krylon tub-and tile ultra-finish.

It has a spray system lid which makes your painting-job easier.

Some colors start to flake off your tile after a few days. But this spray-painting is so strong, stays longer even in a hot-tub. So, to give your bathroom a different look with this economical grade color, get the most heat resistance paint.

For instance, if your tile starts to stain, just spray the paint and wait for a few minutes. Yes, you read it right, just a few minutes! It doesn’t take much time to dry. Though it dries early, the color remains the same for a long time. Besides, it has water resistance.

Products that you can be used on multiple surfaces should get the top priority. Hence, this is a versatile paint that you can use on porcelain, ceramic, tiles, glass, fiberglass, and so on. So, don’t be late to have this fantastic paint.

Key Features

  • Gives a durable finishing
  • Brings a durable finishing after dry
  • Ideal for every ceramic coating
  • Easy to apply

Things to Consider Before Buying Porcelain Paint

Best Paint-for-Porcelain

you must consider some crucial points before buying the porcelain paint. Otherwise, you may suffer from paints. Don’t worry! We have put together the points so that you can choose the best paint for porcelain while buying. You may also like some of the Wood Floor Paint from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Application Process

If you buy a porcelain paint, check if the application method is easy. As different paints have a different process of application. So, it would help if you gave priority to the easiest one to apply easily with the brush or roller. For more amazing products like this, check out our guide to the Oil Based Paint.

Color that Glides Smoothly

There are varieties of color ranges in the market. Some glide on smoothly and some give a chalky finishing and flakes after painting. So, buy the porcelain paint that gives a smooth satin finishing on your tile. Check out the most essential Review for Paint for Rusty Metal.


You buy paint for your interior; obviously, you will want to keep it stay for a longer time. Many colors get off or flake quickly. So, to get the finest quality color coating, you should check its durability.


We have the highest range of consideration before buying paint for porcelain. It gives a messy look on your ceramic if the color is visible that gives a cakey look. So, if you buy color to cover the spots of your porcelain, get these above selections. Be sure the color gets mixed with the existence.

Heat Resistance

Sometimes, we need to clean the floor, basin, tub, etc. with warm water. Also, tub and shower are places that are used for hot-bath tend to lose the porcelain color soon. That means, if the color is not heat resistant, it put off soon. So, buy the porcelain paint that is compatible with heat.

Packaged kit

To do a painting, you need to buy brushes, applicators, or the necessary kit. Amongst the brand, buy a color that is packed with all the necessary things.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answere

1. How should I coat with the porcelain paint?

Take a small amount of color and start applying a thin layer then just build up the coverage. If you lob the layer, it won’t give a good finishing.

2. How to check if the color is safe to use or not?

Before buying a color, read the information that is written on the level. If you see its ASTM D-4236 approved, it’s safe to use.

3. Is it necessary to prime the tile before coloring?

Yes, it is!

Priming means to hide the imperfection of the space before painting. So, to get an even finishing, you must do priming. But some paints have primer in it, so you better buy those kinds.

4. What safety should I maintain while painting?

While painting, maintain safety measurements. Put on gloves, and wear a mask because the fumes will bother you. Also, check whether the air can be circulated in the area or not.

5. How many times it takes to dry the color completely?

Normally, if the area is well-ventilated, it takes one or two days to dry. At best, it takes three to four days to set the color completely.

5. Should I sand the surface before painting?

Yes, of-course.

If the base is uneven, the old color is flaking, or the plaster bumps occur, you must sand-scrub to prepare the surface before painting.

Final Words

Color indeed affects a person’s mood. After a monotonous day, if you enter your house, which is bright and beautifully decorated with the best porcelain paint, your tiredness gets vanished instantly. Moreover, if an outsider comes to visit, your elegant house will create a good impression on them.

That is why we provided all the necessary information and coloring procedure according to your taste. Follow the guideline properly to save yourself from overspending and wasting your time and money before choosing the porcelain paint.

Happy Painting!