RC Bumper Cars

Best RC Bumper Cars – The Must Have Selection for 2021

Do you want to spend quality time with your children? Doing some entertaining things would be the right way to make a good relationship with children, isn’t it? In this regard, you can give them RC bumper cars.

Unlike other rc cars, bumper cars make children engage with their partners. Besides, durable body materials and easy-to-use functions made the car popular with children. So, to get a better driving experience, you have to pick the best rc bumper cars.

Finding quality cars is somewhat tricky due to plenty of ordinary products. No worries! Our expert team spent hundreds of hours to narrow down the top-rated RC bumper cars list.

Keep scrolling down to have your desired rc cars.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Think Gizmos RC Bumper Cars | Multiplayer | 2.4Ghz Remote
Think Gizmos RC Bumper Cars | Multiplayer | 2.4Ghz RemoteCheck Price

Click N' RC Bumper Cars | 40 MHz & 27 | Battle Car Set
Click N' RC Bumper Cars | 40 MHz & 27 | Battle Car SetCheck Price

Kidirace RC Bumper Cars | Set of 2 | Batteries & Charger
Kidirace RC Bumper Cars | Set of 2 | Batteries & ChargerCheck Price

Sharper Image RC Bumper Cars | Red & Blue | 2.4 GHz
Sharper Image RC Bumper Cars | Red & Blue | 2.4 GHzCheck Price

Kid Galaxy RC Bumper Cars | Built-in Sound | Set of 2
Kid Galaxy RC Bumper Cars | Built-in Sound | Set of 2Check Price

Best RC Bumper Cars Reviews

In the reviews section, we have resented every feature and spec of these selected bumper cars. Indeed, it will help you discover your suitable cars from the list. With further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Think Gizmos RC Bumper Cars | Multiplayer | 2.4Ghz Remote

If you always prefer a durable bumper car for your children, then Think Gizmos bumper cars will impress you altogether. Besides, this car included all the advanced features that a premium car should have.

How do these cars become so durable? Think Gizmos has manufactured them especially for children. That’s why they ensured ABS plastic for durability. The good news is that these materials are non-toxic and recyclable.

An easy-to-use rc car is mandatory for children. Otherwise, they feel bored instead of enjoying it.

Think Gizmos comes with two remotes for two cars. Interesting thing is that there are no signals missing in this set.

Moreover, these remotes are working through 2.4Ghz radiofrequency.  That’s why it provides a smooth operation and can be easily navigated. Besides, it covers maximum radio coverage.

No extra batteries are needed since these car set included all required batteries. Apart from that, this car set is preferable for gifting as well. So, don’t hesitate to gift your non-English friends as it has included a multi-lingual manual book.

Therefore, the price of rc bumper cars is quite reasonable. And the price range is pretty compatible with its quality and functions.

Key Features

  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Designed for children 6+ years
  • Ensured non-toxic materials
  • Remote runs through 2.4GHz radio frequency

2. Click N’ RC Bumper Cars | 40 MHz & 27 | Battle Car Set

For those who are looking for a fancy bumper car within a minimum budget, there is good news for them. Click N’ brought a high performing rc car which is considered the best RC cars for kids. Let’s unlock its features.

First talk about construction. The car has been manufactured through strong alloy to make sure a durable body. Thus, it prevents damage even after a huge clash with the other cars.

The most fascinating feature of this car is its built-in crashing sound. Players can have a real crashing sound while the car is clashing between each other.

That’s how children will be enjoying a thrilling racing experience.

If you play the racing with a group, it would be more enjoyable. You have to hit your partner’s car to make a score. The opponent player has to leave immediately after the clashing.

This car set comes with two bumper cars and two remotes. Each remote got a different radio frequency. The red car got 27 MHZ and the green car got the highest frequency of 40 MHZ.

Finally, the overall features and function of these cars never let you down. Plus, it becomes a more attractive set for gifting due to its reasonable price. Besides, you can choose some rc monster truck.

Key Features

  • Comes with a build-in crashing sound
  • A cost-effective bumper set
  • Powered by AAA batteries
  • Remotes got two different frequency ranges

3. Kidirace RC Bumper Cars | Set of 2 | Batteries & Charger

If you are looking for a rechargeable bumper car for your 10 years children, then it would be better to go with this one. It is a standalone car set that includes all necessary functions of the bumper cars.

Children will adore the car which offers simple and easy driving. Thanks to its automatic and highly responsive remote controlling system that made the operation easy. Moreover, the car has mind-blowing rear engine features that ensure a real spinning function.

For those who love to play with a group, this set is most suitable for them. The multiplayer technology allows 6 cars to race up together.

At any time, players can join with some new bumper cars.

To get considerable playing time, Kidirace ensures enough battery backup in this set. That means there is no bothering about the battery running out or low-speed issues because it is powered by 2 rechargeable batteries.

The main advantage of these rc bumper cars set is it comes with all necessary accessories within it. Unlike other rc cars, this set includes 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 USB cables, and a double port charger. Make sure you also check our guide for drift rc car.

Key Features

  • A durable bumper car set
  • Includes batteries, cables, and charger
  • Provides multiplayer facilities
  • Automatic controlling makes easy operation

4. Sharper Image RC Bumper Cars | Red & Blue | 2.4 GHz

Are you looking for the best RC bumper cars at an affordable price? Then this set will surely impress you. Sharper Image has declared this set as the best rc bumper car due to its some amazing features.

First talk about its steering functionality. This car set includes omnidirectional steering so that the operator can easily navigate the car. In fact, this steering facility enhances the fighting ability while playing with opponents.

Most of the RC cars lost their control due to poor radio signals. However, you will never experience such issues in this one.

The manufacturers make sure an uninterrupted and independent radio signal by 2.4GHz frequency.

To have an adventurous gaming session with your opponents, you can rely on this set for a long time. Thanks to its durable car’s body and fast-paced bumper that gives players an ultimate pleasure without damaging the cars.

The car set is powered by AAA batteries. Each car needs 4 AAA batteries and each remote requires 2 AAA batteries. However, these batteries are not included in this pack.

Finally, it would be hard to overlook these rc bumper cars if you consider the set in terms of durability, functionality, and price. Check out the most essential Review for gas powered rc cars.

Key Features

  • Most cost-effective car set
  • Ensures a high-quality body and bumper
  • Powered by AAA batteries
  • Easy navigation by omnidirectional steering

5. Kid Galaxy RC Bumper Cars | Built-in Sound | Set of 2

Do your children always adore some adventurous game? To keep them busy with ultimate pleasure, you can gift this bumper car set occasionally. Kid Galaxy brought such an exciting bumper car collection which comes with some advanced features.

The most fascinating feature of these cars is its seamless navigation. Thanks to its 360-degree spinning technology that makes it more viable for head-to-head fighting.

Children will have a real gaming experience while playing.

The cars have a built-in crashing sound which will automatically start while you collide with the opponent’s cars.

Though it’s a fighting car, not to worry about the car’s durability. The manufacturer makes sure complex materials alloy for long-lasting use. So, children can enjoy the relentless clashing for a long time.

This rc bumper car is suitable for your home environment. You can drive the cars on hard floors, tiles or medium carpet. However, if you need more speed while driving, you have to choose a hard surface.

This is a battery-powered car. It needs 5 AAA batteries for each car. So, you need 10 batteries to operate these cars. But the pack doesn’t include all the necessary batteries.

Key Features

  • Requires AAA batteries
  • Build-in crashing sound
  • Can be drive on all most all surfaces
  • 360-degree spinning for better navigation

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Bumper Cars

Best RC Bumper Cars

RC devices are prone to damage if you are not consciously considering some factors beforehand. That’s why we have put together some factors which can help you to choose the best RC cars for kids. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Battery Backup

Those who usually spend a considerable time playing bumper cars need a good battery backup. In fact, a good battery backup-based car indicates the quality of the car. Otherwise, players might face a low speed or navigational problem at all.

On the other hand, you should consider the battery types of car. For RC cars, rechargeable batteries would be more beneficial. And it will save your extra pennies after buying. So, don’t forget to check the battery type.


For bumper cars, navigational control is an important aspect. The overall performance of the bumper car depends on its navigational control. The more smoothly navigate the car the more you drive better.

Most of the manufacturers directly mention navigational functions and features. So, just take a look at the navigation as it is a children’s toy.

Remote Controlling

Some remotes have individual control panels for driving. For instance, it has a particular joystick for moving back and forth. Plus, another joystick will do the spinning or navigating.

As you buy a car for your children, you should choose the easy controlling system while buying.

Radio Frequency

Sometimes remote-control devices malfunction due to signal interruption. It is a common problem for rc devices. Most of the time it happens due to the poor radio signals.

That’s why we have always preferred a good frequency-based remote for RC devices. And our all-listed cars have a 2.4GHz frequency-based remote.

Sound System

To engage children requires to give them real experience. In this instance, you must stand with a car set that comes with real sound.

Most of the rc bumper cars have built-in crashing sound. When you collide with the other cars it will automatically make a real sound. So, you shouldn’t avoid such a feature especially while buying a car for children.

Body Materials

Durable body materials are mandatory for bumper cars as it is always ready to collide with the other cars. So, always try to look for ABS plastic-based cars for children.

Moreover, some inferior materials contain toxic elements for humans. So, check whether the car’s materials have any dangerous issues for humans.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I recharge the car’s batteries?

Yes, of course!

If you choose the rechargeable battery-based car, you can easily recharge them. The car pack includes charger and USB cables.

2. Do these packs include a battery and charger?

Yes, some of them.

Those which offer rechargeable batteries only include the batteries, charger, and cables. However, some pack doesn’t include any accessories such as the battery, cable, charger, and so on.

3. How can I choose the best RC cars for kids?

It is very simple.

First, you need to consider some factors. For instance, check its remote controlling, navigation, durability and battery backup. Then see the price whether it is compatible with the product. If all things are fine, you can stand with this one.

4. Can I drive these cars on a carpet?

It depends.

If you drive the car on a velvet carpet, you won’t get better driving. That’s why manufacturers prefer hard surfaces such as hard floors, tiles, or medium-level carpet at all.

5. What is the remote coverage distance?

It depends on the remote’s frequency. Most of the remote runs through 2.4GHz frequency. On average, this frequency can cover a maximum of 200-250 feet.

Final Words

As you are choosing the rc cars for your children, you shouldn’t compromise with the quality of the cars. That’s why you must only rely on the best rc bumper cars.

Now, finding the best rc bumper cars would be easy for you as you have gone through the detailed reviews and considered the buying guides.

Happy Playing!