Best Drift RC Car for 2021 – Top 5 Collections Reviewed by an Expert

Are you passionate about car drifting? Or, if you are really looking for an extreme adventurous racing through your rc car, then there is the best way to choose a drift rc car.

It doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the rc car for kid or adult, the drift rc car will satisfy both users by its exceptional driving features. That’s why you need to choose the best drift rc car.

Finding the drift rc car is a tricky job due to the abundance of rc cars in the market. However, our expert team has narrowed down the list with some top-rated rc cars through proper testing.

Keep reading to find your best-suited drift rc car.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Rraycom HSP 1:10 Drift RC Car | 35+ kmh | 2000mAh
Rraycom HSP 1:10 Drift RC Car | 35+ kmh | 2000mAhCheck Price

SGILE 1:16 Drift RC Car | 50 Mins Play | 2.4 GHz
SGILE 1:16 Drift RC Car | 50 Mins Play | 2.4 GHzCheck Price

KULARIWORLD 1:16 Drift RC Car | Led Headlight | 10 Kmh
KULARIWORLD 1:16 Drift RC Car | Led Headlight | 10 KmhCheck Price

EACHINE Drift RC Car for Kids & Adult | 40 Mins Play | 15 Kmh
EACHINE Drift RC Car for Kids & Adult | 40 Mins Play | 15 KmhCheck Price

Think Wing 1:18 Drift RC Car | 15kmh | 2.4Ghz
Think Wing 1:18 Drift RC Car | 15kmh | 2.4GhzCheck Price

Best Drift RC Car Reviews

In this section, we will demonstrate the features and specs of these selected rc cars. In fact, it will help you to discover your intended drift rc cars from the best list. Without further ado, let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Rraycom HSP 1:10 Drift RC Car | 35+ kmh | 2000mAh

To kick off the list, we always prefer a car which provides you more than expectation. That’s why Rraycom drift rc cars got the top list among others due to its exciting features and performance.

If you are really looking for a stronger rc car for drifting, then you cannot overlook this one because of its manufacturing quality. The car is included with an upgraded 540 racing motor which makes the car faster than ever.

Moreover, Rraycom manufactured the car with aluminium alloy that makes the car lighter weight for drifting. That means it provides you less collision and it is surely out of any damage.

Let’s reveal the most fascinating feature of the car. The car got a 3-Way electric speed controller to make sure the maximum speed while racing. Thanks to its Servo Saver braking system that provides instant brake and reverse gearing.

You can easily adjust the car with its free adjustment configuration. It comes with a 100% independent suspension, plus, the aluminium shock absorbers allow you to adjust the height from tilt to angle direction.

Therefore, Rraycom drifting rc cars are not only suitable for kids but also for adults. Some of the enthusiastic RC lovers prefer it for gifting as well.

Key Features

  • Huge battery backup of 2000mAh
  • Comes with an upgraded RC motor
  • 3-Way controlling for brake and reverse gearing
  • Provides 100% independent adjustment system

2. SGILE 1:16 Drift RC Car | 50 Mins Play | 2.4 GHz

For those who are looking for a rc truck for drifting, there is good news for them. SGILE brought a fantastic drifting rc truck which is considered as the best rc drift cars for beginners. Let’s unlock its features.

First talk about the construction materials. SGILE has manufactured the rc truck through ABS and PA materials. Plus, this rc truck has undergone various real tests before launching. As a result, you will get the long lasting rc car with its high speed.

SGILE rc car comes with a strong motor to give you a thrilling experience while driving.

Moreover, this rc truck can reach the speed of 18kmh. That’s why it is a preferable rc collection for both young and adult.

Some cars lost their radio signal while driving. Indeed, it is a true disaster while you are in extreme racing. However, there is no signal interrupting issue. So, you can enjoy a full racing experience with your friends and family.

Lower battery capacity is another issue for some rc cars. The good news is that SGILE rc truck comes with two 6V rechargeable batteries of 600mAh. That means you are secured for driving up to 50 minutes at a stretch.

Key Features

  • Speed limit up to 18kmh
  • Ensure no signal interruption
  • Made of high-quality ABS and PA materials
  • 600mAh battery provides 50minutes of driving

3. KULARIWORLD 1:16 Drift RC Car | Led Headlight | 10 Kmh

Every child has a desire to have a super drifting car. If you are one of those who are looking for such a fantastic drift rc car for your children, then you are at the right place.

The car is specially made for drifting. It will provide you a maximum speed of 10kmh while drifting. However, if you drive simply then you will have a speed of 12kmh.

Drifting cars always demand durable construction. That’s why KULARIWORLD has manufactured the car through ABS plastic. Besides, they put a strong racing motor on this car. As a result, you will get the same racing experience for a long time.

The car comes with high-quality rubber tires to give the best racing experience even outdoors. If the car flips over while racing, don’t be tense. The ABS body prevents scratches and the high-quality wheels provide maximum balance while drifting.

The easy controlling system of the car makes it available for any user. The pack includes a 27MHz controller. Plus, the remote was designed for the kids’ hands. So, this car is most suitable for 3-9 years children.

Therefore, if you want real racing within a minimum budget, you can put it into your cart. Besides, you will get uninterrupted customer service from the manufacture.

Key Features

  • Maximum speed limit up to 12kmh
  • Controller frequency is 27MHz
  • ABS body prevent scratches
  • High-quality wheels absorb maximum shock

4. EACHINE Drift RC Car for Kids & Adult | 40 Mins Play | 15 Kmh

Are you looking for a sports car for drifting? Hold on a sec, there is an eye-catching rc car from EACHINE. In fact, it is considered the best drift rc car due to its radio and motor technology. Let’s unleash its other features.

The car is specially designed for racing and drifting. That’s why EACHINE ensures the durable alloy body and the sport look of the car. Besides, the four anti-skid tires and anti-collision bumpers will ensure maximum balance while drifting.

If you need a high-speed RC car, you will find everything herein. The car provides a maximum speed up to 15kmh.

Thanks to its high-speed rc motor and excellent shock absorbers that made it possible.

Another fascinating feature of the car is its remote controlling technology. It comes with a 2.4GHz radio control to provide maximum coverage. As a result, you will never experience remote interruption by its sensitive remote response.

If you are bothering with the battery backup of your existing rc car, you can replace with this one. Because the two 6V batteries of 600mAh will provide a maximum of 40 minutes racing.

Finally, EACHINE offers a very affordable price for this RC collection. So, if you think in terms of its quality and performance, you cannot ignore this sports rc car.

Key Features

  • Made through durable alloy
  • Maximum speed limit of 15kmh
  • Provides 40 minutes driving
  • 4GHz radio technology ensure zero interruption

5. Think Wing 1:18 Drift RC Car | 15kmh | 2.4Ghz

For those who are searching for a high-speed car with an affordable price, there is good news for them. Think Wing brought such a rc car that would be most suitable for young or adult.

While choosing a racing car, the first thing you need is its speed. So, to give you the best racing experience, Think Wing rc cars provide a maximum speed of 15kmh.

You will be intrigued by its fascinating color. Apart from that, the car comes with a sporty design for drafting. Besides, the car prevents maximum damage due to its premium ABS body, which is painted by non-toxic spray paint.

Most of the rc car cannot run for a long time due its low battery capacity. However, there are no such issues with this one. This car comes with 2 rechargeable battery with usb charging port. That means you will get a maximum 60 minutes play after a recharge.

Children will be easily bothered if the remote loses its signal. However, the remote has a 2.4GHz remote controlling system. As a result, children will have an uninterrupted racing session.

Therefore, if you consider this drift rc car according to its quality, control and price, it would be hard for you to overlook such a fantastic car.

Key Features

  • Maximum speed limit of 15kmh
  • Made of ABS body with non-toxic paint
  • Ensures 2.4Ghz remote controlling system
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries give 60 minutes racing

Things to Consider Before Buying Drift RC Car

Best Drift RC Car

There are some technical issues associated with remote controlling cars. That’s why you need to consider some essential factors before buying. Otherwise, a disaster after buying is inevitable for the buyers.

However, no worries! We have put together some crucial factors of cars which will help you to choose the best RC drift cars for beginners. Let’s get them.

Remote Controlling

First things you must consider about an RC car is its remote controlling system. You will never have a better racing experience without good remote control. Even a signal losing remote is much-bothering children too.

However, a remote control that provides 2.4GHz radio frequency is considered as good for RC cars. So, never forget to check the radio frequency of the remote. Besides, you can choose some rc car for grass.

Battery Backup

Lower battery backup is a common disadvantage for rc cars. Some RC cars consume too much battery for both car and remote. This type of car should be avoided while buying.

Most of the rc car comes with 3 batteries for the car and two batteries for remote. And the racing time is also depending on its battery backup. So, find a car that provides maximum battery backup.

One significant thing is choosing the rechargeable battery for an RC car. If you do so, it will minimize your after buying cost at all. Make sure you also check our guide for gas powered rc cars.

Body Materials

It is another important aspect to look at while buying a drift rc car. It is very common for rc car to flip over while in extreme racing or drifting. As a result, your car can be broken or damaged easily unless a durable body material.

However, most of the quality cars are made of ABS and PA materials. As a result, the body can easily prevent scratch and damage after crashing. Check out the most essential Review for rc nitro fuel.

Tires and Suspension

If you got an adjustable suspension based rc car that means you will get the maximum benefit at racing. So, it is essential for a drift car to check its suspension and shock absorbers.

On the other hand, tires are a crucial part of the drift rc car. Without quality tires, the car cannot perform to its optimum level.


If you are a passionate rc car user then you cannot miss this option. For children, the speed limit of 10-12 is most recommended. Otherwise, it would be a difficult time to handle the car. For adult users, you can choose the car which provides the maximum speed limit.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the maximum battery backup for a drift rc car?

It depends on manufacturer to manufacturer.

Unusually, most of the rc cars provide an average battery backup of 30-40 minutes. However, if you need more, you have to choose the particular car.

2. Can I buy it for adult users?

Yes, you can.

Most of the drift rc cars are designed for both children and adult users. However, some of them are specially made for children. So, choose which one is perfect for an adult user.

3. What is the speed limit of these cars?

It depends.

Most of the cars provide a speed limit between 10-15kmh. However, some high-speed cars provide a maximum 18kmh or more.

4. Is it possible to recharge the batteries?


But you have to choose the rechargeable car and remote. In fact, this is the most cost-effective way to have a rc car.

5. How can I find the best rc drift cars for beginners?

That’s simple.

First you need to consider some aspects beforehand. For instance, check the battery backup, speed limit, remote controlling system then see its price. If all these things are compatible with your budget, you are about to have the best one.

Final Words

Choosing the best drift rc car would be easy, if you see some significant features beforehand. You choose the car which provides maximum battery backup, speed, quality tire and body that means you are going for the best one.

Hopefully, you have found your desired drift rc cars as you have gone through the reviews and buyers guide.

Happy Drifting!