Satinwood Paint

Best Satinwood Paint in 2020 – Pick from Top Rated Models

Are you thinking of painting on door, window, skirting, or cabinet? Remember! You need a particular paint to get a better finishing.

Specifically, for a hardworking place like kitchen or restroom, satin would be an excellent finish to get a durable coating, since the satin paint can resist scratches.

These days, low sheen-finish takes over other finish for interior wood painting. That’s why the satinwood paint becomes dominant paint for wood and metals as well.

Suppose you are getting bored due to the gloss paint, which turns yellow over time. Then replace the old gloss finish right away by choosing the best satinwood paint.

If you are in a rush to choose the right satin finish, don’t be fret! We have done the job for you by choosing top-notch satin paints. Let’s get them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

RUST-OLEUM Satinwood Paint | White | Interior/Exterior | 250 ml
RUST-OLEUM Satinwood Paint | White | Interior/Exterior | 250 mlCheck Price

Johnstone's Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | Brilliant White | 1.25L
Johnstone's Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | Brilliant White | 1.25LCheck Price

Dulux Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | White | No Undercoat | 2.5L
Dulux Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | White | No Undercoat | 2.5LCheck Price

Dulux Once Satinwood Paint | Wood & Metal |Pure White | 2.5L
Dulux Once Satinwood Paint | Wood & Metal |Pure White | 2.5LCheck Price

Crown Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | White | Non-Drip | 16m²/L | 2.5L
Crown Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | White | Non-Drip | 16m²/L | 2.5LCheck Price

Best Satinwood Paint Reviews

To make you more informed about theses selected satin paints, we are representing the most significant features of these paints. That’s how you can eventually come up with a better paint for wood. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. RUST-OLEUM Satinwood Paint | White | Interior/Exterior | 250 ml

If you are DIYer, you must hear about the brand that is our top pick satinwood paint. RUST-OLEUM brought such paint that not only for wood but also works for multiple surfaces. Plus, the satin paint comes with many more features.

Once you need a specific paint for particular surfaces, plus, the primer also has to apply before painting. However, there is no such hassle with the satinwood paint, because it comes with both paint and primer together. So, no need to apply the primer while painting.

As it a versatile paint, you can directly paint over ceramic, plastic, and even in rusty metal surfaces. Moreover, to care about the untreated wood, RUST-OLEUM is one of the better solutions since the paint works as a stain too.

The application process is quite easy. So, you can directly go for the application. However, for non-ferrous and galvanized metal, the process is a bit different. First, you have to apply Universal metals primer then follow a regular process.

Therefore, if you are DIYer, you can utilize paints mostly. Besides the application on interior surfaces, you can use it to paint on exterior surfaces. So, pick the Rust-Oleum satin to have a better finish at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • Comes with paint and primer together
  • Work as a stain for untreated wood
  • Versatile paints for wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic
  • Ensure a durable coating for both interior and exterior surfaces

2. Johnstone’s Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | Brilliant White | 1.25L

Are you looking for the satin finish for your DIY project? Then Johnstone’s wood satin ensures maximum hassle-free operation as it dries quickly. Besides, the paint includes other features like premium satin paint.

First, the color of the paint. The satin comes with a brilliant white color that can be applied on most of the interior surfaces such as door, trim, windows, kitchen cabinets, and countertop. Besides, you can use it on metal surfaces.

Let’s talk about the formulation of the paint. Over 100 years of experience, the Johnstone’s composed the paints with maintaining the non-yellow formula. That’s how the paint keeps it luster until damage.

The good news is that the paints have no toxic elements. So, it is safe for interior use. Besides, it emits a very low odor as it is a water-based paint. Moreover, Johnstone also ensures low fuming ingredients to ensure maximum safety.

While applying on the porous surface, use a suitable primer before application. Otherwise, you can add some water to go for an application.

As I mentioned earlier, the paint dries quickly due to water-based formula. So, leave the surfaces for 1-2 hours after applying the paint. Now enjoy the low-luster satin.

Key Features

  • Low-odor and low-fume satin paint
  • Ensure non-yellowish formula
  • It takes 1-2 hours to dry
  • Compose with a water-based formula

3. Dulux Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | White | No Undercoat | 2.5L

Due to its excellent reputation and huge customer loyalty, the Dulux paint becomes a dominant paint than others. Perhaps, this is the main reason for counting the paints as the best satinwood paint.

While choosing the satin for interior surfaces, it is better to come up with a versatile one. As a result, you can ensure the maximum use of the paint beside wood surfaces. Dulux satin also is used in the metal surfaces.

DIYer must consider the drying time of the paint. Otherwise, it would be quite bothersome to go with the paints. However, Dulux paint has no such issues as it dries quickly. To get a completely dry surface, leave it for 6hours.

Thanks to the formula of the paint, since it no requires any undercoating before painting. So, go for a direct application if you have the satinwood paint. Plus, you no need the primer as well. So, enjoy a standalone satin finish.

You can easily apply the paint by yourself since it a non-dripping paint whatsoever. Remember! Don’t use the door, window, or painted-materials until fully dried.

Finally, by comparing the overall features in terms of its price, it can be said that Dulux is the most considerable paints regardless of the buyer’s types.

Key Features

  • A perfect solution for wood and metals
  • Quick-dry in 1hr and complete dry in 6hrs
  • Ensure maximum coverage with a single coat
  • No need to apply undercoat before application

4. Dulux Once Satinwood Paint | Wood & Metal |Pure White | 2.5L

This is another top-listed paint from Dulux, which is the best paint finish for interior doors. Because the paint has become a reliable brand throughout Europe due to its quality and after-finished performance, let’s dig into the other additional features.

If you are a DIYer and looking for a pure white finishing on your interior materials, then grab the paint right away. Besides, you can effortlessly use the paint on the exterior surface. There is no apprehension of color fading.

Unlike the most solvent paint, it will never discolor overtime. To ensure the long-lasting existence of the color, Dulux uses Edge technology for this satinwood paint. That’s how the paint can contain its luster even in the exterior environment.

The fascinating feature of the paint is its one coated finishing. Within a single coat, you are about to get the best finishing than the several coats of other paints. That’s how Dulux guarantees maximum coverage of the paints through a single coating.

You can easily apply the paint as it does not require any undercoating before application. Use a clean brush and make sure the consistency during application. After application, leave the surfaces for 16hrs to dry completely.

Key Features

  • One coated satin for wood and metal
  • No undercoating requires before application
  • Most suitable for interior and exterior surfaces
  • Edge technology contains the luster for a long time

5. Crown Satinwood Paint | Quick-Dry | White | Non-Drip | 16m²/L | 2.5L

Most of the DIYer are looking for a satin that can use on both interior and exterior surfaces simultaneously. If you look for such satin with other exceptional features, then Crown satinwood paint would be your top pick.

First of all, the formulation of the paint makes it more durable for surviving in any environment. The water-based formula allows it to dry quickly and provides the luster immediately.

A more interesting feature of the paints is BreatheEasy technology. It is unique to the Crown that ensures safe and solvent-free satin for any type of surfaces, even in the dining table. Due to this, you can paint the saint even in a low ventilated room.

The color of the paints is also intriguing as it gives you a mid-sheen finishing. After drying the paint, you will have a brilliant white surface for a long time with the same luster.

Unlike other paints, it dries very quickly due to its water formula. After the application, you can touch the paint in 1 hour and go for reapplying in 6hrs. However, leave it for 12hrs to get the complete drying finishing.

Crown ensures the maximum coverage of 16m²/litre. However, it depends on the porosity of the surfaces. That’s why the manufacturers recommend applying primer on porous surfaces to get the right coverages.

Key Features

  • No dripping during application
  • Maximum coverage of 16m²/litre
  • Composed of a water-based formula
  • Quickly dry in 1hr and complete in 12hrs

Things to Consider Before Buying Satinwood Paint

Best Satinwood Paint

As you are going to pick the satinwood paint, you must consider some crucial factors which have associated with the paint. Otherwise, suffering Is inevitable after the buying if you come up with an inferior satin for wood.

However, to prevent such incidents, we have put together some factors so that you can easily choose the best paint finish for interior doors, windows, and other exterior surfaces. Let’s get these points.

Drying time

While choosing a satin for wood, check whether it dries quickly or not. The paint that dries quickly, it would be wise to go with the paint. Otherwise, some worst consequences might happen if you are a DIYer.

However, here these selected satinwoods are quick drying paints. Most of the paints are drying in 1hrs. After 6hrs, you can go for reapplication, and it dries completely in 12hrs. Besides, the paint needs a single coat that can dry completely in 6hrs.


You may be choosing the paints for your interior surfaces. If the paints have compatibility to work on both environments, then how can you overlook such paints.

Therefore, stand with satin paint, which can use in both indoor and outdoor’s materials. Along with that, they can easily adjust with the metal and other surfaces besides wood.

Coverage Areas

To ensure the maximum use of the paint, you must check the coverage areas of the satin while buying. In fact, it is the cost-saving approach as well.

The coverage areas depend on the porosity of the surfaces. The porous surface absorbs huge paints, so you must apply the primer or undercoat before painting on the porous surfaces.

However, you can directly go for application even in porous surfaces, if you come up with a satinwood paint that includes the primer.


Standalone paint means the satin, which includes with primer. In this paint, you no need additional primer or undercoat before application.

So, grab the standalone pack to get the maximum coverage from a paint. Besides, choosing the standalone pack is another way of utilizing your hard-earned money.

Moreover, standalone satin paint also reduces the extra hassle before painting. So, you can consider such a pack during purchase.

Coating Requirement

You must sort out the coating requirement before purchasing it. Suppose you need a single coating of satin, then you should choose the standalone paints.

On the other hand, if you need more than one coat, you can go with the general satinwood paint. Remember! If you choose such paints, you may use undercoat or primer while painting on porous surfaces.


The formula of the paint is important. The dryness, color containing features is depending on the formula of the paints. If you look for quick drying paints, you have to choose water-based paints.

Moreover, water-based paints can contain the luster of the paint for a long time. Besides, you can add water with that, if you need at application.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. May I use soapy water or solvent to clean the brush?

Yes! You can.

If the paint is water-based, you can easily use the warm soapy water to wash it away. On the other hand, for cleaning oil-based paints, you can use either solvent or thinner.

2. Can it use these satinwood paints for the laminated counter?

Yes! Of course.

The satinwood paint allows laminated surfaces to paint on. You will also get the durable coating on those surfaces. For painting on laminated surfaces, you no need to use the primer at all.

3. Are these paints water-resistant, or can I use it on bathroom tiles?

Yes! You can paint it.

But you should choose the oil-based satin in this instance. To precisely, the Rust-Oleum paints recommend using tiles, ceramics, and so on. Besides, it says, the paints also recommend for kitchen and bathroom.

So, we can conclude that you can only use the oil-based paints, but check twice whether it has water resistance or say clearly to use on bathroom tiles.

4. Are the paints non-dripping? Can I use it for my stairs?

All of the selected paints are non-drip. So, you can use them on any type of wooden surfaces. Besides, these paints can use on various surfaces too.

So, clean the brush properly before painting to avoid any kind of dripping and ensure consistency in application.

5. Can I use them for interior doors?


You can use the paint not only on the interior door but also on exterior surfaces. So, go with satinwood paint that mostly matches the expectation.

Final Words

While choosing the wood satin paints, you must keep in mind some features such as the paint’s formula, coating, resistance, and coverage. If these all things are okay, that means you are about to get the best satinwood paint.

Hope that you can easily find your desire wood satin as you have scrolled down the articles. To more specifically about any paints, focus on the individual product review.

Have a Great Finish.