Best RC Nitro Fuel in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

The performance of your racing car depends on the quality of fuel you are using. Searching nitro fuel in the local shop can be a tiring job. And it is not that easy to find the right consistency of the RC nitro fuel.

Every nitro fuel brand has almost the same components. But it is hard to find the right mixture of the components. And the best RC nitro Fuel will enable you to run your car smoothly.

There is a wide range of nitro car fuel in the market. And different cars require different types of fuel. Here, we will try to help you find the most suitable fuel for your nitro.

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Torco RC Nitro Fuel | High Lubrication
Torco RC Nitro Fuel | High LubricationCheck Price

VP Racing RC Nitro Fuel | 20% Nitro Fuel
VP Racing RC Nitro Fuel | 20% Nitro FuelCheck Price

Torco RC Nitro Fuel | High Power
Torco RC Nitro Fuel | High PowerCheck Price

Dynamite RC Nitro Fuel | Blue Thunder
Dynamite RC Nitro Fuel | Blue ThunderCheck Price

TENESA RC Nitro Fuel | High Protection
TENESA RC Nitro Fuel | High ProtectionCheck Price

Best RC Nitro Fuel Reviews

1. Torco RC Nitro Fuel | High Lubrication

Who does not want to use fuel from a trusted brand at a reasonable price? Torco has been the leader in this market for the last 60 years. This has the right consistency of all the elements for the racing car.

Lubricant is an essential part of racing car fuel. Torco RC nitro Fuel has advanced lubricant. That will enable the car to run smoothly. And the engines of those cars do not have oil filled crankcases. Therefore the engine totally depends on the quality of the lubricant.

The fuel is suitable for many vehicles. You can use the nitro fuel for your RC car, truck, boat, plane and helicopter. The fuel will give every ounce of power your engine has to offer. This will make the engine more powerful.

Torco researched a lot for gathering modern technical knowledge about engine performance of a racing car. According to the findings, they have developed the right fuel for RC cars.

As a result, the fuel will give more power to the engine. And the total run time will be increased. The quality of the nitro car fuel is proven, and the consistency is just on point. The top racers of the world use Torco RC nitro fuel.

Key Features

  • Proven quality
  • The right consistency of the mixture
  • Trusted brand
  • Finest materials

2. VP Racing RC Nitro Fuel | 20% Nitro Fuel

Working with nitro is a bit tricky. If you can use it properly, your vehicle will run smoothly. RP fuel is the top nitro car fuel which will let the engine run the engine for a long time without making it hot.

The fuel comes in a 946 ml bottle. So this is very easy to carry. During car racing, you need to change the fuel very frequently as the fuel burns very fast at that time. In that situation, the bottle is very handy to use.

The bottle comes in a metal impact resistant tin. So the temperature of the fuel is retained very nicely by the bottle. The fuel is suitable for every vehicle that supports 20% nitro fuel.

So the fuel can unleash the maximum efficiency from the engine.

The VP racing nitro fuel is more suitable for those who own a four stroke RC model engine. This provides the maximum glow to the motor. Your racing car will run very smoothly by using fuel.

Key Features

  • Very handy
  • Suitable for four stroke RC model engine
  • 946 ml metal impact resistant tin bottle
  • Supports 20% nitro fuel

3. Torco RC Nitro Fuel | High Power

Torco Rc Nitro Fuel has brought a revolutionary change by their innovation in RC fuel. They have spent a lot of time to find out the right consistency so the engine can run longer and you can get maximum efficiency from the engine.

Racers, who love you run their RC car very fast, have trusted this brand for years. The right consistency on the fuel provides more power to the engine. And also it burns less fuel. So you do not need to change the fuel more frequently.

The bottle is made with plastic which makes it light and suitable for one time use. This is very easy to carry.

And the fuel doesn’t burn very fast. The fuel helps to keep the engine cool.

The fuel has the ideal content of synthetic oil. That makes the torco fuel more suitable for high speed racing cars. This is perfect for glow engines that are installed in RC cars.

The lubrication is improved. This is the most critical material of RC fuel. Torco has used the right amount of lubricant, which enables the car to run smoothly for a long time.

Key Features

  • 1 gallon plastic bottle
  • Keeps the engine cool
  • Improved lubricant
  • Provide power to the engine

4. Dynamite RC Nitro Fuel | Blue Thunder

If you keep yourself updated about the fuel and racing cars, you must have heard the name of Dynamite Blue thunder. They are the no one brand for racing fuel. Many racers have won the race using the best RC nitro fuel.

The fuel is formulated by one of the top engine experts. He has formulated the blue thunder. By the name of blue thunder, you can already guess that the fuel will bring your car’s engine to operating temperature very quickly.

The nitro car fuel will allow the card to correct tuning after some laps. And will maintain the level through the longest mains.

The car fuel has some unique features, which is ZX-7. You will get over-lean indication protection by this.

When the engine becomes over leaned, the temperatures of the internal engine change dramatically, in this situation the formula of blue thunder changes to a combustible from a lubricant.  The fuel gives the driver an immediate indication when the mixture is too lean.

If you are new to gas cars, then blue thunder is suitable for you. And if you want the maximum protection for your engine, without any second thought, just pick this one.

Key Features

  • Automatically change the formula
  • ZX-7 features
  • Highest protection
  • Reasonable price

5. TENESA RC Nitro Fuel | High Protection

If you are looking for car nitro fuel that will give your car’s engine the full protection then TENESA nitro fuel will be the perfect choice for you.

The fuel has a special preservation technology. This technology keeps the fuel fresh for a long time, and it does not scale the fuel over time. So you can buy a few bottles at a time and store them.

The lid of the bottle is very tight. So there will be no spillage while keeping this bottle in a horizontal position in your car. The bottle is made with plastic, and the size of the bottle is not too big. Therefore this is very easy to carry.

They have used improved lubricant. And this is the most critical material of RC fuel. TENESA has used the right amount of lubricant, which enables the car to run smoothly for a long time.

The RC nitro fuel consists of anti foaming agents for more consistent and longer run. The fuel also keeps your engine clean. The fuel has igniters that keep the engine firing smoothly. The consistency of the mixture is also accurate.

The fuel comes at a very reasonable price. You can not find this quality of fuel at this rate anywhere in the market.

Key Features

  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to carry
  • Special preservation technology
  • Provide the highest protection to the engine

Things to Consider Before Buying RC Nitro Fuel

Best RC Nitro Fuel

By now you get the idea about the nitro car fuel in the market. So, you are ready to buy it. But before buying fuel for a racing car, you need to consider some of the elements. You need to know what fuel is perfect for your car and what you should keep them in mind while buying fuel.

Here, we are providing some instructions and tips so that might help you find the premium fuel. You may also be interested in some RC Hex Driver Set from our list; take a moment to check them out.


Price is always the most important part of anything you want to buy. Many people think the higher the price of the fuel is, the higher the quality is. But this statement is not true.

Looking at the price is not wise sometimes. We would suggest you go through some reviews of the customers who have been using this. The premium quality RC nitro fuel that you have suggested most of them are available at a very reasonable price.


If you need only a litre of nitro oil, why would you go for a 1 gallon bottle! There are several sizes of bottles available in the market. But if you buy more than your necessity, the leftover fuel will be scaling over time.

So try to buy the right size of bottle to reduce waste and save money.


The right ratio of all the elements is the most important part of RC nitro fuel. The quality of the fuel depends on the mixture. The right component will help your car to run smoothly.

Many people think more lubricant means the fuel is better. But this is not true. Lubricant level 20% is best for any kind of engine. Too much lubricant may damage the engine. So before buying the fuel, take a look at the consistency label on the bottle.

Cooling system

Some of the fuel can cool the engine automatically. When the engine becomes over leaned, the temperatures of the internal engine change automatically, and try to bring the engine in the right condition to start again.

This kind of nitro car fuel is very user friendly. And your engine will also be kept protected.

The material of the bottle

If you want a long lasting bottle and want to use the fuel keeping in the storage for a long time, then go for the tin bottle. That will last longer, and the fuel will be protected. And if the bottle is made of plastic, this may not last long. But the weights are light and easy to carry.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How long can I use nitro fuel?

There is no specific period of using nitro fuel. It depends on how long and in which weather you have used it. It is better to check your engine frequently.

2. How to store the fuel?

It is best to store the fuel in a sealed container. The fuel usually soaks the moisture from the air, and the components of the fuel get separated.

So if the fuel is sealed properly, this will keep the moisture out. And try to store the fuel where the temperature is consistent.

2. Does RC nitro fuel improve the engine?


Top nitro car engines improve the quality of the engine. And this helps to run smoothly.

3. Can I use the nitro fuel for another vehicle?

Not all the fuel is suitable for every vehicle.

But there are few fuels that are suitable for helicopters, cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles.

4. How many components are there in nitro fuel?

Though nitro commonly refers to nitrogen, there are many other components as well. Nitro fuel is made with oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen atoms.

Final Works

While looking for fuel for your car, try to get the best RC nitro fuel for getting the top performance out of your car’s engine. We have tried to come up with some elements and tried to answer some of your questions.

We hope that you will come up with your desired Rc nitro fuel.

Have a Happy Shopping!