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Best Riser Cable in 2021 – Top Selling Collections

An enthusiastic gamer or video editor requires a high configuring computer. The graphic card is the peak unit of that computer. Is this enough to get the optimum performance from that PC?

NO! The most useful accessory of such a PC is the riser cable to connect the graphic unit into the mainboard.

While the PC is running for a long time or exporting video, the graphic unit produces a massive heat that cannot tolerate an ordinary riser cable.

In this instance, you have to stand with the best riser cable to keep the PC in balance. Besides, the riser cable is also responsible for enhancing the performance of the computer.

So, to provide you the premium cable, we have researched tons of cable in the market and narrow down the list with 5 top-notch riser cable. Let’s get them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Phanteks Vertical Riser Cable | PCI-E Slot | GPU x16 | 220mm
Phanteks Vertical Riser Cable | PCI-E Slot | GPU x16 | 220mmCheck Price

LINKUP Ultra Riser Cable | PCI-E 4.0 | Gen3 & Gen4 | x16 GPU
LINKUP Ultra Riser Cable | PCI-E 4.0 | Gen3 & Gen4 | x16 GPUCheck Price

ASUS ROG Strix Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | 90°Adapter | 240mm
ASUS ROG Strix Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | 90°Adapter | 240mmCheck Price

Thermaltake TT Gaming Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | x16 GPU | 200mm
Thermaltake TT Gaming Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | x16 GPU | 200mmCheck Price

Lesozoh High-Speed Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | 16x GPU | Speed 64GB/s
Lesozoh High-Speed Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | 16x GPU | Speed 64GB/sCheck Price

Best Riser Cable Reviews

In this section, we will present the ins and outs of the selected cable so that you can have a clear idea to choose your desired cable. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Phanteks Vertical Riser Cable | PCI-E Slot | GPU x16 | 220mm

Are you looking around to enhance the GPU performance of your high-config PC? Then you are in the right place. You need a premium riser cable like Phanteks, which will ensure all features of a standard cable should have.

Phanteks designs the cable to comfortability adjust with the all PCI card. That’s how the cable makes a balanced-performance between the motherboard and the graphics card.

You may experience the cables are sometimes losing the signals while in extreme operation. However, the Phanteks cable has solved the issues.

Besides, it will provide you an uninterrupted data transmission.

So, if you want to focus on your intensive work without missing a signal, then you have to consider the Phanteks riser cable. Otherwise, it would be a disaster if the cable losing signals while working.

Key Features

  • Design to ensure the adjustability with PCI slot
  • Very low record of missing data signals
  • Mounting the cable is pretty easy
  • Provides the high-quality ingredients for the 220mm cable

2. LINKUP Ultra Riser Cable | PCI-E 4.0 | Gen3 & Gen4 | x16 GPU

Perhaps, you consider the best accessory while making the gaming pc. The same things should consider while you are choosing the riser cable. If you prefer the upgraded accessories for your pc, then the LINKUP cable would be your top pick accessory.

LINKUP brought the 4 GEN cable to provide consistent performance even in a demanding situation. Because the cable can endure a maximum 50°c and a minimum -15°c, that’s how cable can enhance the PC’s performance.

Losing signals is the most terrible thing if you are a professional user.

However, you will never experience such a situation from the LINKUP cable since the PCIe 4.0 cable shielded the axial wire, and the dedicated line prevents signals from losing.

Moreover, the cable can prevent the external EFI/EMI and the interference among the channels. Plus, the LINKUP cable can provide constant signals at 64GB/s.

Interestingly, the cable has a one-year warranty despite the longer life span. Besides, LINKUP commits to provides after-sales services.

Key Features

  • Upgraded 4GEN cable
  • Cable shields can prevent the signals from losing
  • Cable endures temperature up to +50°c & -15°c
  • Provides one-year official warranty

3. ASUS ROG Strix Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | 90°Adapter | 240mm

If you are facing any lower performance in your high-configuring computer, then consider changing the riser cable. In this instance, you can rely on the ASUS PCI-E 3.0 cable, which has committed to enhancing the performance of the PC.

ASUS brought an uncompromising cable by solidifying the metal and the additional solder points. As a result, the cable makes sure a reliable, and stable connection with the graphic card.

Moreover, the cable provides more flexibility and a massive solidity if you need to bend the cable to maximize CPU space.

If you want to block the interference and performance degradation, you need a high-speeding riser cable. Thus, ASUS ensures such performance on this cable, that’s how it can prevent the interference through the EMI shield.

The exciting feature of the cable is its connection protection. With the help of these features, the cable can avoid signal loss and provides a constant connection.

Key Features

  • More flexible cable allows bending
  • Ensures solid and metal solder points
  • EMI shield helps to prevent interference
  • Protection system helps to avoid signal lose

4. Thermaltake TT Gaming Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | x16 GPU | 200mm

A gaming PC demands a stable connection between the graphic card and the motherboard. So, to get such high speeding performance, you have to rely on the best riser cable. In this instance, Thermaltake brought such cable for gaming pc.

Whenever you look for the risen cable, the first thing you have to keep in mind is its compatibility. However, the Thermaltake gaming PCI-E cable can be compatible with all the 16x graphic units.

Due to the robust PBCs, the riser cable can transmit the data flawlessly. AS a result, there are lower chances of missing any signals.

Without blocking the interference, you will never get the perfect performance while working. To avoid such interruption, the Thermaltake has designed the cable with an EMI shield. That’s how it can make sure the maximum reduction of interference.

Therefore, if you want to get the interrupted service from your gaming PC without losing any signals, then Thermaltake riser cable is most suitable for you.

Key Features

  • Reduces maximum interference through EMI shield
  • High speed in data transmission
  • Easily adjust with the 16x graphic units
  • 1-year official warranty

5. Lesozoh High-Speed Riser Cable | PCI-E 3.0 | 16x GPU | Speed 64GB/s

Professional video makers are always looking for the super-faster data transmitting cable. Otherwise, it would be challenging to move forward. Don’t be fret! To take you out of this apprehension, Lesozoh brought a super-performing riser cable.

While the PC in tremendous pressure by exporting video or constant gaming, the graphic units generate extreme heat. However, the cable can withstand such heat.

Lower performance cannot tolerate from a high-configuring PC. Most of the time, the PC got stuck at rendering video due to the cables’ quality.

But there are no such issues you will experience after having this cable since Lesozoh ensures a quality cable.

Don’t think about the compatibility of the cable as it can adjust with the all 16x interface Graphic card. Besides, the cable has the stable data transmission rates, which is up to 64GB/s.

Therefore, after considering the overall performance and the quality of the cable, it would be difficult to overlook the cable.

Key Features

  • High-speed transmission rate up to 64GB/s
  • Comes with premium solder points & gold-plated contact
  • Ensures EMI shield to prevent interference
  • Compatible with the 16x interface Graphics Unit

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Riser Cable

1. Can the riser cable affect the performance?

Yes! Of course.

If you come with an inferior cable, then you will experience slow performance while in extreme operation.

So, to get better signals, you have to choose the high-speeding cable. You may also be interested in some of the Pocket Operator from our list.

2. How can I find the best GPU riser cable?

It is pretty simple.

Just consider some features before getting the riser cable. For instance, check whether the cable can endure extreme heat. Besides, a better cable can transmit data without interruption. You would appreciate having some of the Synthetic Gut String, so take a moment to check them out.

3. Are the riser cables shielded?

Yes! It is.

Above all, the riser cables have come with the EMI shield for preventing interference.

4. What are the compatibility rates of these cables?

These selected cables have huge compatibility rates. For instance, it can easily adjust to the 16x graphic unit.

Final Words

You have already noticed how the riser cables can impact the performance of the gaming PC. So, to get a stable performance without losing any signals, you have to choose the best riser cable.

Before choosing the cable, if you check the durability, compatibility, and the EMI shield, that means you are about to get the right cable.

Have a Great Performance.