7 essential steps: How to wash a baseball cap

by Mike Constanza

Baseball cap isn’t just a dumb cap of your wardrobe. It’s the protector of your face and head from the steady sun dose, identity bearer of your team, and your exercise companion.

But, the appeal of these caps doesn’t last for long. The colour gets faded or gets dirty in the field because of dust or your body sweat while playing basketball. You know this is totally normal.

There’s a simple solution to restore the old luster of your cap: wash it regularly!

In case you are already freaking out about how to wash a baseball cap, please don’t! Here I’ve noted the simplest method of cleaning your cap within a short time.

How To Wash A Baseball Cap Faster?

How To Wash A Baseball Cap Faster?
How To Wash A Baseball Cap Faster?

The baseball cap is a 2 billion dollar industry right now, and it’s continuously growing. But, it doesn’t mean that you just throw away the dirty cap and purchase a new one to contribute to this growing market!

I mean, who actually does that?

Thus, I’ve constructed a detailed guide to clean your baseball cap professionally. There are two different ways to clean your cap. These are –

  • Automatic (by using washing machine or dishwasher)
  • Manual (by using hands)

We’ll talk about both of these methods. Let’s start with the automatic one.

Washing Baseball Cap with Dishwasher

Washing Baseball Cap with Dishwasher
Washing Baseball Cap with Dishwasher

If you want to wash your cap fast, the dishwasher is a good solution. Let’s have a look at what you’ll need for dishwasher cleaning.

  • Dishwasher
  • Non-bleach detergent
  • Vacuum cleaner (optional)
  • A bowl and
  • A hat stand

After gathering all of these tools above, it’s time to start the step-by-step washing process.

Step #1:Checkthe Compatibility

Before pushing your baseball cap into the dishwasher, you must check the tag for any cleaning information. Generally, the tag contains the clearing instructions along with the dishwasher or washing machine compatibility.

Step #2: Vacuum the Dust

If there’s any isolated dust on the cap, remove those by using the vacuum cleaner. Even if you don’t vacuum it, the dishwasher can clean these isolate dust. However, getting rid of these dust make the cleaning process smoother and faster.

Step #3:Keep the Cap on the Top Rack

After removing the isolated dirt’s, you can send the cap directly to the dishwasher. Put the cap on the top rack of your dishwasher. It makes the cleaning ease.

Don’t put any dirty dishes along with the cap. If you do so, the food residue can stain the hat.

Step #4: Mix the Detergent

Here is the most important step. Mix the detergent in the dishwasher. Make sure that your detergent doesn’t contain any toxic elements as well as toxic bleaching powder.

To get the best result, you may add a small amount of dispenser in it.

Step #5: Run the Dishwasher

Turn on the dishwasher with the normal dry cycle. It will start cleaning automatically. The machine won’t take more than a few minutes to complete the cleaning.

Step #6: Take out the hat

When the dishwasher reaches the approximate dry cycle, take the hat out ASAP.

Step #7: Drying

You may notice that the cap looks cleaner and shinier than before. However, it’s time to clean the cap now.

Put the hat on a bowl and place it on a hat stand. It will air-dry the hat. Don’t dry it by using a blower or dryer. It may shrink the cap fabric.

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Washing Baseball Cap Manually by Hands

How To Wash A Baseball Cap
How To Wash A Baseball Cap

Unless you’re in a hurry, try to wash your cap manually. I know it’s easier to throw the cap in the dishwasher for cleaning. But, there’s a huge risk of getting damaged even after setting the dishwasher in the gentlest cycle.

Overall, I always prefer washing your clothes manually. For washing the cap manually, you’ll need the following products.

  • Mild detergent
  • A medium-sized bucket
  • Towel
  • Shampoo
  • A soft toothbrush

Step #1: Fill up the bowl

Before opting for the cleaning process, you should start by filling the bowl with cold water. Don’t use hot water to clean the cap.

Hot water isn’t suitable for cleaning. Check the product tag to determine whether your product is compatible with warm water or cold water.

Step #2: Immerse the cap

Immerse the cap in the bowl of cold water. Make sure the cap is soaked properly in the water.

Step #3: Scrub the shampoo

When the cap is being rinsed properly, it’s time to pray shampoo on the cap. Make sure that you’ve sprayed the shampoo in the whole cap. This step is very important!

However, you should choose the shampoo based on your cap material. The shampoo is perfect for the fabric-based caps. For the knitted or nylon-based hats, you should mix a few drops of conditioner with the shampoo. Conditioner can clean the cap more effectively and make it shinier.

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Step #4: Leave the hat to soak

After the spraying process, it’s time to scrub the spray by using the toothbrush. After completing the scrubbing process, leave the cap on the bowl again.

To get the best result, leave it in the bowl for half an hour. It will remove most of the dirt and residues from your cap.

Step #5: Rinse again with hot water

Soaking is enough to remove the dirt. But, providing a quicker hot water rinsing will remove the leftover suds too. Simply rinse it in hot water for 2 to 5 minutes and you are done!

Step #5: Dry your hat

Your cap is already cleaned! Just look at your hat and you’ll notice the change with the bare eye. So, it’s time to dry the cap to make it useful.

At first, put the cap in a hat stand. Leave it there for a few minutes. It will air dry the cap and makes it almost dry. To get the best result, you may use an air drier. But, the natural drying method is highly recommended.

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Final words

You just completed the steps of washing your baseball hat in two different ways. I think you’ve got your answer about how to wash a baseball cap.

Does the washing process seem as daunting as you’ve imagined? Nope!

Keep the cap clean and wear it for aeon!

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