Best Arcade Buttons in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

by Mike Constanza

Video gaming has become a popular pastime nowadays. People, especially teenagers, enjoy the charm of a video game so much. Suitable arcade buttons can enhance your amusement in the video game even a hundred times.

Being a die-hard fan of a video game, you'll definitely NOT want your gaming session to be dillydallied in fixing the gaming kits. Keeping this in mind, you must be aware of the durability and flexibility of your arcade buttons while choosing.

But how to find the best arcade buttons amongst thousands of choices? Don't feel subdued! We're here beside you with our experts' research to help you find the five bests.

Let's move!

Summary Table for Best Arcade Buttons in 2021

Image Product Name Price

Hikig Arcade Buttons | LED | 4 Player
Hikig Arcade Buttons | LED | 4 Player Price Check

EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 4 Colors | Windows
EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 4 Colors | Windows Price Check

Hikig Arcade Buttons | Windows | 2 Player
Hikig Arcade Buttons | Windows | 2 Player Price Check

Qenker Arcade Buttons | Heat Resistant | 2 Player
Qenker Arcade Buttons | Heat Resistant | 2 Player Price Check

EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 2 Player | Windows
EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 2 Player | Windows Price Check

Best Arcade Buttons Reviews

Best Arcade Buttons Reviews
Best Arcade Buttons Reviews

There are some of the most desirable kits out there, undoubtedly. But having too many options might make one confused. To avoid that mess, we've gathered the best ones for you.

1. Hikig Arcade Buttons | LED | 4 Player

Hikig Arcade Buttons | LED | 4 Player
Hikig Arcade Buttons | LED | 4 Player

You surely don't want to get stuck with your gaming tools instead of having a smooth experience. And you definitely won't let your mood ruin by making any mess with these. So, to save yourself from all this fuss, you need the best arcade stick. This is exactly what Hikig's Arcade Games DIY Kit is.

You might face the difficulties of connecting the tools with your device every now and then. But this kit will undoubtedly give you a new experience. This zero delay 4 player arcade USB encode with USB cable & wires, which make sure the other parts work perfectly! This easy-to-connect and there is nothing to disappoint you.

Moreover, the joystick of this kit is super adjustable. This professional joystick will surely suit your desire since it has a 35MM Ball top handle. This makes the joystick more user-friendly and comfortable.

This kit can also reduce your worry about reliability. Its 5V Arcade Illuminated Pushbutton comes with a build-in micro switch with gilded contact leg. As a result, it is so polished and shiny. Its reliability tested to 1,000,000 cycles, so no worry about that also!

Do you always have to worry about whether the kit fits your operating system or not? Well, fret no more! This fantastic kit supports Windows Arcade Games, PC Games DIY Project Arcade Raspberry Pi for RetroPie system MAME. So, once you have it, you know you have something!

Last but not least, this kit is not only user friendly, but it also offers an easy installation process. Just connect the push button and joystick, and you are done with that! If you feel stumbled even after this, the HIkig brand always asks you to reach them with that.

Key Features

  • Easy and comfortable
  • Highly authentic and reliable
  • Smooth and shiny
  • Minimum installation difficulty

2. EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 4 Colors | Windows

EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 4 Colors | Windows
EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 4 Colors | Windows

Whenever you want to play games without any fuss, you want a quality product that offers the highest materials. And this product is nothing else but quality-oriented.

People often fall victim to unusual parts of a gaming tool while playing. This kit helps you get rid of that problem. It has perfect parts for the 4 Player Arcade MAME DIY project, which makes it better than its competitors.

You must play games for quite a while in a row. For this, you need heat resistant kits to avoid melting. This EG Starts product is surely a perfect choice for this.

Different kits work with the different operating system. Consequently, the gamer has to keep this in mind. But forget this for this product. For, this kit allows you to use it with any Operating System!

Gaming is a fun way to enthrall you and make your time enjoyable. So, everything related to it should be attractive and interesting. This condition is completely fulfilled in this arcade games kit. This kit is so well decorated and beautiful that you must love it.

And, if you have any queries, feel free to contact them. They are available even after selling the product to support you with all the technical help.

Key Features

  • Perfect and useful parts
  • Heat resistant material
  • Perfect for every OS
  • Beautiful and attractive

3. Hikig Arcade Buttons | Windows | 2 Player

Hikig Arcade Buttons | Windows | 2 Player
Hikig Arcade Buttons | Windows | 2 Player

Are you a die-hard fan of fighting games? Do you often desire a more compatible game kit for your passion? Then this kit is for you.

When you have this Arcade Games kit, you won't have to worry about the encoding system. This kit includes an easy feature of USB encoding, which makes it much more comfortable to use.

Besides, this kit has perfectly LED illuminated parts for 2 players Arcade MAME Jamma and other fighting game DIY Project. So the gaming will be flashier along with the bellicose fighting.

On top of that, this kit has a professional 8-way arcade joystick with a 35MM ball top handle, which will give you a first-hand experience of gaming that you definitely never felt before. These widespread advantages make this kit much more desirable.

If you are fond of optical clarity, then this kit has that also to attract you. This feature will make your gaming experience more alluring.

Nobody wants his very favorite gaming kits to stop working in a few days. That wish is fulfilled here. This kit is renowned for its long durability. In addition, it has passed the reliability test. So, no worry about that also!

Key Feature

  • Fighting game friendly
  • LED Illuminated and optical clarity
  • Compatible with every OS
  • Durable and reliable

4. Qenker Arcade Buttons | Heat Resistant | 2 Player

Qenker Arcade Buttons | Heat Resistant | 2 Player
Qenker Arcade Buttons | Heat Resistant | 2 Player

If you want to buy a quality product at a comparatively low rate, then this one is the right hit. The little money you spend here will bring you the best arcade buttons.

Every time you want only things related to gaming quality. Now you want something decorative and beautiful as well added to your kit. If this is the case, then this kit is a fit for you.

This arcade games DIY kit has beautiful LED parts for MAME and Raspberry PI Retro gaming DIY project.

You won't have to worry about dillydallying if you have this kit. It has zero delay USB encoders, which means you can connect it with ease. 2x arcade joysticks and 20x LED arcade buttons make it more versatile.

Most importantly, this product is a perfect fit for you if you want a kit for 2 players. So, this is compatible with a couple to have a smooth gaming experience.

Making the kit excessively hot resulting from continuous use is a common thing. But this Arcade Games DIY Kit can save you from that headache. It is super heat resistant and thus can work much longer without any damage.

Moreover, it also has an easy and user-friendly installation design. You won't have to worry about making a mess while installing it. Just connect the wires to the slots, and it's done.

Key Features

  • Decorative and beautiful
  • USB encoding and versatile features
  • Perfect for 2 players
  • Heat resistant and quality materials
  • Connect with ease

5. EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 2 Player | Windows

EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 2 Player | Windows
EG Starts Arcade Buttons | 2 Player | Windows

With so many options out there, you'll, no doubt, find something for yourself that is worth the money you spend for it. This is the kind of product that you will never regret investing in.

If you like video gaming but not that tech-savvy at the same time, it's normal for you to be uneasy with technical issues. But the kit is here to help you sort out the difficulties you face in encoding and connection. It's a 100% zero delay encoder, and its USB works perfectly with all operating systems!

Facing different kinds of mess while playing is really disgusting! That's why you need a perfect Arcade Games DIY kit.

This is exactly what this kit is. It is a 2 players Arcade MAME DIY, which is the perfect accessory that will make your pastime excellent!

Playing for a long time can warm your kits up. If you keep worrying about this, your satisfaction with the game will surely be ruined. To help you get out of this fear, this Arcade Games kit is perfect. It uses the highest quality materials, which are made of high-temperature-resistant plastic.

Lastly, it is the perfect LED Kit Arcade PC Games DIY Choice! It's very easy to install and very much easy to use.

Key Features

  • Exquisite parts selection
  • Compatible with every OS
  • Perfect and user-friendly accessories
  • Temperature resistant plastic

Things to Consider Before Buying Arcade Buttons

Best Arcade Buttons
Best Arcade Buttons

A lot of factors are needed to be taken care of when it comes to buying a product. It can reduce and remove one's chance of harassment after purchasing. Therefore, we are here with some crucial factors about buying the best arcade stick beforehand. Besides, you can choose some nitrate test kit.

OS Compatibility

When buying an Arcade Games DIY Kit, you obviously should check whether the kit is compatible with every operating system or not. It can save you from number of mess. If your kit is compatible with only a certain Windows, then you can face a problem when you try to use it with another version of Windows.

So, don't forget to keep this in mind! Make sure you also check our guide for elk bugle.

Installation Process

If your favorite and fancy kit is difficult to install, then it's definitely a problem. It can be spoiled or broken while installing if the process is toilsome. So, always find a kit which is easy to install. If not, learn how to install the kit with ease. A difficult-to-install kit can ruin your interest and amusement in gaming.

So, be aware of this. Check out the most essential review for sabiki rig.

Heat Resistance

Since you're investing so much time and money to this gaming kit, we assume that you are big fan of gaming. That means you play games for a long time in a row. It can cause your kit to warm up and eventually spoil if it hasn't heat resistant.

So, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind while buying an arcade games button.

Encoding System

Most of us nowadays use USB encoder for this type of work. Make sure you have also USB encoder enabled in your kit. If not, you may face problems because anything other than USB encoder is rarely used and found to fit with Arcade Games DIY Kit.

So, USB encoder is also something to be taken care of.

Compatible with your choice

Some gamers like a fighting game, some like something else. And, Arcade Games DIY Kit might be different depending on this. Some kits might be more appropriate than others for a certain category of game.

So, find out which fame you prefer and buy the kit mostly appropriate for that.

Reliability Test

Find out if your desired kit has gone through a reliability test or not. Some kits are tested to even 1,000,000 cycles which makes them much more reliable than their competitors. On the other hand, if you buy something that is nothing of that sort, it might affect the standard of your gaming kit.

So, try to take care of this.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is this compatible with the Raspberry Pie b+?

Yes, it is!

This kit is compatible with Raspberry Pie b+, Raspberry Retro. Moreover, it has several players mood and different colors available.

2. Will this work with Xbox 360?

It can work definitely!

All you have to do is to mod a controller with some other things that would be a long string of text if I list it all. Another thing you can do is replace an existing arcade fighting pad for the system and use it that way.

3. Does it have 2 USB encoders so I can have enough for all the controls?

Yes it has!

This Arcade button comes with 2 USB encoders. One for each player joystick and buttons with additional slots to add more buttons if required.

4. Will this work on a cartridge-based cabinet?

Actually depends!

The kit would work on anything with a USB input. Since it is USB compatible, anything that allows button mapping or remapping will work with this.

5. Do the button positions matter in terms of where I plug them in?

Yes, they do. Both sides don't configure equally.

Player 1 and player 2 should be placed in the same way on both sides. This ensures button mappings are the same for players 1 and 2. Use the same slots for the perfect experience.

6. How can I find the best arcade stick?

That's easy.

Consider all these factors before buying and be smart! Your job is done!

Final Words

Even with all the awareness of the best product, you might lose track sometimes. But as now you know the entire tricks about an arcade game's DIY kit, so you can easily choose the best arcade buttons for you. Keeping in mind the factors of durability, smoothness, heat resistance, and so on will help you do so.

Happy Gaming!

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