Best Brush for Polyurethane in 2021 – Pick from Top Rated Collections

Choosing a brush to paint your upcoming projects is difficult because only a few of them ensure smooth, precise, and complete coverage. The best brush for polyurethane paints provides greater precision with having fewer pigments on the tip.

In case you are having a hard time painting any object, we are here to help you. You can create a textured or silky finishing on your indoor or outdoor areas and paint furniture with the supreme brushes depending on your techniques.

This review will take you on a mini-tour to five premium quality brushes for polyurethane paints, which come from some well-known brands. We will show you the strength of those brushes and declare which one is the best buy for a DIY painter.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

ProGrade Brush for Polyurethane | Wood Handle| Reusable| 5pcs
ProGrade Brush for Polyurethane | Wood Handle| Reusable| 5pcsCheck Price

Bates Brush for Polyurethane | Wood Handle| Thick Filament | 4pcs
Bates Brush for Polyurethane | Wood Handle| Thick Filament | 4pcsCheck Price

Wooster 2″ Brush for Polyurethane| Steel Ferrule | white
Wooster 2″ Brush for Polyurethane| Steel Ferrule | whiteCheck Price

Presa Brush for Polyurethane | Heavy-Duty| Reusable| 5pcs
Presa Brush for Polyurethane | Heavy-Duty| Reusable| 5pcsCheck Price

Minwax  2″ Brush for Polyurethane | Oil-based Paint| White
Minwax  2″ Brush for Polyurethane | Oil-based Paint| WhiteCheck Price

Best Brush for Polyurethane Reviews

Here is our list of the five high-quality that you can get. This review will help you occupy your time to get a capable paintbrush. Read to know about brush size, materials, shape, quality, and how they are factored into our top favorite list.

1. ProGrade Brush for Polyurethane | Wood Handle| Reusable| 5pcs

Who says budget brushes cannot be of high-quality build or material? To win your buy, invest in the brushes that come at good quality and price. The first pick on our list is one such product from Pro-Grade. Let’s begin with it.

The Pro-grade polyurethane brush set will enable you to paint with confidence and smartness. This pack of five brushes comes in size variations, from 1.5 to 3 inches.

Each of them has designed differently for making it easy for you to paint a wall or any other objects.

Undoubtedly, the brushes are great for interior and exterior walls, fences, doors, and so on. Not only painting, but you can also use them for staining, varnishing, etc. If you notice its structure, you will see its thinner tip that provides better control than most other brush.

Some brushes have bristles that come out after washing, which is never acceptable. But you will not face such issues with this budget-friendly brush set. The manufacturer has designed the brush sets to meet the demand of users. The filaments are durable for reusing and plenty of washing.

Therefore, this polyurethane brush set will provide you great comfort. Plus, the hardwood handle has the ability to paint faster with a more accurate premium finish.

Along with a set of polyurethane brushes, choose high-quality oil-based, water-based, or metallic paints.

Key Features

  • Solid wood handle
  • High-quality bristles
  • Doesn’t create streak lines
  • Ensures smooth finishing

2. Bates Brush for Polyurethane | Wood Handle| Thick Filament | 4pcs

Are you looking for a durable brush for rusty metal painting? This one from Bates Choice, which is great for any professional or newbie users. Its premium quality will make you tempted to buy it. Initially, it is designed to give you the result you are looking for.

If you want a brush set as a replacement for your previous one, we recommend purchasing it. There are nearly enough bristles per paintbrush to get the desired effect that you want.

Painting is no more tedious with a set of Bates brushes.

If you are looking for a paintbrush set for acrylic colors, these are much better suited for you. With this set, you can get a spray-like smooth finishing as the bristles are thick. You will realize that even inexpensive products can deliver high-quality performance.

Any painting job will be a pleasure to do when the handle and bristles are comfortable. This Bates polyurethane brush has a treated wood handle, which is lightweight and easy to hold. Also, its synthetic filaments can hold more paint to save time.

Indeed, you can hold a brush for a longer time and never get sore. It permits you to control your brush from the stroke first to last. That’s why it considers the best applicator for polyurethane.

Key Features

  • Thickest filament
  • Professional grade
  • Superior finishing with every stroke
  • Provides long-lasting reliability

3. Wooster 2″ Brush for Polyurethane| Steel Ferrule | white

The third one in our list is from Wooster that offers an angled sash brush. Before knowing its features, why don’t you get introduced to the brand? You will be surprised and happy to see that they lead the market with this high-quality nylon thread polyurethane brush for over 30 years!

At first, let’s talk about its structure. This single brush offers uniform coverage and resists wearing with any water-based stains or acrylics.

You can feel the confidence while applying colors a brush embedded with Wooster.

The nylons of this brush for polycrylic are stiff and pick up a good amount of color, even with slightly dipping the bristle tip. The most significant part of this nylon brush is the bristles splays evenly, which allows you to cut in easily.

If you are painting a fence or deck under the hot sun, you need a high-performance tool such as this one from Wooster to get your job done quickly. You can also use this polyurethane brush to paint the ceiling, wall, or board. Its flexible handle comforts and adds maneuverability in tight spaces.

Once you get this brush in hand, you can never turn away. However, if you want your kitchen top painted pronto with a minimum fuss, you need this brush and countertop paint. Because it gives you more control in painting’s straight swath.

Key Features

  • Nylon made bristles
  • Flexible Shergrip handle
  • Smooth finishing
  • For all types of paints

4. Presa Brush for Polyurethane | Heavy-Duty| Reusable| 5pcs

When it comes to painting walls, windows, decks, or any objects with tight spaces, this premium brush featuring Presa’s proprietary blended filament, is hard to beat. This one is designed to withstand even the most abrasive surface.

You can increase your productivity in professional jobs from medium to heavy painting. Indeed, this will give you more finesse and perfection while painting.

You can also use this polyurethane brush for body painting as the bristles are soft and don’t have any split ends.

If you do adequate research on this brush set, you will see no flimsy bristles here. The filaments can hold more paints than most other paintbrushes. Moreover, they are capable of holding medium to thick paints as well.

The bristles are called SRT filaments that are too easy to clean. So, as long as you wash them with water, you can use them over and over again. However, the brush’s ergonomic handle is so lightweight and easy to hold that your finger will not become sore.

Therefore, this thoughtfully constructed brush for water-based polyurethane is definitely worth giving a try. Besides, you can also go through our ceramic paints review, in case you want anyone.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean
  • A set of 5 pieces
  • Thick and stiff bristles
  • Perfect for heavy-duty performance
  • Provides stroke-free finishing

5. Minwax  2″ Brush for Polyurethane | Oil-based Paint| White

The last one in the list of the best brush for polyurethane is from Minwax. It is a 2-inch brush which is affordable than most other similar ones. It provides a high-quality and smooth finish that seems to apply butter on bread!

The manufacturer built the Minwax polycrylic brush with natural bristles and stainless steel ferrule. It is designed with increased absorption capacity to ensure a smooth, glass-like finish.

Such type of structure will allow you to work with any liquid or oil painting.

The handle of this oil painting brush got an ergonomically wooden handle that will ensure you a comfortable grip. You can hold the brush in any way to see fit or what is suitable for you.

The brush has polyester bristles, which hold a lot of paint and leaves a decent finishing. You will be shocked seeing such an excellent performance from an affordable polyurethane brush like this. You might have a tiny brushstroke, but you will surely get a uniform coat of paint.

To be honest, you will exactly get what you pay for. If you want to use this brush for just a painting purpose, it worths considering. It will shed bristles even after multiple uses and washes.

Key Features

  • Natural and synthetic bristles
  • Soft wooden handle
  • Perfect for all sheens
  • Works excellent with liquid color

Things to Consider Before Buying Brush for Polyurethane

Best Brush for Polyurethane

Finding a high-quality paintbrush for polyurethane paint is somewhat tricky because the market is flooded with varieties. If you know the useful strategies to find polyurethane brush sets, you can pick the most valuable one.

Here, we will provide you with all the essential things you need to check while buying the best applicator for polyurethane.


The brush material can be natural or synthetic. Natural brushes are made of animal hair, which is quite expensive. If you want to work with oil-based paints, go for natural brushes.

On the other hand, synthetic brushes are made of high-quality polyester or a blend of nylon. These paintbrushes are suitable to use for water-based or acrylic colors.


Brushes for painting typically come in different size ranges, in a set or individually. Basically, a smaller brush works well in the area that is hard to reach. For window area, trim, and corners, a 2 or 2.5 inches brush will be perfect. If you want to purchase a polyurethane brush to paint a door, cabinets, walls, larger areas, etc. take a 4-6 inches brush.


There are different designs of brushes, and each is made for various purposes. Such as:

Square cut: The square-cut paintbrushes are perfect for paint on broad areas such as doors, walls, ceilings, etc. A good quality square brush can work as same as a roller. Moreover, you can save paints because these are more precise.

Angle sash: The angle sash brushes are perfect for painting on the window because they fit inside the frame and allow the panes to move up and down. Angled brush is short-handed, which is excellent for detailed work because it is easy to maneuver. You can use it for painting edges, panels, or rounded corners.

Round sash: This brush comes in a smaller size. It is perfect to use for decorative painting and furniture. The circular arrangement of its bristles is conducive to any 3D illustration.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is polyurethane paint?

Polyurethane paints are tougher and durable than normal ones. It is highly resistant to weather, water, or sun exposure.

2. How long should I wait to coat a second layer of polyurethane?

Generally, the paints take 24 hours to dry thoroughly. But, you can apply a second coating after 4-5 hours. It is better to check the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Can I use a polyester brush for polyurethane paints?


We have mentioned the perfect brushes for polyurethane paints. You can choose either of them.

4. Can I use a foam brush for polyurethane?

We will suggest you not to.

Please refrain from using foam brushes or rollers as they create bubbles and soak a lot. You can use natural or synthetic brushes since these consider as the best applicator for polyurethane.

Final Words

Now you probably realize how to take legitimate consideration to purchase the best brush for polyurethane to ensure the highest satisfaction. You additionally have found the most premium ones that we have chosen for painting.

If you choose the right brush, you will notice your painting’s progress after every stroke trun rich and precise coating. We feel that it is money well spent if you want a beautiful job done on your wall, door, ceilings, etc. in the fastest possible time.

Happy Painting!