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by Mike Constanza

Most car owners want their car to remain in pristine condition all the time. From the exterior to the interior, everything has to be in top-notch condition. For this reason, diagnostic scanners are becoming more and more popular nowadays.

A diagnostic scanner goes through the internal parts of your car to detect any flaws in the system. From the engine to the oil tank and throttle, everything is checked thoroughly without opening the vehicle.

As a result, the best diagnostic scanner is a mainstay in most car dealers and workshops. Furthermore, many conscious car owners love to have their own scanner to check for themselves.

However, finding the right scanner in a saturated market can be a bit hard. But we got you covered! Our team of experts has researched to find the top-rated diagnostic scanners out there. We've also added a buying guide to help you choose what you need.

That being said, let's begin!

Summary Table for Best Diagnostic Scanner in 2021

Image Product Name Price

LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanners | All Systems Scan Tool | 30+ Reset
LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanners | All Systems Scan Tool | 30+ Reset Price Check

Autel Diagnostic Scanners | ECU & Key Coding | Bi-Directional
Autel Diagnostic Scanners | ECU & Key Coding | Bi-Directional Price Check

Autel MaxiPRO Diagnostic Scanner | All Functions | Wi-Fi
Autel MaxiPRO Diagnostic Scanner | All Functions | Wi-Fi Price Check

LAUNCH CReader Diagnostic Scanner | OBD2 | 7
LAUNCH CReader Diagnostic Scanner | OBD2 | 7" Android Tab Price Check

Autel MaxiCom Diagnostic Scanner | OE-Level | Full Diagnosis
Autel MaxiCom Diagnostic Scanner | OE-Level | Full Diagnosis Price Check

Best Diagnostic Scanner Reviews

The market for diagnostic scanners is pretty saturated. There are a lot of companies with a myriad of products and not all of them are good. Here are some of the best ones we've found.

1. LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanners | All Systems Scan Tool | 30+ Reset

LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanners | All Systems Scan Tool | 30+ Reset
LAUNCH Diagnostic Scanners | All Systems Scan Tool | 30+ Reset

If you want a diagnostic scanner for a long time, you'd need something that gets updated regularly. The regular updates will make the necessary tweaks and improve the software and keep it in line with the features of the cars.

If updates are what you're looking for, we got you covered. The LAUNCH X431 is a product that's destined to get updates for 2 long years. So, you won't have to worry about your scanner for two years straight.

Setting up is very easy and wireless. After registering, the tablet-like computer is ready to be used.

It contains a lot of various adapters/plugs for different cars. Furthermore, the computer is wireless, and OBD plugs are simply a dongle. In addition, there's even a cable for those that don't want Bluetooth communication.

After plugging the correct OBD-2 plug into your car, the unit attaches to the dongle, and you can start scanning the vehicle after selecting the right make and model.

Although, compared to some, the LAUNCH X431 V PRO is very costly. Besides, if you just do minor tasks or operate on your own car in your workshop, you'd best purchase a cheaper option.

Key Features

  • Even more advanced than V Pro
  • 2021 newest version software
  • Encoded with ECU Coding, and IMMO (Key Coding)
  • Has over 30+ Reset Services
  • Warranty of 5 years

2. Autel Diagnostic Scanners | ECU & Key Coding | Bi-Directional

Autel Diagnostic Scanners | ECU & Key Coding | Bi-Directional
Autel Diagnostic Scanners | ECU & Key Coding | Bi-Directional

With this particular device, you'll never have to stress about your battery draining out nor having no auto VIN feature. Whatever the function, you name it - this Diagnostic Scanner is packed with all!

The 8-inch LED touch screen and intuitive layout make navigating the Autel MaxiSYS MS906 simple. With 1024 x 768P resolution, the monitor boasts crisp visibility. Moreover, it's undoubtedly one of today's market's best auto diagnostic scanner.

The scanner is fitted with an 8MP (Mega Pixel) rear camera with a dedicated flashlight to photograph and post online. Also, photographs of MaxiSYS MS 906 are accessible to owners and technicians.

More specifically, the scanner has a one-touch navigation menu leading to all compatible features. In addition, once you pick a feature, it basically goes through the entire method.

Both diagnostic data is processed in the scanner's internal 32GB memory. But there's an alternative to manually remove information you don't need. You can connect it to a PC to simply extract data.

One of Autel MaxiSYS MS906's most substantial functionality is its ability to recognize a one-touch car. Apart from this, the AutoVIN feature senses the ECU VIN number of a vehicle, then records and stores it.

Key Features

  • Extensive OE level diagnostics power
  • Has over 25 functions
  • Fast processor with 32 GB internal memory
  • Equipped with one-year warranty
  • Sharp program keying

3. Autel MaxiPRO Diagnostic Scanner | All Functions | Wi-Fi

Autel MaxiPRO Diagnostic Scanner | All Functions | Wi-Fi
Autel MaxiPRO Diagnostic Scanner | All Functions | Wi-Fi

This device is mainly a bidirectional device that will prove itself to be the holy grail with its mix of TS601 and DS808. This Diagnostic Scanner is fully equipped with lustrous features such as different oil resets, EPB generation, etc.

It may diagnose a broad spectrum of vehicle problems. One aspect, among many, that makes this product one of the best scanners is its potential to perform more than one testing simultaneously.

AutelMaxisys MS906BT Scanner is equipped with an inbuilt charger. The charger can last at least four to six hours before running low.

Moreover, you can even browse this scanner since it offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

Even with a smartphone, Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems services may even be done directly on this vehicle diagnostic scanner. This is because it has a consistent display, and better technology can enhance repair and maintenance.

Connectivity's device excels. It supports a USB link with a microSD slot. Besides these two, there's a port for type A HDMI. In addition to all the features, Autel Maxi Pro MP808TS offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking.

Key Features

  • Over 30 stunning features
  • Optimal oil resetting options
  • Excellent filter stabilizing
  • Best electronic throttle reinitialization
  • Equipped with a 1-year warranty and free updates

4. LAUNCH CReader Diagnostic Scanner | OBD2 | 7″ Android Tab

LAUNCH CReader Diagnostic Scanner | OBD2 | 7inch Android Tab
LAUNCH CReader Diagnostic Scanner | OBD2 | 7inch Android Tab

This particular product enables you to track several vehicle systems like engine, brake, airbag and gasoline without any havoc. Furthermore, this is one of the most convenient and easy to use scanners in the market, that's for sure.

The first thing you'll note about this scanner is that it has a vertical shape and style, unlike the above horizontal units. Often, we like this design because it's far more of a tablet, making it easy to keep and understand.

Importantly, the operating system is Android 7.1, Strong Quad-Core, RAM 1GB, ROM 16GB, Micro USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and 6000mAh lithium-polymer battery with over 10 hours battery life, and equipped with decent specs.

Also, another feature of this scanner is extremely appreciable. It comes with free lifetime automatic updates, unlike many other scanners. There are also plenty of updates about the models and graphics details regarding it.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) and TCU can work together to learn how to drive by tracking your driving style. Following this TCU/ECU programming process, the vehicle can be manipulated. Making it the best diagnostic scanner out there!

Scanning instruments can also track some camshaft location sensor signals to decide whether all requirements are fulfilled to resume the engine running operation. Therefore, it's a great product to buy, although the price is a little high.

Key Features

  • Incomparable ABS pump system
  • Top-notch chassis integrated control and safety system
  • Equipped with an all-place scanner
  • Suitable with all OBD2 protocols
  • Over 15 special features

5. Autel MaxiCom Diagnostic Scanner | OE-Level | Full Diagnosis

Autel MaxiCom Diagnostic Scanner | OE-Level | Full Diagnosis
Autel MaxiCom Diagnostic Scanner | OE-Level | Full Diagnosis

The MK808 is a great all-rounder for professionals and hobbyists alike, its sophisticated features and user-friendly interface render it an ordinary scanner. Additionally, the Wi-Fi Access is a valuable addition for novice mechanics and DIY fans to practice while you work.

This scan tool looks like a tablet, the Android operating system is familiar and secure, while the fast quad-core processor will give you the answers you need without pause. In particular, there are no wires to attach or untangle. So, diagnosis is quick and stress-free, allowing you more time to relax.

The Autel Maxicom Mk808 is not a mere entry-level scanner, it also offers specialized and unique features. It impressively reads and erases error codes, completes an oil reset, tracks the vehicle's health condition and performs special services.

It also executes all OBD2 functions and performs unique functions such as oil reset, BMS service, EPB reset, TPMS service, SAS, IMMO, DPF service, and ABS brake bleeding.

The big 7-inch LCD screen is ideal for all functions. Moreover, the computer is crisp and light, so you can interpret or delete codes quickly. The Wi-Fi networking of Autel Maxicom Mk808 allows it to find answers to your questions, which novice mechanics highly enjoyed.

Additionally, any order contains 12-month free updates. It's a quick, reliable solution to understand your car's needs. Autel still provides unparalleled customer care, swift answers and assistance, although they have limited mods.

Key Features

  • Excellent fuel pump monitoring
  • Reliable Immo Functions
  • Supports TPMS sensor relearn
  • Very easy to carry; portable
  • Universal Auto VINScanner

Things to Consider Before Buying Diagnostic Scanner

Best Diagnostic Scanner
Best Diagnostic Scanner

Although there are many models available in the market, very few are actually worthy of their price and reliability. Many things depend on your best auto diagnostic scanner, so before you have a go, consider a few things

Differentiating Your Needs

Undoubtedly, you'll find many models and versions of scanners. But many come with different features and different uses. A scanner might be too high rated, still not prove to be useful for you because of a few limitations it may have.

Therefore, we suggest that you make a list of the features that you want in your diagnostic scanner. In this way, you'll be able to cover out all the areas to fulfill your needs. Besides, you can choose some multimeter test leads.

Compatibility Software

For the scanner , you will need apps. Without apps, you can't run it and some other choices as well. The built-in choices are good, mainly, just be cautious about the year they were modified, and whether or not they come with some help.

You'll notice that several diagnostics canners have no compatibility systems, and will leave you with obsolete content. But compatibility is important as the app you're searching for isn't so much about your vehicle, but the device you/will be on while you're using it. Make sure you also check our guide for pocket operator.

Assisting Mechanisms

Investing resources on purchasing a commodity and not getting the same kind of technical assistance as needed is often irritating.

Many scanners have different pricing of their own. So, it's advised to go with one made by a firm that specializes in customer services and help so you won't have to go through some hassle later on.


Whatever item you purchase, it's still important to make sure you're not overpaying for it. Until purchasing a diagnostic scanner, it's suggested to go through the market and search the available variety.


Before purchasing your preferred diagnostic scanner, research is essential. Make sure to browse through as much as you can. And go through the reviews to hear what the real consumers have today about it.

You should always analyze the various versions available and then buy one that seems to be the right option.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Why should I purchase a diagnostic scanner for my vehicle?

Because they help you to keep up with your car's real state, you get to know more about what's wrong under the hood before it's too late. They will make sure to give you an idea of what to expect if the check engine light starts blinking.

2. Is buying a diagnostic scanner worth it?

When you put it through some consideration, you learn that the money spent behind it will save you a lot of hassle and expense owing to auto servicing and repairs. The devices are also user-friendly and comfortable.

3. Which Diagnostic scanner is best?

Our list above all features the best diagnostic scanners available in the market. Yet, personal preference depends a lot on when choosing one.

4. How to choose the best auto diagnostic scanner for my car?

There are certain factors that you need to keep in check. To begin with, the required software, the cost, and the differentiating mechanism are important. Also, see if the product has positive reviews.

5. Does the car have to be running to check codes?

Your car must be turned on, and all revved up to get accurate results of the codes.

Final Words

Diagnostic scanners will do miracles for you by protecting yourself from a lot of problems you would have encountered otherwise. Although, if you're looking to invest some money here, purchasing these scanners' most simple versions may not be the right option.

Therefore, if you're interested in having your car working as it should, it's highly recommended to get your hands on the best diagnostic scanner for your vehicle.

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