Best Go Kart Engine in 2021 – Top Selling & Popular Collections

by Lindsey Carter

If you love karting and you are a professional karter then you must want your kart to perform the best. But kart's performance depends on its features.

And do you know what is the heart of your go kart? It's the engine. Without the engine, the kart is just a piece of steel. It is not even possible to drive your kart properly without the best go kart engine.

Hence, it is important to buy the engine for your kart. Also selecting the best one for your kart is not so easy. Therefore, we will try to help you choose the right go kart engine.

Summary Table for Best Go Kart Engine in 2021

Image Product Name Price

DuroMax XP18HPE Go Kart Engine | 18 HP Motor |
DuroMax XP18HPE Go Kart Engine | 18 HP Motor | Price Check

DuroMax XP16HPE Go Kart Engine | 5 Stroke Engine |
DuroMax XP16HPE Go Kart Engine | 5 Stroke Engine | Price Check

DuroMax XP7HPE Go Kart Engine | 7 HP | 3600 RPM
DuroMax XP7HPE Go Kart Engine | 7 HP | 3600 RPM Price Check

XtremepowerUS Go Kart Engine | Forced Air Cooling |
XtremepowerUS Go Kart Engine | Forced Air Cooling | Price Check

Briggs And Stratton Go Kart Engine | Overhead Valve Design |
Briggs and Stratton Go Kart Engine | Overhead Valve Design | Price Check

Best Go Kart Engine Reviews

Best Go Kart Engine Reviews
Best Go Kart Engine Reviews

In this section, we are pointing out all the features of the go kart engine. As a result, you will get the idea about the kart that meets all your expectations and needs. So, keep scrolling down to find the best one.

1. DuroMax XP18HPE Go Kart Engine | 18 HP Motor

DuroMax XP18HPE Go Kart Engine | 18 HP Motor |
DuroMax XP18HPE Go Kart Engine | 18 HP Motor |

If you are thinking of changing your go kart engine with a better and ungraded one then you can go for this model of DuroMax. Most of us know, DuroMax is a trusted and loyal brand to many customers.

DuroMax has got the best features and is made with high-quality equipment. This model includes 4 strokes which allow you to run at the highest speed. DuroMax XP18HPE will come in an electric start which is very easy to install.

Can you guess the horsepower of this model? The maximum horsepower of this model is 18.

Yes, you will get the highest speed than any other karts in the market. XP18HPE also provides the smoothest experience.

XP18HPE runs with gasoline. A vast sized fuel tank's been installed into it. This got a very great fuel efficiency as this model consumed very little gasoline per hour. Therefore, can run for hours without refilling the tank.

They are so confident about their product that you will be provided with a 90 days refund or replacement policy if this model does not meet your expectations or if you are not happy with it after using this. That is why it takes the number 1 place on our list.

Key Features

  • The highest fuel consumption rate
  • 18 hp at 3600 RPM
  • Outstanding performance
  • High-quality equipment

2. DuroMax XP16HPE Go Kart Engine | 5 Stroke Engine

DuroMax XP16HPE Go Kart Engine | 5 Stroke Engine |
DuroMax XP16HPE Go Kart Engine | 5 Stroke Engine |

In case you are looking for the best engine for go kart with maximum facilities and performance but your budget is not that high. Then XP16HPE is the best option for your kart.

DuroMax XP16HPE is one of the best engines because it is full EPA approved. And FAR superior engine at a very reasonable price. This includes air cleaning systems with an oil bath, semi-dry and dual.

DuroMax XP16HPE will give you the highest performance with its 16 HP. 3600 RPM will give your kart the maximum performance.

You will be able to race at the high speed as well. The engine is highly protected due to its auto shutdown system.

This go kart engine is highly efficient and has a great power system due to its w/3/8 in the keyway, shaft end drilled. This will provide the highest performance.

Furthermore, this model includes an electric start system, which will enable your go kart to start without pulling any cord. So, you will get a very fast and hassle-free start. Because of its good quality material, this is durable and will last for a long time.

Key Features

  • Electric start system
  • Ensures fuel efficiency
  • Very reasonable price
  • EPA approved

3. DuroMax XP7HPE Go Kart Engine | 7 HP | 3600 RPM

DuroMax XP7HPE Go Kart Engine | 7 HP | 3600 RPM
DuroMax XP7HPE Go Kart Engine | 7 HP | 3600 RPM

There are a lot of people around us who care about the environment and always want to use eco-friendly products which will cause less harm to this territory. Well, there is good news for you. DuroMax XP7HPE has bought such an engine that fulfils your requirements.

This model is user friendly with its recoil staring process. This reduces the risk of shutting down the engine in the middle of the road. You need to pull the cord in order to start the go kart engine. This is also EPA approved which makes it more reliable.

These 4 strokes go kart engine will run for a long time with its fuel efficiency.

The tank size is 1 gallon so once you refill the tank you don't need to worry about refilling for more than two hours.

DuroMax XP7HPE also reduces the intake of air because of the dual air cleaner. This also helps the engine to take more fuel inside and keeps the engine cold and ensures the best performance.

This might not be the latest model. But this is very cost-efficient with the best features. You cannot find so many features within this price. They also provide the best customer service. If you face any problems setting the engine just let them know and they will fix it as early as possible.

Key Features

  • 4 Stroke Engine
  • Eco friendly
  • Recoil starting process
  • Comes at a very reasonable price

4. XtremepowerUS Go Kart Engine | Forced Air Cooling

XtremepowerUS Go Kart Engine | Forced Air Cooling |
XtremepowerUS Go Kart Engine | Forced Air Cooling |

XtremepowerUS has the latest features and wide range of equipment which enable it to run at its maximum power that makes it the best go kart engine in 2020. This model is totally reliable and durable.

The engine of this model offers 7hp with 3600 RPM. This also includes pressure washers. This is the perfect piece for replacing your old engine. The straight shaft of this engine will give you more control and also help you to trim in tight areas.

This does not require high maintenance and fuel efficiency is very high.

With its air-cooling system, your engine will be kept cooled by flowing air into it.

This has both a recoil and electric starting system. So, you can start this easily using the system you prefer. The industrial grade kart goes engine is EPA certified. Which ensures its reliability and durability. Also does not cause any extra noise; this set is very quiet.

Industrial grade materials have been used building XtremepowerUS engine. Which allows it to perform more efficiently and enables it to run for a long period of time. The advanced making process increases performance.

Key Features

  • Both recoil and electric start system
  • Air cooling system
  • High reliability and durability
  • Tank size: one gallon

5. Briggs and Stratton Go Kart Engine | Overhead Valve Design

Briggs And Stratton Go Kart Engine | Overhead Valve Design |
Briggs And Stratton Go Kart Engine | Overhead Valve Design |

Some of you want to use a kart for home and yard maintenance. And you want it to be light and durable for daily use. Briggs and Stratton Go Kart Engine is specially made for you. Take a look at this model for more information.

They have used one of the best materials to build the engine; Dura bore cast iron, which makes the go kart engine more durable. This ensures long term service and is very efficient to use. No matter for what purpose you are using this kart it can be started very easily.

The maintenance of the engine is also very easy.

The lower maintenance system will let you do work very fast and also solve many problems. This also includes dual cleaning process which will provide you with the maximum protection and extend the life of the engine

Briggs and Stratton Go Kart Engine will give you the highest performance with its 10 HP. which allow your kart to perform at its maximum level. You will be able to race at high speed as well.

Key Features

  • Low maintenance
  • Highly durable and highest performance
  • Dual cleaning system
  • Suitable for regular use

Things to Consider Before Buying Go Kart Engine

Best Go Kart Engine
Best Go Kart Engine

You already have all the information about the best engine for go kart. Now you are ready to grab it. You may have already decided which brand you want to buy and fixed your budget. Before going to purchase you have to keep in mind about some features of the engine to get the best performance out of it. So, here we are providing some tips that you may consider before buying a go kart engine. You may also like some of the Radiator Hoses from our list, so take a moment to check them out.

Engine's Horsepower

We measure the power of every equipment with a specific unit. We use Horsepower to indicate the strength of the engine. The more the hp is the stronger the go kart engine is. This identifies how fast the car will run.
7 hp is the average and the medium range of horsepower that most of the engines have. If you want a more powerful one then there are engines of 10hp, 16 hp etc. You may also like some of the 80W90 Gear Oil from our list.

Speed of Running

Knowing how fast you want to run and for what purpose you want to use your kart is an important matter that you must consider before buying the engine. If you want it for day to day use like for garden or yard then you don't need that much speed. So, you can buy a kart of 2000-2500 rpm.
On the other hand, if the main purpose of buying using your go kart is racing then go for 3500+ rpm engines. That you enable you to run fast. Make sure you also check our guide for Glow Plugs For Duramax.

Performance of the Engine

As we have said before, engines are the heart of your go kart. So, the performance of the kart depends on the performance of the engine.

If you are replacing your old go kart engine or building a new one then you should consider the powerful one. So, look for the running speed, RPM and other features.

Tank Size

How many kilometers you can go after refilling the tank depends on the size of the tank. Generally, most of the best quality go kart engine's tank size is 1 gallon or more than that. Which enables you to run for at least 3-4 hours at a time. If the tank size is small then you have to refill it again and again. which is a hassle for anyone.

So, avoid this hassle, select the engine with a bigger tank size. The engines we have suggested have a large size tank.

Fuel Consumption

Efficient fuel consumption is really very important. This will let your engine consume less fuel while driving. So before buying, look for the fuel efficiency ratio. And if the engine is efficient, you do not need to expend much for fuel or gas. The go kart will operate perfectly with less cost.

FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What type of engine should I buy for my daily household use?

If you want to use the best engine for go kart for your yard or garden then you don't need a powerful one. An engine with around 7hp - 10hp is enough for you. You will be able to finish your work smoothly and comfortably with it.

2. Is cleaning easy to the engine?

Yes! Of course, it is.

You just have to know the cleaning process. Look for the guideline for this. But don't try to clean your engine while it is on. make sure to let the engine cool down before washing it or else you may get hurt.

3. Does it include an air-cooling system?

Yes! It does.

Most of the engines have air cooling systems. That lets the engine cool down while it is running. Which reduces the chances of getting damage.

4. What size of the engine should I buy?

If you are replacing your go kart engine, measure the size and dimension of the old engine. Which will give you an idea about the size of the engine that you should go for.

5. When should I replace my old engine?

When your engine starts to consume more fuel and does not perform well, you need to change it.

Shutting down suddenly, consuming more oil, getting hot easily is the indication of replacing the engine.

Final Words

We have tried to come up with the best go kart engine with some valuable information and tried to answer few of your questions that you come up with. You have an idea about the price and the elements that should be considered. And now you are ready to get the best one for you.

Hope these premium quality engines will help you to improve your experience and performance. If you find this article helpful and instructive, you can share it with your friends to help them to select the best one for them as well.

Happy driving!

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