Top 5 Best Stain for Exterior Wood Door – Most Popular Collections In 2021

Are you looking for the best stain for an exterior wood door, window, or cabinet? It will help if you put some consideration before choosing the correct one for you.

You know what? Property is such an investment you can bank on, but the things you make with wood, cement, or masonry need to be protected for a lifetime. That is why we are here to show you the wood sealers that protect and save what you build.

If you are in a hurry to select the perfect wood sealer, here we come for the rescue. We have done your job easier by gathering all the high-quality stain for exterior wood together! Let’s get to know them.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Ready Seal Stain For Exterior Wood Door | UV Blocking | 5 Gallon
Ready Seal Stain For Exterior Wood Door | UV Blocking | 5 GallonCheck Price

Pure Tung Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Classic Appeal | 32oz
Pure Tung Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Classic Appeal | 32ozCheck Price

Minwax Gel Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Non-Drip | 2 Pounds
Minwax Gel Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Non-Drip | 2 PoundsCheck Price

Rust-Oleum Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Durable | 32 Oz
Rust-Oleum Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Durable | 32 OzCheck Price

Defy Stain For Exterior Wood Door | UV Resistant | 3.875 Liter
Defy Stain For Exterior Wood Door | UV Resistant | 3.875 LiterCheck Price

Best Stain For Exterior Wood Door Reviews

Here is our list of the high-quality exterior wood door protection that you can get. We have picked the five most premium quality items out of hundreds. Choose the one that suits your necessities and find out why the below ones are the must-have.

1. Ready Seal Stain For Exterior Wood Door | UV Blocking | 5 Gallon

To give your wooden door much protection, you must need an excellent quality exterior wood sealer. If you are a DIY’er, you must have heard the name of Ready seal wood stain. You can get more than you expect from this stain for exterior wood.

Once you cover the wood with this stain, it will dry evenly with no runs. Moreover, no spots or blotch will appear when the sealer dries up completely. However, there is no extra hassle with the stain because it requires no primer.

This exterior stain has buildable and semi-transparent coverage that doesn’t change the actual wood color.

However, it might seem dark right after applying, but the dye reaches the actual color after drying and setting ultimately. You can re-apply the sealer after the first layer settles on the wood.

Before applying the stain, you must clean the surface from mildew, dust, grease, or oil. Otherwise, you will not get the expected outcome. Just a pro tip, do not apply it on a newly stained surface because it inhibits penetration.

There is no complication in the application process. You can apply the sealer using a sprayer, a roller, brush onto the wooden surface. No matter what the application tool is, it will not leave any laps, streaks, or lines on the surface.

Key Features 

  • Needs no primer
  • Ensures a durable coating
  • Dries quickly
  • Works well for the wooden floor

2. Pure Tung Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Classic Appeal | 32oz

You can choose this oil-based stain to ensure maximum safety to your wooden door for sealing it. You can get an excellent and rich finishing with this Pure tung wood stain. Now, adding depth for an antique-style finish is nothing complicated.

You may choose this exterior wood door oil stain to seal the wood surface and prevent it from cracking. Apart from guarding the wood, tung oil keeps any liquids such as alcohol, grease, oil, acid, water, etc. from ruining the surface. It forms a moisture-resistant barrier on all types of wood, concrete, or even stone.

When you put this oil stain on exterior wood, it will give the surface a rich, shiny, and wet look.  With a single coat, you can get the exact outcome you want as it adds depth without using additives or solvents.

For any DIY project, you can apply this wood sealer yourself. After using this tung oil stain, you will see that it dries faster than other ones. Comparing to linseed, soy, and walnuts oil, we noticed that it dries fast for a remarkable turn around time.

We even saw that this wood staining creates a hand-rubbed look on the surface. However, you can use the best oil for wood doors on your kitchen tabletop or cabinet because it is food safe after drying completely.

Key Features

  • Water, oil, or alcohol resistance
  • Antique-style finishing
  • Seeps deep into the wood
  • Dries and cures naturally

3. Minwax Gel Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Non-Drip | 2 Pounds

In case you are a wood lover, you need a good quality stain for exterior or interior wood for giving it durable protection. You can rely on Minwax stain to provide such protection to your wooden stuff. Let’s get to know more about its features.

If you want to increase the DIY’s beauty beyond the wood, Mixwell is preferably a better option. It delivers uniform color evenly on any surface, be that wood or non-wood (such as veneer, metal, or fiber).

But remember! It is a sealer so use it on an untreated or bare surface.

The manufacturer has designed this Mixwell sealer with gel texture to get full control over the staining process. As well, it helps you achieve a beautiful and expected result. Moreover, its non-drip formula makes your job easy to do on vertical surfaces.

As we mentioned that it is a gel-based stain, so stir for a couple of minutes before applying. That will be a better way if you sand the surface nicely. This little preparation will make your staining a little bit easier. Thus, in no time, you will get a glossy finishing on the wood.

After application, keep the object to rest for at least an hour. Though it dries within a minute, you need to give time to let it set completely. You know, the basic rule of staining. However, you can use satinwood paint for a similar outcome too.

Key Features

  • Satin finishing
  • Comes in all shades of wood
  • Dries quickly
  • Perfect for both interior and exterior

4. Rust-Oleum Stain For Exterior Wood Door | Durable | 32 Oz

Due to excellent quality and colossal customer feedback, Rust-oleum has made its place in our top-five pick. It is undoubtedly superior to any other paints in the market because of its loyalty towards customers.

First of all, the stain formula is excellent for protecting the exterior wooden surface. The reason behind its durability is, the manufacturer made this with the weather and corrosion-resistant formula.

It can safeguard both exterior and interior wood, metal, or fiberglass door or deck.

You must consider purchasing a stain that takes a short time to cure because you don’t want to let the wood wet for several hours! The good news is, you will not face any such problem with Rust-oleum because it takes only an hour to dry up completely!

The formula for this paint is commendable since it provides a protective coating. It will stay the same for years because of its durable and rust preventing finishing. Therefore, this thick paint can cover a large area and offers a low-sheen look.

Lastly, by comparing all the features of this stain in terms of price and quality, we can say that Rust-oleum is the best stain for exterior wood door that pays heed to the customer’s demand.

Key Features

  • Oil-based formula
  • Excellent in preventing fading or cracking
  • Durable coating
  • The satin finish gives a glossy look

5. Defy Stain For Exterior Wood Door | UV Resistant | 3.875 Liter

We understand the frustration that people feel when they cannot get the desired outcome o any tint after sealing wooden stuff. That is why we are suggesting to you the most significant stain. Here is the last one from Defy. Let’s get to know more about it.

Although you have several options to choose from, we will suggest you stand with Defy due to some specific features. First of all, this wood tint is produced with the highest quality materials under strict quality maintenance and formulations. So, you cannot skimp on trusting it.

The more exciting feature of this stain is that it is manufactured with water repellents that work as protection. Over 30 years, the manufacturer produces such tint that guards various surfaces, including wood, concrete, etc.

This wood door stain for exterior will show you a beautiful semi-transparent outcome that lasts for a season or two, depending on how carefully you do the staining. Therefore, you can keep your wooden materials looking great for a longer time using this premium-grade wood sealer.

However, it works like a sunscreen for the wood because it protects against UV rays. The tiny ingredients prevent premature graying or fading. Thus, time will tell if it outlasts the other products, but surely it will not disappoint you.

Key Features

  • Protects from UV rays
  • Prevents premature fading or cracking
  • Next-gen technology
  • Environment-friendly features

Things to Consider Before Buying Stain for Exterior Wood Door

Best Stain for Exterior Wood Door

Finding the most refined wood tint for the exterior wood staining, we researched what will suit you perfectly. The market is filled with lots of colors and features of the wood stain. If you know the useful strategies to look for, you can pick the best exterior wood stain.

Here, we will provide you all the unavoidable things you need to check while buying an exterior wood stain.

UV Resistance

As it is a sealer, it must ensure resistance to save the wooden object. Usually, a stain that is UV, rain, or any weather-resistant protect the wood from fading, chipping, or aging.

Anyways, if you are concerned about durability, you can choose anyone from the mentioned one. Because these stains will not only provide safety but also give a beautiful finishing for wood door. You can check our other guide to choosing wooden floor paint.


As you pick a sealer for wood, it must be of a quality that lasts for a long time. You don’t expect any tint that will come up in a few days, right? So don’t skimp on selecting a stain. After proper research, take something that lasts a long time on wood.


Wood stains tend to show semi-permanent coverage to keep the actual wood grain effect. You must still check the stain’s coverage while buying because some of them come off after a few days. Besides, re-applying tint is an expensive option.


Choosing a sealer that is waterproof enough is very significant. Besides weather protection, you must go for the stain specially designed to provide safety against water. On the other hand, if you choose any exterior stain for boats, you must select the one that provides additional water protection and weather shield.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I stain a door without sanding?

Staining is an easy way to shield wood against weather or water. Before you start staining, it is better to do a little sanding to get a smooth surface. But, there is no necessity for stripping or heavy sanding on the surface.

2. What does the best oil for wood doors do?

Wood stain is a layer that protects the surface of the wooden object while promoting a dramatic look from the natural gran. If you do the staining job properly, do it correctly to bring out wood’s rich texture and colors.

3. Are varnishing and staining the same?

Absolutely not. Both procedures are different.

Stains deeply penetrate the wood while varnish remains on the outside of the surface and form a barrier. Varnishes are transparent and clear. On the other hand, stains are semi-transparent and show color.

4. Does staining make the wood weatherproof?

Wood stain builds a barrier over the surface that guards against weather and water. It causes water to run off the surface without having the slightest effect on wood. Also, it protects the wood against UV rays from fading and graying.

5. How much coating do I need to apply while staining?

Apparently, one or two.

If you want to deepen the stain, apply another layer. For additional sheen or luster, you can use a protective finishing, which is totally optional.

6. Can I paint over sealed wood?


You can paint over sealed wood but apply a primer first. You can use either water or oil-based primer.

Final Words

Now you probably realize how to take legitimate consideration to be satisfied while utilizing your purchase. You additionally have found the best stain for the exterior wood door that we have chosen for your necessities.

If you consider our article valuable, do not forget to forward it to the people who need to know about wood sealers. You can also check our article about porcelain paint and learn how to pick the most appropriate thing about your needs.

Happy Staining!