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Top 5 Best Switches For OSU in 2021 – [The Smarter Choice for You]

In this era of technology, people tend to do most of their works with the computer or laptop, including typing, calculating, etc. Most of us are accustomed to the typical keyboards to use in the office or other works.

But, if you want super fast and direct input, regular keyboards are not enough. In that case, the best switches for OSU will be the right solution.

The OSU switches come with rubber caps with a spring inside. This structure makes them swifter and smooth to work. What makes them more incredible is, they do not create clicking sounds at all. However, hundreds of brands claim these common features but not all of them actually worth it.

To help you get the right product, we picked the top five mechanical OSU keyboards that you can buy and hook up with your PC. So, let’s begin.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Rottay Mechanical Switches For OSU | Blue LED Backlit
Rottay Mechanical Switches For OSU | Blue LED BacklitCheck Price

Autobahn88 Cherry MX Switches For OSU | Nono Pro-Version
Autobahn88 Cherry MX Switches For OSU | Nono Pro-VersionCheck Price

Koolertron Switches For OSU | RGB Backlit | Mini Size
Koolertron Switches For OSU | RGB Backlit | Mini SizeCheck Price

Qisan Switches For OSU | Crystal Case | White Backlit
Qisan Switches For OSU | Crystal Case | White BacklitCheck Price

Koolertron Macro Mechanical Switches For OSU | Retro Look
Koolertron Macro Mechanical Switches For OSU | Retro LookCheck Price

Best Switches For OSU Reviews

We have arranged this segment to help you find the perfect OSU keypad. Our research team continuously put forth the effort to ensure the most accurate result and then accommodate the information below.

1. Rottay Mechanical Switches For OSU | Blue LED Backlit

Are you looking for clicky and tactile switches for OSU keypads? You do not need to waste time searching because Rottay has brought a suitable keypad for you. The buttons feel so comfortable that you can type quickly with ease.

The first thing that we want to inform you about is its ergonomic design. The buttons are of standard ANSI size to fit your finger perfectly. They have such a swift spring inside so that your wrist will not hurt after typing for a long time.

Another significant fact is that you can swap the keycaps according to your necessities.

Do not worry about the misfunction after changing the keys because they do not lose their functionality and work just as fine after swapping them.

The exciting part of the switches for OSU is that they are made of durable plastic materials. That means the build quality is so strong that the buttons will not break soon after using them. Also, the characters written on the switch will not fade away even if you tap them roughly.

While pressing the keys, they will not create any unnecessary sounds. Thus, our overall feeling about this OSU keypad is sleek and satisfactory. You can also check our review on the micro USB cable.

Key Features 

  • Blue LED backlit
  • Soft touching
  • Aluminum and ABS construction
  • Actual mechanical switches

2. Autobahn88 Cherry MX Switches For OSU | Nono Pro-Version

If you are searching for the best switches for typing, you are currently in the right place. Yes, we are talking about the Autobahn88. According to the price range, this OSU keypad shows an incredible performance.

While typing or playing games, the keyboard pounding sounds seem too irritating. In that case, try our switches for OSU from Autobahn88 and get relief. This mini keyboard is non-audible.

That means it will not create any tap-sounds while hitting the buttons.

Another thing that you will love about the switches is durability. The manufacturer used metals and glass-looking sturdy plastic to ensure their longevity. Therefore, if you want to save your laptop keyboard’s life, plug this Nono keypad in.

Anyway, the switches come in various colors in a set-black, blue, brown, and red. You will also get a keypad to stick the buttons and a USB cable to plug the keypad with your computer or laptop. You do not need to feel confused to install the device because the manufacturer provides an instruction chart.

You know, the buttons are interchangeable. It is an ingenious feature of this numeric keyboard. Therefore, it is a win-win deal for a gamer who is only fond of playing with an OSU keyboard. Click here to check our arcade buttons.

Key Features

  • Interchangeable keys
  • Affordable price
  • Cherry MX switches
  • Alloy case

3. Koolertron Switches For OSU | RGB Backlit | Mini Size

Is your current keypad moves a lot, and you find it irritating? It is time to replace that one with our Koolertron RGB switches for OSU keypad. Its base is so sturdy that it stays on your desk without sliding a bit no matter how much you hit the buttons.

The most beautiful feature of these OSU switches is the RGB lights. How wonderful they look! You can customize the colors with software according to your taste. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the brightness or turn off the lights in need.

While using the keypads, we discovered that the buttons are switchable.

Therefore, you can customize the inputs by pressing the appropriate keys according to your ease. You should not be worried about changing the buttons because they will work the same as before without losing their functionality.

The keypad is a portable and mini size, which looks really cute. Thus it saves your desktop space. Furthermore, the keys pattern seems so sophisticated and eye-catching that you can gift this keypad to your gadget lover or a programmer friend.

The installing procedure is too easy and quick. You can connect it with the USB cable along with the regular keyboard with the same desktop. Also, you can work with that 104 buttons and this nine buttons keypad at the same time. They will not cross-connect with each other.

Key Features

  • Nine keys
  • RGB lights with adjustable brightness
  • USB cable to attach
  • Value the price

4. Qisan Switches For OSU | Crystal Case | White Backlit

Our recommendation list will remain incomplete without including the best switches for OSU from Qisan. This mechanical numeric keyboard is one of the most pleasant options out there. It comes with 21 keys, including mechanical and numeric keys.

It has a unique feature that you will not find elsewhere is that its buttons are quick responsive. This mechanical switch keyboard will provide you with the fastest input every time you tap them.

You probably will not get such excellent feedback from other brands even after paying double.

Some keyboards create reverberating spring noises after each press, which is too annoying and distracting. On the other hand, our Qisan keyboard works smoothly like a touchscreen keypad. Moreover, the button-sizes are convenient for fast calculation.

Its proper mechanical numeric keypad with a white LED backlit is the icing on a cake. You can adjust the brightness level by tapping the FN key simultaneously. Therefore, you can skip turning on the room light while working on your desktop with the keyboard.

The entire keyboard for OSU is made with durable material. If you want a keypad to use roughly in financial securities, business, banking, or other institutional purposes, this one will be a suitable option for you.

Key Features

  • Independent num lock function
  • Crystal keypad with white backlit
  • Standard button size
  • Suitable for rough using

5. Koolertron Macro Mechanical Switches For OSU | Retro Look

Do you want an aesthetically fascinating OSU keyboard for gaming and typing? You can consider buying the Koolertron macro mechanical switches for OSU in that case. It is the most convenient keyboard for the accuracy of tapping.

First of all, this keyboard has nine programmable switches. You can customize their functions in need. The buttons are macro and round, which you find convenient to work.

However, you can plug in the keypad with your computer and get it ready to work.

The switches are so durable and long-lasting that they will withstand numerous rough clicks. Therefore, you can use the buttons for official works or gaming purposes as long as you want. The keys are swift to touch that your wrist will not hurt after typing for so long.

Another thing we loved about the keyboard is its RGB backlit. It shows four different lighting effects, which are bright enough to be visible in the darkness. However, you can customize the brightness level and turn off the lights in need.

You can trust this brand for its reliable performance. Thus, you will exactly get the feedback from this keyboard for OSU that you have paid for.

Key Features

  • Four RGB lighting effect
  • Great product according to the price
  • Customizable keycaps
  • Faster speed on typing

Things To Consider Before Buying switches for OSU

Best Switches for OSU

When searching for the best switches for typing, you must have a conscious vision of some essential features. But, we always get confused and cannot think rationally before purchasing any product. Therefore, we will go over some primary aspect that you should bear in mind before purchasing OSU switches.


Different keyboard for OSU switches produces various levels of noise. The keyboards that create loud sounds on each click are disturbing, especially in a public place. Many switches make low or almost no sounds at all. Those are preferable for typing if you do not want to get interrupted with the clicking sounds.


Another key consideration of the switches for OSU is its comfort feeling. If the buttons are hard, they will hurt your wrist, making you uncomfortable working for a long time. Therefore, you better go for the switches that are soft to touch.

Quality Assurance

You may not always get a similar result to the amount you pay for the OSU switches. If you are investing money on a keyboard, choose the one from a famous brand. The electronic devices get popularity only for their quality, not for the outlook.

Sturdy Structure

The mechanical keyboard switches have to be robust and solemn so that they can withstand numerous clicking pressures. As the buttons are always subjected to hit constantly, you should go for the ones that do not break easily.

Switch Distance

You may not focus on this feature much, but it is essential to check the switch distance. Generally, the keyboard’s buttons have an ideal distance between each other. Hence, speed switches tend to have less space, and we recommend those for fast typing.

However, you better determine to go for the one that matches your actuation point.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Does the noise level of mechanical keyboards matter?

Some people may not feel bothered about the noise level. On the other hand, some people who are sensitive to noises may feel irritated and lose their concentration.

2. How can I choose the best switches for typing?

There are various types of typing switches around the market, some are short press, and some are long press. If you are buying the keypad for typing, go for the shorter press buttons. And if you are purchasing for gaming purposes, long-press keys will be suitable for you.

3. Can I plug this in at the same time with another keyboard?


You can independently use both of them at the same time without facing any cross-connection.

4. Does the keyboard for OSU work for a laptop?

Yes, the switches for OSU work great for a laptop. You can use this external keyboard to expand your laptop keyboard’s life.

5. What does it require to work with my computer?

You will get a USB cable with the keypad that you need to plug in with your computer. Thus, the keypad is ready to use.

Final Words

There are various mechanical switches in the market with different price tags and quality. It is up to you which type do you want. But we will strictly instruct you to go for the best switches for OSU that actually worth buying. Our informative guide will help you from getting fooled by the fascinating yet useless keypads.

Remember one thing, performance and features are not the same things. Some keypads might different parts yet perform poorly. You need to identify the one that has the significant elements that you truly need. Have you decided on your pick?